The BEST Vegan Meal Plan On A Budget

Even if you are an expert vegan cook, sometimes you can lack inspiration or simply are more restricted and simply don’t know where to start anymore. But when it comes to planning your meals then budget restrictions should not be holding you back!

Let our delicious budget vegan meal plan show you how a budget does not need to mean bland, boring meals for you.

Why Meal Planning Is A Must


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Meal planning is a must for everyone, especially those on a budget and this is for a number of reasons – most of which will reduce your overall spending. These include:

  • You don’t have to keep going out and grabbing extra ingredients which will save you money as well as reduce any unnecessary impulse buys.
  • It encourages healthier eating by planning in advance and not resorting to quick, and more often than not, unhealthy meals such as microwavable dinners.
  • It reduces waste as you are able to buy purely what you need for the week ahead, rather than aimlessly buying different ingredients with the hopeful intent to use it before it goes out of date.

Why Budgets Are Important



Budgeting is vital if you’re trying to cut back on spending for whatever reason however it is impossible to stick to any budget without a plan, and that’s why meal planning is so important. 

Budgeting is also good for identifying bad habits and when it comes to eating this could be a certain ingredient that you’re constantly splurging on when there is a cheaper alternative out there. Or maybe your favourite local takeaway keeps reappearing on your bank statement when you have the resources to make delicious vegan food at home.

Ways To Save Money When Meal Planning

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  • Don’t be afraid of over-portioning. Leftovers make for a delicious lunch the day after and this means you don’t need to set aside funds for lunches. 
  • Use what you already have. Utilise the spices and seasoning that you already have in your cupboard. What might seem like nothing could take a meal from boring to revolutionary. Plus you don’t need to worry about remembering to add these to your shopping list. 
  • Bulk buy on the recurrent ingredients such as the ones listed below or focus on the larger sizes of the product that are available. This will save you money as well, and you know you’ll use them.

5 Day Budget Meal Plan


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Day 1- Porridge with banana slices and nuts of your choice.

Day 2- Two slices of wholemeal brown bread with half smashed avocado. 

Day 3- Overnight oats of your choice (these are a cheap and delicious choice, with so many variations available)

Day 4- Porridge with banana slices and nuts of your choice.

Day 5- Two slices of wholemeal brown bread with half smashed avocado. 


Day 1- Chickpea salad

Day 2- Leftover spicy roasted parsnip soup.

Day 3- Hummus with your favourite fruit and veggies.

Day 4- Leftover pasta with roasted red pepper sauce.

Day 5- Leftover Indian chickpea and vegetable soup.


Day 1- Spicy roasted parsnip soup.

Day 2- Vegetable egg fried rice.

Day 3-Pasta with roasted red pepper sauce.

Day 4- Indian chickpea and vegetable soup.

Day 5- Homemade vegan pizza with your favourite plant-based toppings.

You’ll notice a lot of the ingredients repeat themselves which is the perfect way to plan your week as you can re-invent an ingredient multiple times as well as making for the best lunch for the day after.

There you have it, Plant Sumo’s guide to vegan meal planning on a budget with a sample plan for 5 days to get you started. Whether you have £20 a week to plan your vegan meals or less, you can still enjoy the most delicious flavours.