Find Your Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plan With Plant Sumo

Nuts On Tempeh

Organise your life with a whole food plant based meal plan from Plant Sumo.

You can enjoy eating FULLY PREPPED, balanced and ethical meals with a Plant Sumo meal subscription.

Unlock a better diet, healthier lifestyle, and spend more time on what matters to you.

Healthy Living Takes Planning

People who plan their meals are more likely to enjoy greater food variety, a healthier lifestyle and are less likely to buy unhealthy convenience foods which are associated with weight gain. 

But what if you could enjoy all the benefits of whole food plant based meal planning, without actually doing the planning?

That’s where Plant Sumo comes in.

Plant Sumo is a whole foods plant based diet meal plan service that offers exceptional, affordable and accessible food to people all over London, no matter who you are.

It’s fresh, flavourful and filling food – that just happens to be plant based.

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Real Whole Foods, No Funny Business.

Our whole food plant based diet meal plan is good for the planet and good for your health.

Our environment provides us with amazingly colourful, tasty and healthy whole foods like fruit and vegetables, why tamper with what’s already great?

That’s why all of our whole food plant based diet meal plans contain real plant based whole foods like quinoa, sweet potato, squash, and mushrooms. 

Eating well has never been so easy.

Save Time With A Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plan

Tired of complicated recipes?

Bored of eating the same old meals?

Run out of dinner ideas?

It’s time to make a change.

With A Plant Sumo Subscription You Can Enjoy:

With A Plant Sumo Subscription
You Can Enjoy:

No More Decision Fatigue

No More Decision Fatigue

Choose from our selection of over 10 different prepped meals made from quality plant foods.

No Food Shopping

No Food Shopping

Save time by having your pre-prepped meals delivered straight to your door.

Meals Ready In Minutes

Meals Ready In Minutes

Pre-prepped meals ready in minutes, not hours.

Feel Healthier


Our whole foods plant based meal plan typically contains fewer saturated fats, is lower in calories and higher in fiber compared with most omnivore diets.

Exclusive Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans We Know You’ll Love

Take A Peek At Our Globally Inspired Menu

All About Da Katsu

All About Da Katsu

Miso marinated Panko Aubergine,  on a bed of Organic Cali Jasmine rice, topped with a loaded Potato and Pepper Katsu Sauce.

Salsa State Burrito

Refried Red Kidney Beans, Red Onion,  Smoked Paprika, Roasted Peppers, with a tangy Cherry Tomato, Coriander and Red Onion Salsa.

Salsa State Burrito
Marinara V Balls

Marinara V Balls

Tofu, Seitan, Cannellini Beans and Mushroom balls, tenderly cooked in a mild Arrabiata sauce. Served with Wholemeal Penne Pasta.

Healthy Plant Based Meal Planning
Made Easy.

How it works:

Choose The Size Of Your Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plan

Choose from a 3 meal, 5 meal or 7 meal plant based whole foods meal plan.

Decide When Your Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plan Arrives

A whole foods plant based diet meal plan is all about making your life easier. Your life is already busy; food shouldn’t make it busier.

That’s why you can pick exactly when your plant based meal plan arrives.

Customise Your Whole Foods Plant Based Diet Meal Plan

Choose from our range of 10 different plant based meal prep options. (And we’ll get cooking!)


Within 24-48 hours, your FRESH whole foods plant based diet meal plan will arrive at your door.

You can eat it there and then, or freeze them for later. It’s a whole foods plant based diet meal plan at its finest.

Affordable, Accessible Meals For All. No Hidden Costs.

We believe that healthy plant based food should be affordable, accessible and exceptional. 

That’s why we offer great value whole food plant based diet meal plans with no hidden costs.

Subscription meals

Subscription Boxes

Subscribe to our weekly meal boxes and save more! Get a recurring delivery of our delicious food on your schedule.

Prices Starting From

(per meal)


One-Off meals

One-Off Boxes

Curious? Try out our one-off meal boxes for a single delivery when you want it!

Prices Starting From

(per meal)


Free Delivery, Every Time.

Receive your FRESH whole foods plant based meal plan on your chosen date with free carbon neutral delivery, everytime.

No Gluten? No Problem.

Our whole food plant based meal plans can be made entirely gluten free by picking some of our epic gluten free dishes.

Thai Oasis

An authentic blend of Courgette, Bamboo Shoot, Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Corn and Rainbow Peppers,  coated in a mouth-watering 7 Spice Coconut Curry. Served with Organic Jasmine Rice.

Thai Oasis
Tropical Quinoa

Tropical Quinoa

Exploding with desiccated Coconut, ripe Mango and a sprinkling of Chia Seeds, all these mouthwatering ingredients are seated on the finest white Quinoa and brought together with a splash of delicious Coconut Milk.

Help Fight Food Waste With A Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plan

3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year, and we’re just not cool with that. 

That’s why we donate any leftover food from our whole food plant based meal plans to a Fareshare, a charity supporting vulnerable families by providing them with food.

For us, it’s a no-brainer. People need the food, and we have it.

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100% Customisable Healthy Whole Foods Plant Based Diet Meal Plans

We know just how personal food is. 

That’s why our whole food plant based diet meal plans are 100% customisable so that you can tailor your meal plan to meet your health needs and goals.

Find the nutritional breakdown of all of our dishes in our menu…

We offer:

High Protein Dishes

Low Calorie Dishes

Veggie Packed Dishes Dishes

(Pssst! 100% of the dishes in our plant based whole foods meal plan are approved by a certified nutritionist)

Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner With Our Best Ever Menu

Our 100% London based professional chefs have worked day and night to land on our best ever menu.

All of our dishes are available to be included in your whole foods plant based meal plan.

NONE of our meals are ever frozen and reheated.

Enjoy our carefully curated plant based dishes in your whole foods plant based diet meal plan.

It’s Your Turn To Try, We’re Just A Tap Away…

It shouldn’t be hard to find accessible, affordable, whole food, plant based meals.

That’s why we’re just a few clicks away…

Catch us on:


A “whole food plant based diet meal plan” can help you loose weight because they are packed with fiber. You will get full without any extra calories that you would have on a normal diet.

A whole food plant based meal plan improves the health of your gut and allows you to a better absorb nutrients from food. This can help support your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Not at all! We believe in food for everyone, no matter who you are or how you eat. We make delicious food, that just happens to be plant based.

Whole foods are foods that have had minimal processing. For example, fruits, vegetables and nuts. They often contain more kinds of nutrients than non-whole foods.

This is a diet that is 100% plant based and mostly full of wholefoods like rice, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Whole food plant based meals tend to contain a vaster array of nutrients than processed foods. They also tend to contain less saturated fat, fewer calories and more fiber, which can lower your risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and aid weight loss.

Our whole foods plant based diet meal plans are totally flexible. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you can amend your order by email.

Our subscription meals boxes are our best value meal boxes. With a subscription, each meal starts at £8.80 per portion. Our one-off meal boxes start from £9.50 per meal.

You can pick how many meals you would like, which meals you would like and exactly when you would like them to be delivered. One you recieve your meals, that’s it!

There are no special requirements or times that you should start a whole foods plant based meal plan. If you want to spend less time cooking and start eating more plants, it’s the perfect time to start a whole foods plant based meal plan.

A vegan whole food meal plan starts by examining all the animal products you eat. Animal products include the animal itself like chicken, beef, and turkey – but it also includes any products that have come from an animal. For example, milk and eggs. Once you do this you need to find plant based alternatives.

You can cancel your meal subscription anytime.

7 days, as it’s hard for the food to go bad due to no animal products.

Each meal has it’s ingredients, allergens and calories listed on our website.

We list our allergens under each dish, so you can pick whichever dishes will work for you. If you want to make amendments to a dish as part of your plant based whole foods meal plan, you can add your request in the comments box when you order your meals!

A plant based diet is associated with weight loss because plant based foods typically contain less saturated fat, more fibre and fewer calories. However, simply switching to a plant based diet is no guarantee of weight loss. Our meals are made for a balanced plant based diet, keeping your health in mind.

Heck yeah! There is nothing about a plant based diet that means you can eat enough protein to build muscle. Did you know that pro athletes like tennis star Venus Williams and boxer David Haye are plant based!?

Not at all! There are plenty of plant based foods that are practically pure protein like tofu, tempeh and Seitan. If you’re looking for a high-protein plant based whole foods meal plan, you can pick our highest protein meals!