Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In Manchester

Calling all plant-based people of Manchester!

Want to know the VERY BEST places for vegan dining in Manny?

Check out our list of the TOP 5 vegan restaurants in Manchester, complete with a 0-5 rating.

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1. V-Rev Manchester (Northern Quater)

V Rev Manchester

Number 1 on our list of vegan restaurants in Manchester is V-Rev.

It’s a classic American diner but vegan.

That’s right! They serve milkshakes, burgers and vegan hotdogs for DAYS.

I visited V-Rev when I was staying with a friend in Manchester, and honestly – it was the highlight of my trip! One of the best restaurants in Manchester for sure.

Not only do they offer TOP-QUALITY vegan food, including Oreo milkshakes, maple-glazed fried “chicken” burgers and deep-fried mac n “cheese” balls – but the interior decoration is AMAZING! It’s full of bright colours and edgy and cool original artwork.

Overall Rating: 5/5 – Amazing food, fantastic service, great environment. It’s top-quality vegan dining if you ask me!

2. Vertigo Plant Based Eatery, (Cross Street & First Street)

Vertigo Plant Based Eatery

Vertigo is a FANTASTIC vegan restaurant in Manchester that offers high-class but affordable vegan dining.

For example, their vegan Ruben bagel, one of the main dishes on their menu, costs just £6! What a bargain. 

For me, however, it’s their EPIC dessert range that really takes the cake (get it?). Warm Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding With Vanilla Ice Cream? – um, YES!

Vertigo is the kind of place great for ANYONE, so if you’re entertaining some oldies and children, Vertigo is a great space to keep everyone happy because they offer “classic” dishes like a cooked breakfast as well as pancakes and exciting drinks.  (You might even convert some sceptics into pro-vegans!)

Rating: 5/5 – A great menu range, fantastic service and an environment that anyone would enjoy. Vertigo certainly deserves a place on our list of top Manchester restaurants!

3. Dhoom Dhaam (Wilmslow Road)

Dhoom Dhaam

The Dhoom Dhaam restaurant in Manchester reminds me a lot of Dishoom, but BETTER.

Dhoom Dhaam makes AMAZING vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine, specifically from the Gujarat, Punjab and the South Indian regions.

The menu is filled with flavorful favourites like Aloo Gobi, Taka Dahl, Vegetable Biryani! (What’s not to love?)

Nothing hit’s the spot like good, authentic Indian food, and Dhoom Dhaam is the place to go for exceptional Indian vegan dining!

Rating: 5/5 – I know I’m handing out a lot of full marks, but Manchester truly is FULL of amazing vegan restaurants. Dhoom Dhaam ticks every box!

4. Sweet Mandarin (Copperas Street)

Sweet Mandarin

Coming in at number 4 on our list of top Manchester restaurants is Sweet Mandarin!

Sweet Mandarin isn’t a dedicated vegan restaurant, but if you’ve read several of my blogs, you’ll know that I LOVE Chinese food!

I’m also a real sucker for nice decoration, and their fairy-light clad restaurant is beyond beautiful! 

Eating some amazing Asian food amongst twinkling lights and a beautiful sunset is the definition of a perfect evening for me!

That’s why I love Sweet Mandarin’s extensive vegan menu so much. They have OVER 16 vegan main dish options, not to mention the starters and sides they offer too!

(They even have a gluten-free menu!!!)

Jungle Green Curry, Vegetable Chow Mein and Chilli Ginger Garlic Tofu are just a small selection of the fantastic vegan dishes on offer at Sweet Mandarin. 

Rating: 5/5 – A HUGE wide-ranging menu and extra points for offering a gluten-free menu (hard to come by in Chinese cuisine!). Sweet Mandarin simply offers the best vegan Chinese dining experience.

5. Vegan Place (Temperance Street)

Vegan Place

If you love street food as much as I do, Vegan Place is the place to visit. (Get it?)

Vegan Place technically isn’t a restaurant because it operates out of a food truck, but their vegan shawarma is so good I couldn’t not include it in our list of the top five vegan restaurants in Manchester!

Vegan Place is not fancy-schmancy dining. It’s simple food done well. 

Just choose your vegan shawarma flavour as a salad or a wrap and pay no more than £6 MAX for anything on their menu!

With a reliable 5 star rating on Google – how could we not mention Vegan Place on our list of top Manchester restaurants?

Rating: 4.5 Stars – Amazing food! The menu is a little small but what else could you expect from a food truck? 

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed my run-down of the best vegan restaurants in Manchester. 

Whether your a Manchester dweller or planning a trip to the great city, you won’t be disappointed by any of Manchester restaurants on today’s top 5 list! 

The city truly is a hub of excellent vegan food. You’re likely to be met with diverse and innovative food wherever you choose to go!

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For many places, it was hard to find vegan-friendly restaurants beyond just salad. Manchester offers many vegan options at multiple restaurants and we can’t say that there is a “best place to buy vegan food in Manchester.” There are places like V-Rev, Vertigo, and more that takes plant-based eating to another level!

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