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We are often asked, “What do you want for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?” Sometimes, preparing our own meals from scratch is time-consuming, and the worst-case scenario is running out of meal ideas. Our vegetarian subscription boxes are the ideal solution to avoid being weary and stressed thinking about your next meal.

With Plant Sumo‘s best subscription box, you can eat delicious meals without going to the store or use a grocery delivery service by receiving daily to weekly deliveries on your preferred schedule. 

You can choose how many boxes you want to be delivered weekly, so there is no pressure! What are you waiting for? 

Contact us for your subscription boxes today and have them delivered to your door.

Why Give Our Vegetarian Subscription Box A Try?

Due to their recent increase in popularity, meal kit delivery services are well-known to most people. You may have even heard about them from friends and relatives who tried them out and spread the word. But if you haven’t switched yet, you must ask whether meal delivery services are worthwhile.

Here are some reasons to consider giving Plant Sumo’s subscription boxes a try.

Keep A Closer Track Of Calorie Intake

When you’re following a special diet or trying to achieve specific fitness goals, Plant Sumo makes it easy to eat healthily. To ensure you’re reaching your wellness goals, you can quickly calculate your macronutrients and track your calorie consumption using a meal subscription service like the one we provide at Plant Sumo. 

If you’re attempting to gain muscle mass or shed weight, staying on top of these things is very important.

Ensure Good Food Quality and Taste

We at Plant Sumo make a concerted effort to find high-quality ingredients from reputable sources. Therefore, ingredient quality has never been a problem in our experience.

We all have different standards for what is good or bad. People who have travelled extensively and sampled a wide variety of cuisines from recognised chefs probably have higher expectations of food than those who are content with a simple dinner meal. The same holds for those who have some prior experience working as chefs. The recipes could come off as excessively straightforward or uninteresting.

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Our experts always keep in mind your expectations. Aside from that, you benefit from the comfort of a pre-portioned (or occasionally pre-made) meal. 

A meal kit delivery service like ours has the advantage of gradually 

building up your collection of go-to recipes. After considering everything, you can ensure that Plant Sumo offers both quality and flavour.

Subscription Meals Cut Down Food Waste

You know that sinking sensation you have when you discover a Tupperware container in the back of your refrigerator but can’t remember placing it there? Or perhaps the growing dread you feel as you observe the bananas on your counter getting darker and darker until not even banana bread can save them? On average, an individual in the UK wastes 9.5 million of food every year!

When you employ a meal kit delivery service like Plant Sumo, you won’t have to stress about your abandoned leftovers turning into science projects. Each Plant Sumo meal you receive in the mail is precisely portioned out for you and your family, and you choose your menu in advance, allowing you to eat well without overeating and filling up your trash can.

Simplify Your Decision-Making

Having too many options may be some people’s biggest barrier to grocery shopping and meal planning. You can very much get anything you want, whenever you want, thanks to modern grocery stores. However, if you find it challenging to make decisions, too many options may be available.

The number of weekly kits available for weekly meal kits is usually limited. Selecting three meals from a list of ten is far simpler than creating a menu from scratch.

Say Goodbye To Grocery Runs

Does anyone genuinely enjoy going to the grocery store (we do, but that isn’t the point)? It can be a hassle, especially if you try to go right after work or school when the grocery store is crowded with people.

You must locate a parking space, navigate the store’s aisles, locate everything you require, and then, halfway home, discover that you forgot the almond milk.

Surely there is a better approach.

You can make grocery shopping simpler by having our best vegan subscription boxes. You’ve prepared your “big meals” and are merely shopping for snacks and extras. Due to this, you can shop for groceries whenever you want with considerably less urgency.

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More Reasons To Choose Plant-Sumo's Vegan Subscription Boxes

Plant Sumo offers 100% plant-based and vegan meals that help busy people or someone looking for a convenient yet healthy way of eating. You might ask, why would I eat plant-based meals for a week? Our professional cooks made every box far from the traditional, boring leafy options– you might even forget that it’s a plant-based meal!

Here are more reasons to consider our plant-based meals for your weekly meal plan.

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Quick Protein Source

Our plant-based meals include a lot of wholesome protein sources. Our meals include beans, lentils, edamame, soy, and other whole grains like rice, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and many more!

Reduce The Risk Of Health Problems

Our whole plant-based meals are high in fibre, low in saturated fats, and free of dietary cholesterol, a winning combination for heart health. Meanwhile, saturated fats and cholesterol found in foods like meat, cheese, and eggs can build plaque in a person’s arteries if consumed in excess.

For heart health on a plant-based diet, it’s crucial to avoid processed foods, such as white rice and white bread, which have a high glycemic index and lack nutritional content. Avoiding meat alone isn’t enough, either—your chances of experiencing a blood sugar spike and an increase 

in appetite increase as a result. Similarly, whole fruits are better for you than fruit juice, especially 100% juice, which frequently loses vitamins and nutrients during processing and has a lot of sugar.

Helps You Reduce Weight

A plant-based diet was tested on 64 women as part of a study. All the ladies were moderately or severely overweight at the beginning of the trial. Participants followed two simple rules: they avoided using excessive oils and put all animal products aside. Without exercising or calorie counting, they shed around a pound per week. Two years later, they kept off the weight.

Because they are high in fibre, which keeps you full without adding extra calories, plant-based diets can help you lose weight and keep it off. If you shift veggies, fruits, whole grains, and beans to the centre of your plate, it will be simple to meet your daily fibre goal of 40 grams.

You can reduce the quantity of fat in your diet by limiting oils and avoiding meat, cheese, and eggs, as well as other animal products. This aids in weight loss because 1 gram of fat, whether from beef, fish, or oil, has nine calories. Contrast that with the four calories per gram of carbohydrate found in potatoes, bread, or beans, which is less than half the number of calories in 1 gram of fat.

When you subscribe to our food meals, it won’t cut your weight easily. But, when you decide to get your meals consistently, it might significantly affect your body.

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Get Meals Delivered On Your Schedule To Start Your Healthy Journey!

Maybe more millennials would gain from visiting the grocery store and preparing meals from scratch in an old-fashioned manner. However, it has never been simpler to reduce your use of animal products if you can afford one of our plant-based subscription boxes.

Our meals here at Plant Sumo can help you either transition to a fully vegan lifestyle or incorporate healthy food into your meal plan. We aim to take the worry out of meal preparation for you with our tasty and reasonably priced rotating weekly menu of over ten delectable meals.

What are you waiting for? 

Call for our subscription boxes today– and don’t miss out on the opportunity of eating the best plant-based meals in the market!


The main question with our plant-based meals is whether or not it provides the customer with enough high-quality protein, calcium, and iron. Although this is a valid issue, it may be readily resolved by eating the proper quantity of various foods.

Tofu, lentils, beans, chickpeas, seeds, nuts, and nut butter are a few examples of plant-based sources of protein that are mainly found in our meals. Given that most plant-based proteins are deficient in one or more necessary amino acids, eating a range of plant-based sources throughout the day is crucial. A complementary protein is created when two or more incomplete proteins are consumed. This protein includes enough of the necessary amino acids that our body needs.

Every meal here at Plant Sumo delivery is made fresh, and you should keep it chilled until you 

eat it. Our meals contain no chemicals or preservatives. We advise consuming the food no later than seven days following delivery to guarantee maximum freshness.

Our menu includes a complete list of all ingredients, so you know exactly what is in each meal.