How To Be Vegan And Keep Your Friends

If you’ve ever searched the vegan hashtag on Twitter, you’ll know that vegans have gained a bit of a rep being constantly mentioning that they’re vegan to their friends.

And I totally get it! Veganism is AMAZING, it’s good for the planet, it’s good for our health and it’s tasty AF. (Check out this tasty vegan chocolate milk recipe!) 

That being said, some struggle to go vegan without it affecting their family relationships and friendships. 

Going vegan can mean lengthy conversations with friends and families about your choices and excessive questioning (including stupid questions like “but what about bacon!?”). 

But chin up, everyone! It doesn’t need to be super difficult.

In this short guide, I’ll show you the best way to navigate some tricky territory with your friends and families regarding being vegan and keeping good friendships!

Keep Your Friends Vegan

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Navigating The “Why Would You Go Vegan?” Conversation

When you choose to go vegan, it often comes with a conversation about being vegan with friends and family. 

Some common questions can get pretty frustrating when you go vegan, and we’ve come up with some great answers to help you navigate this conversation with the least tension possible 🙂

Here are some good examples:

Friend: “Why on earth would you go vegan?”

You: “Veganism is the best way I can reduce my carbon footprint. It’s also less cruel to animals. For me, it’s the best choice I can make”.

Friend: “Won’t you miss bacon?”

You: “Bacon is nice and all, but I’m really passionate about the environment and animals. I’m happy to go without bacon.” 

Friend: “But isn’t vegan food all lettuce and carrots?”

You: “No way dude! There is falafel, vegan burgers, milkshakes – not to mention Oreo’s!”

Friend: “You can’t be healthy on a vegan diet.”

You: “Actually, you can! Vegan diets are typically lower in saturated fats, higher in fibre and more nutritionally diverse than omnivore diets. Vegans even live longer than omnivores”. 

These responses are perfect for when you become vegan and get a bunch of annoying questions from you’re friends and family because they are backed up with hard evidence. (Hard to argue with that!). 

Why Would You Go Vegan

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How To Eat Out With Friends As A Vegan

Sometimes going vegan can mean that you can’t go to your favourite restaurants with your friends anymore – if the restaurant doesn’t have any vegan options.

But honestly? This happens so rarely. It’s barely an issue. Even KFC has vegan options! (Check out our guide to the best vegan restaurants in the UK here!)

If you run into the uncommon situation where a restaurant doesn’t have any vegan options listed on their menu, it’s not the end of the world – nor does it mean that you can’t go to that restaurant with your friends or family any more.

If there really aren’t any vegan options on the main menu – why not try ordering two or three sides instead of a main meal? Olives, vegetable soup, roasted veggies or breadsticks are often vegan and are common menu items. 

See? You can still be vegan and maintain your friendship groups traditions of going out to eat together pretty much anywhere!

Eat Out With Friends

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Convert Your Friends With Amazing Vegan Food

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Amazing Vegan Food

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