Our Story

One day, two food obsessed friends met in a McDonalds. Perfectly ordinary right?


These two friends are our founders, Deepak and “Sprouts”. They saw a gap in the market for healthy, convenient and accessible plant based food, so they decided to do something about it!

A casual conversation about food snowballed into a plan…and Plant Sumo was born! Plant Sumo delivers plant-based meals directly to your door all across London. We celebrate nutritious and delicious plant-based food, open to all people no matter what they eat.

Deepak and “Sprouts” met in the most ordinary of circumstances, but they created something extraordinary.

Check out the Plant Sumo story from each of their perspectives:

Sprout's Side Of The Story

I’ve loved food since before I can remember. I spent most of my teenage years watching food documentaries instead of hanging with my mates. 

Years later, I moved from East London to the Fulham area. I discovered an excellent Caribbean restaurant and built a relationship with the owner. After a few months of visiting the restaurant, I knew that I wanted in. Eventually, I built up the courage to ask the owner if he wanted a business partner. I was expecting a big fat NO but he said yes! 

Our partnership went really well, we even opened a second location within the first year! 

There was this bloke that would come into the restaurant all the time. He was an intriguing guy and we would chat while the food was being prepared. He told me his name was Deepak and that he loved the food at our restaurant. We exchanged contact details and kept in touch for the next couple of years while I worked at the restaurant.

After a while of working at the restaurant, I knew I wanted to go it alone with a new venture. As a Dad with a young family, I started to think more about my health and the health of my kids. That’s what got me interested in healthy plant based food.

I met up with Deepak for coffee at McDonald’s and we talked about food and health for hours, we even threw around a few business ideas. And then, I had this eureka moment. I realised I had finally found my opportunity to pursue my new passion for healthy plant based food and well, the rest is history!

Deepak’s Side Of The Story

Thanks to my lovely mum, I grew up eating fresh food everyday. Fresh chapatis, curries and salads! I didn’t realise until I was older how much I appreciated eating fresh and healthy food and everyday. 

During my 20’s I spent time living in Rio, Lisbon, Malaga, Amsterdam, Lausanne, and Turin. During my travels, I discovered that the world needed more places with great food and great service. That’s why I loved the idea of starting my own restaurant, but at this point – it was never more than an idea. 

Years later, I moved to the Fulham area and met this guy called “Sprouts” who worked at the local Caribbean restaurant. I told him how much I loved their food and suggested we kept in touch. 

We saw each other at the restaurant fairly regularly, like an unspoken routine. Eventually, we met up at Mcdonalds for a cup of tea and talked about food. We both had a strong relationship with healthy and delicious food, but hadn’t found an accessible and easy means to eat this way. That’s when we said, why don’t we do something about it? It was that evening that the Plant Sumo concept was born!

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