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At Plant Sumo, we value diversity. Who wants to eat the same meals every day?

That’s why we offer a range of over ten different globally inspired meals to choose from. This way, you’ll never be bored!

Each meal is one serving and weighs 300g-400g (excluding breakfast items).

All About Da Katsu

All About Da Katsu

Are you all About Da Katsu?

Once you have tasted our delicious aubergine coated in crisp, golden panko breadcrumbs, marinated in authentic miso and laid upon a bed of the softest Cali jasmine rice, you’ll be mad for our katsu. This gleaming dish is smothered in our starring ingredient, a divine loaded pepper and potato katsu sauce.

All About Da Katsu is a succulent and superb option for any meal, you’ll be hooked in no time.

Contains: Soya, Gluten

Thai Oasis

Fancy a quick tropical getaway?

Our exquisite Thai Oasis curry is a culinary oasis right in your kitchen.

Organic jasmine rice sets the stage for an authentic and vibrant blend of fresh courgette, bamboo shoot, baby corn, sugar snap peas and rainbow peppers. All mixed into a mouth-watering Thai inspired blend of seven explosive spices.

You’ll find yourself excited to hurry home for this special curry.


Contains: Tree Nut

Thai Oasis
Soul Curry

Soul Curry

Forget regretful ready meals or melancholy mid-week dinners, inject some vitality into your culinary life with our sensational Soul Curry.

A heavenly mixture of sweet potato chunks, spinach, banana shallots, soft chickpeas and black beluga lentils all drenched in a mild yet tempting tikka sauce. Served with organic fluffy jasmine rice, a pinch of fresh coriander and crushed cashew nuts.

If soul’s your goal- this meal has got you covered.


Contains: Nuts, Coconut, Gluten, Mustard

Seitan Stir-Fry

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s delicious. It’s the stir-fry. The best friend of university students and fatigued employees everywhere.

We at Plant Sumo have reimagined the stir fry in a devilishly delicious plant-based format that’ll make you start hailing ‘Seitan’.

Our spicy and sweet orange and chilli Seitan is accompanied by shiitake and oyster mushrooms, spring onion, baby corn, beansprout, peppers and ginger, which sits atop a bed of yummy egg-less noodles.

Finished off with a glistening red chilli glaze, add some spice to your life with our sensational stir-fry dish.

Contains: Gluten, Soya, Sesame

Seitan Stir Fry
Nuts On Tempeh

Nuts on Tempeh

We’re Nuts on Tempeh (get it?), This nutty dish is an eclectic mix of shaved coconut, shredded kale, courgette, pineapple and golden oven-baked tempeh, all lovingly placed on top of noodles.

Garnished with a peanut satay sauce, crushed peanuts and fresh spring onion, this tempeh is sure to get you tempted.

Contains: Peanut, Coconut, Soya, Gluten

Salsa State Burrito

Welcome to burrito bliss, with our stunning, sweet and spicy take on the classic Mexican burrito.

Smoked paprika, roasted peppers, sweet red onion and re-fried red kidney beans steal the show, all bound up in a delicious wheat wrap and finished off with tangy coriander, cherry tomato and red onion salsa.

Our salsa state burrito is plant-based perfection, perfect for a midweek lunch or light evening snack.

Contains: Gluten

Salsa State Burrito
Kimchi Bao Buns

Kimchi Bao Buns

It may sound like a KK Slider song, but no- there are no animals crossing here.

Instead, we have beautifully steamed fluffy bao buns, stuffed with messy and delectable kimchi, beetroot and broad bean patty with a side of zingy and delightfully crunchy slaw.

A healthy, fresh and mood-boosting addition to any midweek menu that’s sure to overshadow any sandwich you’ve ever had.

Contains: Soya, Gluten

Sumo Squash

Roasted kabocha squash and brown lentil stew, with skin on sweet potato, caramelised red onions and mash. What could be more comforting on a cozy night in?


Contains: Oats

Sumo Squash
Marinara V Balls

Marinara V Balls

Mama Mia! A plant-based spaghetti bolognese even an Italian grandma would say ‘belissimo’ to.

A flavourful fusion of Seitan, tofu, cannelloni beans and mushroom makes up our meatless meatball, which has been tenderly cooked alongside wholemeal penne pasta in a rich red arrabbiata sauce.

Tomatoey goodness packed full of protein, this is a hearty filling dish that is perfect for a midweek meal.

Contains: Gluten, Sulphur, Soya

Better Not Gnocchi

Are you a lover of the humble spud? Our Better Not Gnocchi is potato on a whole new level.

We take the iconic Italian potato pasta and stuff it with silky, delicious pumpkin, smother it in a creamy mushroom and wild garlic sauce, and top it all off with diced butternut squash.

A carby delight that will put a smile on your face, don’t ‘gnocchi’ it till you try it.

Contains: Gluten, Oats, Sulphur

Better Not Gnocchi
Tuck-In Tagine

Tuck-In Tagine

Our take on the magnificent Moroccan tagine. A magical medley of steamed giant couscous, Mediterranean vegetables, sweet apricot and dates, Kalamata spiced olives and just a hint of aromatic saffron (fancy!).

A sophisticated dish for all you sophisticated plant-based foodies, try our tasteful tagine today.


Contains: Gluten, Sulphur, Soya

Bringing Back da Mac

Mac and cheese, an iconic comfort food classic. We at Plant Sumo are bringing ‘Back Da Mac’ with our own plant based, innovative and indulgent spin.

The iconic macaroni shell is given a kick with a creamy blend of pureed pumpkin and garlic, fiery mustard grains and sweet shallots.

A perfect plant-based addition to a rainy day snuggled up under a toasty blanket with a piping hot cup of tea.

Contains: Gluten, Nuts, Mustard

Bringing Back Da Mac


Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes

Breakfast…or dessert? It’s your choice with our picture-perfect pumpkin pancakes. This sumptuous stack is the definition of indulgence, made of fresh almond milk and pumpkin goodness.

It’s topped off with sticky maple syrup, sweet blueberries and- the big finisher, a decadent pumpkin puree.


Contains: Gluten, Nuts, Seeds

Bangin Overnight Oats

Want a ‘bangin’ breakfast? Opt for our hearty overnight oats, made with sweet almond milk and jam-packed with texture and flavour.

Fantastically fruity, this dish is brimming with dried cranberries, dried apricots, sultanas and delicately grated apple, all blended with filling oats and the satisfying crunch of linseeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds.

Contains: Oats, Nuts, Seeds

Bangin Overnight Oats
Tropical Quinoa

Tropical Quinoa

Go coco-nutty for our radiant tropical fruit quinoa!

Exploding with desiccated coconut, ripe mango and a sprinkling of chia seeds, all these mouthwatering ingredients are seated on the finest white quinoa, all brought together with a splash of delicious coconut milk.

Our verdict? Yum.


Contains: Coconut

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