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We’ve learned a lot over the past years about making changes, whether it’s to our social lives, how we go to work or school, or even how we eat. We prioritise keeping our families in good physical and mental health. Finding creative ways to connect with friends and family, getting plenty of exercises, spending time outdoors, and monitoring our eating habits are all excellent ways to improve our general health.

Lately, we’ve been gorging on more junk food because let’s face it, it’s quick and cosy. But it’s never too late to start eating more plant based food as part of a healthy lifestyle change. Although changing eating habits can be challenging, you can start incorporating more plant-based foods into your daily diet with the help of Plant Sumo‘s ready-to-eat plant-based meals.

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Plant-Based Meals: Is It Worth The Try?

About “plant-based” diets, vegan, vegetarian, and “whole foods” diets, the term is bandied about with impressive regularity. Restaurants and marketers have embraced the modern terminology, but many people who want to eat healthfully are unsure of what the claim that food or meal is “plant-based” actually means.

A plant based diet is exactly what it sounds like. The diet primarily consists of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes.

You can consume meat, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy products based on plant based eating, but most of the nutrients you consume come from plant food sources. This means that a plant-based diet is not a vegetarian or vegan diet. Though, some see plant based diet as a purely vegan diet where they substitute cheese with nutritional yeast.

On a plant-based diet, there is no prescribed ratio of plant to animal foods, but starting with at least 2/3 of each plate of vegan food (or meal) is an excellent place to start. 

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Why Try Plant Based Meals For Families?

Any amount of meat consumption replaced with plant-based foods has been linked to valuable health benefits. However, there is no single definition of a “plant-based” diet, and many variations are possible. When you ensure that you eat the right amount or type of plant based meal, your family benefits from the following: 

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Reversed Heart Disease

We know that making lifestyle and dietary changes and taking prescribed medications will help coronary heart disease progress more slowly, but reversing it is a different story. 

A study in 2014 examined 198 patients to learn more about whether following a strict plant-based diet could prevent or reverse heart disease. The majority of the 177 patients who stayed on a diet reported fewer symptoms, and 22% had disease reversal confirmed by test results, it was discovered. That study excluded added oils, processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, excessive salt, fruit juice, avocado, and nuts, in addition to eliminating animal products. Along with encouraging physical activity, the doctor-prescribed medication was kept up.

Reduction In Need For Certain Medications

Whether diet can affect older adults’ health was the subject of a recent study. Researchers specifically looked into how seniors’ medication usage could be decreased by eating a vegan diet.

Recently, a study was released to address the “public health dilemma” of polypharmacy, which is prescribing multiple medications to a single patient.

In older populations, polypharmacy is a reasonably common occurrence. However, researchers say there may be health risks. They cite data demonstrating an 88% increased risk of adverse drug events in people taking more than five medications daily.

Patients who experience adverse drug events also frequently experience high mortality rates and longer, more expensive hospital stays.

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Easier Weight Management

Plant-based diets are high in fibre, which keeps you full without adding extra calories. Your daily fibre goal of 40 grams can be easily met if you place vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans at the centre of your plate.

Plant Sumo's Ready-To-Eat Meals Perfect For Families

With Plant Sumo’s ready-to-eat vegetarian meals, it will be simpler for you to increase the amount of fruit, vegetable, bean, seed, and nut your family eats. They are loaded with healthy ingredients and perfect for families looking for cheap vegan meals.

All About Da Katsu

The whole family will fall head over heels for our katsu once they’ve tried our delicious aubergine coated in crisp, golden panko breadcrumbs, marinated in authentic miso, and served over the softest rice from California. Our star ingredient, a divine loaded pepper, and potato katsu sauce, are slathered all over this gleaming dish.

Your kids won’t notice that our katsu is purely plant-based because its juicy flavour satisfies any cravings.

Seitan Stir-Fry

Seitan Stir Fry

Introducing Plant Sumo’s devilishly delicious plant-based stir fry that the whole family will love.

With shiitake and oyster mushrooms, spring onions, baby corn, beansprout, peppers, and ginger, our orange and chilli seitan is served over egg-free pasta.

Our delicious stir-fry dish will spice up any meal with its sparkling red chilli glaze finish.

Sumo Squash

Brown lentil stew, skin-on sweet potato, caramelised red onions, mash, and an ingredient that is sweeter than butternut squash, roasted kabocha squash. What could be more comforting on a cosy evening?

Nuts And Grains
Seitan Stir Fry

Bringing Back Da Mac

Macaroni and cheese is the most iconic comfort food for most families. “Back Da Mac” gets an inventive, decadent, and plant-based twist at Plant Sumo.

The traditional macaroni shell is spiced with pumpkin puree, garlic, fiery mustard grains, and sweet shallots.

Looking for something that is not on the list? Browse more of our menu HERE.

Small Steps To Better Health With Plant Sumo

It’s not always simple to encourage your family to eat healthier, especially when it comes to kids and adults who don’t like vegetables. Through Plant Sumo‘s delicious meals, we can help you find an opening and meeting where they are.

You won’t need to spend so much time with meal prep or thinking about plant based recipes that your family will love as our meals are nutrient-dense but delicious, enough for your family not to notice that it’s purely plant-based!

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Start by having just one vegan meal plan per day or per week. The best way to switch to a plant-based diet is to start slowly as a family. Start with one meal per day, week, or as frequently as possible. Generally speaking, making breakfasts plant-based is simple by using any soy like soy sauce or oat and coconut milk.

To feel full between meals, eat a serving of protein. Beans (green and black bean), tofu, tempeh, and nuts like nut butter, peanut butter, quinoa, lentils, whole grains, and starchy veggies are excellent vegan and vegetarian protein sources. It will be difficult to overeat as long as you concentrate on whole foods (nutrient-rich) and stay away from processed foods and oils.

Yes! Our water footprint is reduced by 50% when we cut meat and animal products from our diet.

Additionally, it lessens carbon emissions from animal agriculture and aids in reducing the harmful effects of climate change on our planet.