A Vegan Meal Plan For ONLY £20 A Week

Being restricted financially is an issue anyone can relate to, whether you eat a plant-based, vegan diet or not. Whether you need to be budgeting or are choosing to have spent elsewhere in your life, we are here to help.

Here is our guide to a weekly vegan meal plan for only £20!

Why Is Budgeting Important?


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Budgeting is vital if you’re trying to cut back on spending however it is impossible to stick to a budget without a plan, and that’s why meal planning is so important. 

Budgeting is also good for identifying bad habits, in eating terms this could be a certain ingredient that you’re constantly splurging on when there is a cheaper alternative out there. Or your favourite local takeaway keeps reappearing on your bank statement.

Why You Should Meal Plan


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By meal planning (on a budget or not), you are instantly saving money as you don’t have to account for last-minute purchases or a quick takeaway because you forgot to plan that evening’s dinner. But that’s not all.

  • It’s just one trip to the supermarket armed with your shopping list! you’re getting all of your ingredients for the week so you don’t have to keep going out and grabbing extras or making impulse buys.
  • Encourages healthier eating by planning in advance and not resorting to quick, microwavable dinners.
  • Reduces waste as you are able to buy purely what you need for the week ahead, rather than aimlessly buying different ingredients.

Ingredients You Will Need



These are all of the ingredients you would need if you chose to follow along with our sample meal plan:

  • Oats 0.75p
  • Banana – 0.69p
  • Wholemeal bread- 0.99p
  • Avocado – 1.09p
  • Apple- 0.95p
  • Cinnamon – 0.49p
  • Hazelnuts – 1.69
  • Lime – 0.89 p
  • Tofu – 1.40
  • Butternut squash – 0.95p
  • Quinoa – 0.44p
  • Qhilli – 0.47p
  • Coconut milk – 0.55p
  • Chickpea – 0.31p
  • Tomatoes- 0.48p
  • Spinach – 0.59p
  • Onion – 0.55p
  • Garlic – 0.55p
  • Egg – 0.79p
  • Sweet potato – 0.89p
  • Cauliflower – 0.79p
  • Brown rice – 0.89p
  • Vegetable stock – 0.69p

Total = £16.20

*Prices are accurate as of 15/10/2021*

Recipes For The Week


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  • Banana overnight oats.
  • Two slices of wholemeal brown bread with half smashed avocado. 
  • Porridge with banana slices.
  • Apple-Cinnamon Overnight Oats.
  • Two slices of wholemeal brown bread with half smashed avocado.
  • Porridge with roasted hazelnuts.
  • Two slices of wholemeal brown bread with banana.


  • Citrus-lime tofu salad.
  • Leftover butternut squash and chilli soup.
  • Leftover coconut chickpea curry.
  • Leftover veggie pasta.
  • Leftover tomato and spinach pasta.
  • Leftover egg fried rice.
  • Leftover sweet potato and spinach curry.
  • Leftover cauliflower fried rice with lime-roasted tofu.
  • Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad.


  • Butternut squash and chilli soup. 
  • Coconut chickpea curry.
  • Mediterranean-style veggie pasta.
  • Tomato and spinach pasta.
  • Vegetable egg fried rice.
  • Sweet potato and spinach curry.
  • Cauliflower fried rice with lime-roasted tofu.

Tips… And General Notes


  • Don’t be afraid of over-portioning. Leftovers for lunch the day after are delicious and one of the best ways to stay within a budget.
  • FREEZE YOUR FOOD. You’re better not to be storing your food in the fridge for a full week– by day 5 or so, your food might be going off. So be sure to take that into consideration when you are planning, and making the meals so you can freeze them and reheat later. Bonus point for reducing waste!
  • Shop seasonally. Vegetables and fruit are cheaper when in season so consider this when you’re planning your meals for the week as it will only help your budgeting.
  • Use what you already have. Utilise the spices and seasoning that you already have in your cupboard. What might seem like nothing could take a meal from boring to revolutionary.
  • Shop for the best bargains. You might be used to your local supermarket or certain branded names but straying from these can save you a lot more money than you might think.

For only £20 a week, you can have a delicious variety of vegan meals without breaking the bank! And with our handy tips, you can alter our sample meal plan to what suits you and your lifestyle or simply add in some of your staple recipes.

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