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Hope Zvara

Mother Trucker Yoga

Hope Zvara is a yoga and lifestyle expert, motivational speaker, and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga. And the creator of STIFF Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream. From yoga studio owner and yoga teacher trainer to fitness leader and business mentor. Hope has helped change thousands of lives over the last 20 years using her simple step-by-step strategies and what she calls her “yoga toolbox” encouraging others that they can feel better wherever they are and that no matter how hard life gets they should never lose hope.

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What Is The Book (Or Books) You’ve Given Most As A Gift, And Why?

These days I seem to be giving more children's books out since I have kids and a lot of nieces and nephews. But for adults, one of the top books I recommend most is Sell or Be Sold. Some may not like Grand Cardone's style. But he a master at doing hard stuff. And his teaching taught me about my weak points as a person and in business. And how to not shy away from an opportunity. I think we all could use that type of encouragement.

What Purchase Of $100 Or Less Has Most Positively Impacted Your Life In The Last Six Months?

Zulay Original Milk Frother. I don't drink milk, but I use this frother ALL the time. To make my coffee latte, mix my powdered vitamins into my drinks and more! I travel with it too. I bought it on Amazon and give it as gifts all the time now! Such a win!

When You Feel Overwhelmed Or Unfocused, Or Have Lost Your Focus Temporarily, What Do You Do?

I get on my yoga mat or I go for a walk in nature. Something to shift my focus to then re-focus. I come up with my best stuff and am able to sift through emotions by removing myself from the situation and breathing, moving, and feeling. Then when I step back into the situation I have fresh eyes, a fresh mind, and better intentions.

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

It's not just my industry - fitness, and wellness, but any industry. The obsession with investing in more courses, more learning. That "one more course, program, or mastermind will be the solution to all your problems". And now I am not opposed to learning, not one bit! I want you to learn from me. But there comes a point where being a cereal course taker, where you are constantly investing in learning but nothing is coming from that, Houston, we have a problem. Choose wisely when it comes to learning, choose wisely when it comes to investing in a mentor, choose wisely when it comes to taking part in a program. Make sure there is equal if not more action coming from that investment. And if you stop and reflect to find that you are no further forward than before, it might be time to stop investing and start taking action.

What is the most significant thing that someone much younger than yourself has taught you?

Confidence is KEY. My kids remind me every day that when you are confident you can do anything.

Where do you see your industry in the next 5 years?

Probably more technologically driven, but hopefully healthier. Truck drivers are among the most unhealthy, and it is my mission to change that. To show truck drivers and the companies they work for that these men and women are the lifeline of our country (and yours) if they are a constant liability, what will that do for the rest of us?

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

Just do it mentality. I was my biggest roadblock, I knew my talent, I knew what needed to be done, I knew where I was going, but at the last second, I was sabotaging myself. It came down to not feeling worthy. On the surface, I knew it and believed it. But down deep was another story. I had to do the work to dig out all the old beliefs I learned from my parents and those growing up that lead me to believe I wasn't good enough, that I shouldn't or can't. It took time and a constant reminder. But I believe this is 100% why my business is growing finally after all these years!

Tell us about your business. What does it do and what value do you add?

I am the CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga I work with truck drivers and trucking companies and teach them how to feel better wherever they are from the cab of their truck. Simple easy movements that take 3-5 minutes or less. It's not about exercising more. It's about moving more-in your everyday life.

What's your favourite vegetable?

Brussel sprouts or brown button mushrooms

Are you vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or something else entirely?

I was a vegan for more than 15 years and now am a bit more of a flexitarian (pescatarian), eating wild-caught seafood, no dairy, no eggs, and feel the best I ever have!

What are you NOT Very Good at?


What's your star sign?


What's your favourite colour?

Right now green and pink

What's your favourite holiday destination?

The beach!

What is the most surprising thing you've seen in your industry?

More people taking to health.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Lemon water, coffee with coconut oil, and then a protein smoothie

How has Covid-19 changed your industry?

It hasn't really. Truck drivers are still driving, sure now they need a mask, but they are still keeping on. If anything more people open to digital options.

What's your favourite vegan meal?

veggie stirfry with EVERYTHING IN IT!

If You Could Have A Gigantic Billboard Anywhere With Anything On It — What Would It Say And Why?

Your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL should scare you! If it doesn't you aren't thinking big enough.

How Has A Failure, Or Apparent Failure, Set You Up For Later Success?

I look at failure as a means to teach me what I need to know for later NOW. Failure is not failure it's a lesson you just aren't learning and you do not get to pass go and collect $200 until you do. I don't know how to answer this, because I stopped seeing the negative a long time ago. But I have experienced struggle. I struggled with addiction for more than 15 years and that hardship, that dance with death has taught me what darkness and your face in the mud feels like, that part of my life has driven me to keep going and rarely see "failure" in my life because I already know what that is like. Being an addict in recovery has helped me tremendously, I'm not as phased by hardship as others, I know the struggle, am incredibly determined, and do not have an off button. I also believe I have one of the best perspectives on never giving up, never lose hope, and always focus on the light in the darkness. You see failures, I see opportunities to learn.

What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”?

Advice: Be all in. The things I have been all-in on in life have always given the most fruit. Fear will set in and you have to rise above. How did that millionaire get there? Well, every person at that point I know was all in. When you find yourself hesitating, worried, or afraid, ask yourself "why". Don't be foolish, but the only what to get that you don't have is to do what you haven't been doing. Avoid: Tune out the peanut gallery. Those that offer up advice at the drop of a dime are the ones who do not take it themselves. Stay away from advice given by people who have never applied it themselves.

What Careers Advice Would You Give To Your 21-Year Old Self?

Stop filtering yourself to apiece others. Who cares what they think about you, what others think about you is none of your business.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Well, I already am, I always wanted to develop my own product, a pain relief cream and I have finally done that- STIFF Mother Trucker.

Tell us about someone you admire and why you admire them?

My father. I have not had the best relationship with him for most of my adult life until recently. But perspective is key and I see now how much he sacrificed for my sisters and me and as much as some of my struggles may be tied to him, he also taught me how to pull myself out in a roundabout way. And most important, he has reminded me that people can change.

What Is A 'Hack' You Have For Success That Most People Don't Know About?

My greatest hack is the do it anyway approach. What it entails is just doing it even when you don't want to. No matter what you are feeling, just do it. If it leads you to your goal, now is the time.

What is a useful skill someone could learn in one minute?

How to deep breathe. It's kinda important to keep you alive.

What one song can you listen to every day non-stop?

That's hard to say. It really depends on my mood.. But I do love Shine Collective Soul

What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Finding the right mentor. I believe if you want to get to the next level in anything, you need a mentor. Why a mentor over a course, because a course can't hold you accountable, answer your questions and push you as much as a real live mentor. I hesitated for years investing in one because I didn't believe I was worth it. That I wasn't at the level where I deserved one. WRONG! You need someone who is a few steps ahead of you, trust me, follow their lead. If you knew it all, you'd be doing it all already. (that's what I started to tell myself, and so glad I did)..

What popular celebrity do you admire the most and why?

I don't really follow that kind of stuff. So I don't have an answer.

What one thing in life do you consider to be overrated?

A college degree.

What's something exciting you're currently working on that only a few people know about?

My book! A book for truckers and travelers teaching them how to stay fit on the go.

How has Covid-19 changed your company?

COVID-19 has been great for me. It was a bit of a road bump at first, but it has driven me to focus more on the launch of my pain relief cream STIFF Mother Trucker and go all-in even more than I think I would have because of COVID-19 (remember how I said see obstacles as opportunities). I have grown faster and bigger because of COVID.

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