Our Story

One day, two guys got together and had a McDonalds. Perfectly ordinary, right? Wrong. What initially began as a casual conversation turned into the creation of a plan. This was the beginning of establishing a business driven by one single question.

What if we could offer the best experience of plant-based food in London?

This then led to more questions.

What if we could make it more accessible, diverse and affordable than anything else on the market and have it delivered directly to your door?

Those two guys were our foundersDeepak and Wadah, two entrepreneurial guys who really really love food. They saw the gap in the market for healthy Plant-based meals in London that were accessible, affordable and exceptional.

And decided to do something about it.

And so Plant Sumo was born, delivering plant-based meals directly to your door all across London. We celebrate nutritious and delicious plant-based food as food first, open to all people no matter what they eat.

As it should be! picking our plant-based meals has so many benefits you don’t want to miss. Being advantageous to your health, the environment, to animals and to your wallet. 

All this while being insanely tasty? It almost sounds too good to be true. 

Well, don’t take my word for it- try it yourself! Follow the link here to build your box today and start your first subscription. 

Or, if you want to get to know us on a more personal level, check out below. 

Because none of the journey I’ve described could’ve happened without the dedication, hard work and talent of our core team.

Let’s introduce them, and celebrate the unique contributions each member has made to making PlantSumo a reality.

Meet The Team


Deepak Shukla


One of our founders at Plant Sumo. An enthusiastic entrepreneur and marathoner.


Wadah Salim


Our other Founder, Wadah. He is a Restaurateur, businessman and F1 fan.


Melanie Padovani

In-House Nutritionist

Our In House certified nutritionist. Melanie is into hiking and bouldering.


Federica Gianoglio

Onboarding Executive

Our onboarding executive who oversees hiring and administration. Has a cute dog.

Lydia Sims


Our green-thumbed administrator. She manages admin and enjoys beekeeping.

Isabela Lawicki

Social Media/brand manager

Our social media and brand manager. Most commonly found on Instagram.

Rachael Brown

Content Contributor

Rachael is our head of content, hosts the Plant Sumo podcast and enjoys singing.

Kaushal Prajapati

Lead Designer

Our head of design. He likes to design and do creative things and also likes street food.


We’re Plant Sumo, a London-based UK vegan meal prep service, delivering innovative, exciting, and flavoursome plant-based meals. If you’re on the hunt for healthy and delicious vegan food in London, look no further.

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