Avoid Meal Preparation Hassles With Our Delicious And Healthy Paleo Food Subscription Box

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We make daily decisions to ensure access to enough food to meet our fundamental needs for nutrition and health. It can be challenging to plan, shop for, prepare, and cook meals daily for many of us juggling busy schedules.

That is where food subscription boxes come in handy. 

You can free up time on your schedule and spend less time planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking in the kitchen with the convenience of healthy meal delivery services. Additionally, you can build a disciplined, better relationship with eating if you follow a strict routine.

At Plant Sumo, we accommodate any lifestyle with our adaptable meal preferences. The best part is that you can mix meals from any of our choices, substitute premium proteins into our recipes, and select your favourite vegan and vegetarian option.

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About Paleo Food

Palaeolithic diets emphasise eating like our ancestors, a method that genuinely returns to the fundamentals. Paleo followers strive to eat as naturally as possible by choosing grass-fed meats, lots of fruit and vegetables, and other whole foods like nuts and seeds. 

Some lenient diet variants permit prohibited foods, like low-fat dairy products and potatoes, which were not readily available in that era. In contrast, others forbid even fruit or vegetables that are thought to contain too much fructose.

The Paleo diet is a diet high in protein (29.6% of energy intake), polyunsaturated fatty acids (15.3% of energy intake), cholesterol (835 mg/day), and low in carbohydrates (24.5% of energy intake).

Are you interested in the paleo diet but unsure of where to start? 

You don’t have to stress about coming up with the ideal paleo meal plan or hunting out the right products at the grocery store when you use our paleo food subscription box. 

By sending you flavorful paleo meal kits right to your house, we will help you start a healthier low-carb diet. Each kit comes with organic, pre-measured, sustainably sourced ingredients and simple paleo recipes so you can easily prepare meals of restaurant quality that meet your health objectives, one delectable bite at a time. 

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Benefits Of Our Paleo Food Subscription Box

Everyone wants to eat healthily, but life frequently gets in the way. We grab a fast bite since we’re hungry and don’t have time to make lunch or dinner. But thanks to our paleo meal delivery service, that quick meal can be something nourishing and beneficial for our health rather than just something to calm our tummies temporarily.

Here are some more reasons why joining a food delivery service is worthwhile:

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Help You Save Time 

Convenience is the first and one of the most apparent advantage of a meal subscription service. You don’t need to spend much time on meal preparation, food shopping, or cooking to enjoy a satisfying meal. 

Instead, you can have fresh, nutritionally sound meals delivered to your home each week when you place an order with us: no more meal preparation or menu planning. Simply take one of our dishes out of the refrigerator, put it in the oven (or microwave, if you’re pressed for time), and eat it.

Assist You In Reducing Waste

How often have you intended to use that bag of salad mix or the enormous box of meals you purchased on sale but never got around to it? 

Everybody has a plan when they go to the store, get what they need, but then life happens. Due to our hectic schedules, some of the stuff we purchase spoils before consuming it. If you use a food delivery service, you won’t have to make or buy meals. We will only deliver what you intend to eat.

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It can get pricey to eat out. The same goes for weekly grocery shopping for items that aren’t entirely consumed. You have control over how much money you spend each week when you subscribe to a meal delivery service like us. 

Our meals are freshly made, delivered to your door, and prepared for you to reheat. After trying our delicious meals, you won’t ever spend excessive money on fast food.

Are you considering signing up for a meal subscription service? 

Each meal at Plant Sumo is made from scratch using fresh ingredients and provide your body with what it requires to feel your best.

Team Up With Us

You can save valuable time and lessen the stress associated with meal planning and preparation by using meal delivery services and services that offer nutritious cuisine. You’ll also be making the most of the advantages these programmes have to offer, such as minimising food waste, monitoring calories and macros, and so on, by using them.

Plant Sumo is the right place if you seek a meal subscription that guarantees wholesome and delectable meals cooked from the freshest sustainable products.

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The paleo way of living is more than simply a tasty fad. According to studies, a low-carb diet that prioritises lean protein, fresh produce, and healthy fats lowers your risk of developing high blood pressure, boosts your energy levels, and even encourages weight loss. 

Additionally, you won’t need to search for recipes or locate premium goods at your neighbourhood grocery shop if you order your paleo meals from Plant Sumo. To ensure that every delicious paleo meal we prepare for you and that you cook yourself has the most significant possible health advantages, we use non-GMO and organic foods in our gluten-free meal kits.

Yes. You can still enjoy and eat what you want while maintaining health by sticking to a paleo diet meal plan. Our skilled chefs create delectable dishes that satiate your palate and keep you satisfied. You’ll go on a gourmet journey worldwide with our paleo dinners, influenced by the most popular international cuisines. 

No. We are a brand that decided to focus on plant-based diets because of their unparalleled lifestyle advantages. Therefore, all meals at Plant Sumo are plant-based and vegan.