Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in New York

Vegan Restaurants in New York


New York is filled with all types of restaurants and cafes. 

The Metro takes you through all four boroughs of the city on a literal food tour.

You have the opportunity to taste food from all over the world, from Jewish Kosher sandwich shops, Polish eateries to the best take-out Chinese the city offers. 

How to find Vegan Restaurants in New York

Having a more meat-free diet shouldn’t take away from experience in the city.

Vegan diets have become more of a lifestyle than a trend. Eating a plate full of fresh vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease compared to their meat-eating counterparts.

Eating less meat provides a better chance of 10 fewer cases of heart disease and strokes. Compared to relying on meat as your only source of intake.

The plant food scene has explored innovative ways to prepare and serve vegan meals to appeal to carnivores and herbivores alike.

To help you find vegan restaurants in New York, we made a top list of vegan restaurants in New York.

1. BlackRican Vegan, Bronx

BlackRican Vegan, Bronx


A vision brought alive during the pandemic, BlackRican Vegan located in the Bronx in Morris Heights.

Chef and owner Lyana decided to give back to her community.

She shares a passion for Puerto Rican and Comfort Food with a vegan twist and serving traditional dishes from Puerto Rico like meatless Pastelon and Vernil.

On the Menu, like vegan Mac and cheese and Oyster Mushroom Sandwiches.

She doesn’t have a physical location but pops up in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

2. HanGawi, Manhattan

This Koran Vegeratian sanctuary embodies the philosophy they teach. Located in Midtown Central, it shares a different Vegertartain experience.

They are introducing the traditional dishes from Korea to share with the western culture. 

Some of their dishes include; Spicy kale and kimchi salad, Stuffed Shitake Mushrooms, and a Gluten-free menu with options such as Silky tofu in a clay pot. 

Their use of bamboo and meditation music sets them apart when the food becomes a complete experience. 

HanGawi, Manhattan


The Colin Kaepernicks is caramel ice cream with chocolate flavour chunks. Ben & Jerrys honour Colin’s activism on racial justice and his constant action towards the Know Your Rights Camp. 

This flavour has a cookie and chocolate cookie swirls blended with caramel. 

3. Bunna Cafe, Brooklyn

Bunna Cafe, Brooklyn


A taste of Ethiopia and all the vegan dishes are as beautiful as the country.

Hop on the subway, head down to Brooklyn to witness all the vegan dishes that shout with bright and fresh African spices. 

This plant-based eatery share dishes named Enguday tibs with Crimini peppers, mushrooms sauteed in rosemary, and garlic onion. 

Each dish is served with traditional flatbread. The brunch menu comes with more fresh dishes with beneficial spices with turmeric and ginger.

The Alicha Yates Firfir made with fresh whole yellow split peas with onion, garlic, tomato, and turmeric is served cold

4. Night Music, Manhattan

Night Music, Manhattan


Such as Tropical Shearwater with Lillet Rouge and orange bitters and ever-popular Nightbird with Hibiscus and citrus juniper.

What is so fantastic about this vegan Indian bar the owner makes sure each dish has an avert-garde twist to share its New York City influence.

5. Seasoned Vegan, Harlem

Vegan with a lot of soul is what describes this location Seasoned Vegan in Harlem

The menu is more than ambitious, and it takes all the southern comfort food with a vegan take. Brenda “ Chef B “ takes the favorite vegan fried chicken and mac and cheese and turns it into a masterpiece.

She truly makes it her own with lots of flavor and seasoning.

Vegan lemon-crusted Chicken nuggets are crisp with fresh herbs and vegan flour, with a heaping spoon full of southern collard greens, slowed cooked, so each leaf tastes divine. 

The Seasoned Vegan will have the most avid meat-eaters question their newfound love for Southern-style vegan dishes.

Seasoned Vegan, Harlem



Have fun discovering dishes from around the world or just a fresh vegan spin on your favorite dishes. 

Next time you travel to New York, try one of these favorite restaurants or discover some on your own. 

The purpose is to eat healthily and embody a more direct understanding of why eating vegan will be the best fit for you.


New York City is a global leader in the vegan movement and has many vegan restaurants. Here are some vegan restaurants in New York:

  • Beyond Sushi
  • P.S. Kitchen
  • Jajaja
  • abcV