Top 5 vegan bakeries in Glasgow

Now we have a mouthwatering and tummy aching list of bakeries for you! We have a selection for everyday dining to a once a week trip because your stomach will ache if you go any more times than that. 

Our list of places have the highest reviews as of June 2021 and are perfect for every occasion. If you are just looking for lunch or an afternoon snack, then we have the place for you. 

Have your list of friends ready to take because you will want to take pictures at these top 5 vegan bakeries in Glasgow!

Vegan Bakeries in Glasgow

The menu at vegan bakeries can vary. Many bakeries will focus solely on pastries, bread, and baked goods. At the same time, others will have baked goods and some dining options. 

Baked goods often go well with coffee, tea, and some light lunch options. Depending on how hungry you are, we have just the right places for you!

Zilch Bakery & Deli

Zilch Bakery & Deli

Source: Zilchdeli

Directions: 124 Norfolk St, Laurieston, Glasgow, Scotland

Number: +44-7907984922

Zilch Bakery & Deli is the perfect place for an afternoon snack or to grab a quick lunch! Zilch is packed with numerous baked goods, and you can not forget the sweet smell of their cinnamon rolls! 

They are easy to pull apart and are perfectly glazed with icing. Aside from their delicious pastries and desserts, they have some deli meals! Zilch is 100% plant-based, and they are an ALL-VEGAN bakery. Their deli is also completely plastic-free. 

There are two types of customers that go to Zilch. The ones who get a healthy deli meal and the ones who gorge themselves on all the sweet treats! I could go both ways, and I am sure you could too!



Source: Rawnchy

Directions: 98 Bellgrove St, Glasgow, Scotland

Number: +44-1415543559 

Rawnchy offers mouthwatering desserts such as cake pops, cakes, bars and more! Your stomach will be leaving that cafe completely satisfied that you will want to take a nap the rest of the day! 

Their desserts are not only fantastic for a quick dine-in, but they are available to cater for any occasion. 

Along with desserts,  Rawnchy does offer a vegan cafe menu full of light meals such as salads, soups, and plenty of other impressive meals. 

Rawnchy is an Instagram worthy opportunity! Take your pictures of every put together and colourful meal to make others which they were there. 

Tapa Coffee and Bakehouse

Tapa Coffee and Bakehouse

Source: Tapa Coffee

Directions: 21 Whitehill St, Dennistoun, Glasgow, Scotland

Number: +44-1415549981

Tapa Coffee is a lot more laid back than Rawnchy. Rawnchy is a place you don’t want to experience on your own, while Tapa Coffee is PERFECT for dining and reading. 

Tapa Coffee, as you can tell, they are very well known for its coffee. It never hurts to take some time to yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee. If you feel hungry, there are many baked goods to go with your cups, such as scones, beans on toast, and porridge. 

For more meals, you can find many sandwiches or choose a light salad. Tapa Coffee is a great place to dine with friends or even dine by yourself to enjoy the peace. Don’t forget to get a cake or pastry for later on your way out the door! 

Tantrum Doughnuts

Tantrum Doughnuts

Directions: 27 Old Dumbarton Road, Yorkhill, Glasgow

Finally DOUGHNUTS! We can’t talk about bakeries and forget about doughnuts. That would just be disrespectful. 

Tantrum doughnuts is the place you have to experience on your own! The pictures do not do the flavours justice. 

It is essential to go early because they are life-changing!

My favourite is the Milk ‘n Cookies, but you can also find a creme brulee, almond glaze, lemon & poppyseed, etc. The flavours go on and on, so prepare yourself to get up early to grab a couple of doughnuts because you will not regret it! 

Loop & Scoop

Loop & Scoop

Source: Loopandscoop

Directions: 665 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 8RE

Number: + 44-1413346600

Loop & Scoop is another Instagram worthy place! Every bakery in Glasglow is Instagram worthy. 

Loop & Scop are named after their looped churros and scoops of gelato! That is right! CHURROS & GELATO. It is entirely mouth-watering just thinking about it. 

Treat yourself every now and then to these delicious desserts that are perfect for any day or even a small celebration. 


That concludes this list of our top 5 bakeries in Glasgow! We hope your stomach is satisfied after you try any of these places on our list. Don’t forget to take a picture of your Instagram worthy food and happy eating!


Popular vegan bakeries in Glasgow are the following:

  • Zilch Bakery and Deli
  • Rawnchy
  • Tapa Coffee
  • Tantrum Doughnuts
  • Loop & Scoop

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