Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in the UK

I’m so excited about this one.

Once upon a time, it could be difficult or even awkward to find vegan meals at restaurants.

These days, it doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of cuisine you like best; there are loads of vegan meals at restaurants! What a time to be alive.

We’ve already told you about some of the best vegan restaurants in London, but there is a  WHOLE COUNTRY of inspired, inventive and incredible vegan restaurants out there.

Coming up, we’ve got vegan fast-food restaurants, healthy vegan food restaurants and even a totally vegan pub!

I’ve included vegan restaurants across the whole of the UK, so wherever you are, you can find somewhere near enough for you to try.

Enough with the jibber-jabber! Let’s dive into this list of the best vegan restaurants that the UK has to offer.

Vegan Restaurant

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1. All Nations Vegan House, London

All Nations Vegan House

All Nations Vegan House is located in Dalston, a trendy and artsy area of East London. It’s a consummate vegan haven.

All Nations Vegan House is everything you could want in an awesome vegan restaurant. 

They are family-owned, full of flavoursome food and offer affordable meals. (I’m talking £5 Curry Jackfruit!)

My favourite thing about All Nations Vegan House (aside from the amaaaazing food) is their proud Caribbean and Rastafarian heritage. 

The menu is based around Ital Food, a diet developed by the Rastafarian community around the 1960s and 1970s.

The Ital diet is designed to improve your energy, health and spirit – not to mention it tastes epic.

Nothing sounds more inviting to me than some good family cooked, comforting vegan food that will soothe the soul. 

If Curry Jackfruit isn’t your bag, you can enjoy Ackee and Mushroom, Pumpkin Soup, Kingston Cous Cous and more!

2. DoppleGanger, Cambridge

Dopple Ganger

DoppelGanger is vegan “junk food” at its absolute best. 

The “chicken” burger I had at DoppleGanger is genuinely the best vegan meal at a restaurant that I’ve ever had.

The best thing about DoppleGanger is that they offer all the trimmings and more. 

I’m talking burgers smothered with sauce, “bacon,” and gouda style vegan cheese. 

You can even get your hands on some filthy loaded fries topped with ranch sauce, Korean BBQ style pulled jackfruit and vegan cheese (like, what!?).

If a burger and fries extravaganza wasn’t quite enough for you – you can finish off your meal with a decadent chocolate brownie (served warm) with a scoop of deliciously cool vanilla ice cream.

You also order your food on an iPad, so if you’re an anti-social hermit like me, you don’t need to speak to anyone! (The staff are super friendly, though!).

Not only is DoppleGanger a tasty vegan food restaurant, but their decor is impressive too. 

The whole place is pink, covered in gorgeous geometric shapes and illuminated by tasteful neon lights.

Instagram worthy, or what?

3. Yorica!, London


Yorica! (Your-Eek-Ah) is one of the best spots for vegan dessert in all of London. 

Their main thing is vegan ice cream, waffles and pancakes – topped with whatever crazy nuts, biscuits and sauces you like.

Yorica! is a legendary vegan restaurant according to Londoners, or anyone with one of the major food allergies, for that matter.


Because absolutely everything they serve is vegan and FREE FROM ALL 14 MAJOR ALLERGENS, including nuts, soy, celery, gluten, mustard, nuts and more. 

Like lots of vegan food, they are also halal. So pretty much anyone can enjoy the entire menu at Yorica!

Listen, I know they’re not technically a vegan restaurant because they only serve dessert.

But I think they are an amazingly worthy part of this list of the best vegan restaurants in the UK because anyone with one of the major allergies can eat there! 

In fact, why not visit Yorica! after you have enjoyed a scrummy meal at one of our other vegan restaurant recommendations?

They are open until 10 pm every night, and until midnight on Friday and Saturday night after all.

If you fancy making your own vegan ice cream – we’ve got the best vegan ice cream recipes going right here.

4. Super Natural Cafe, Newcastle

Super Natural Cafe

Source: Tripadvisor

Super Natural Cafe is out of this world. It’s no wonder this vegan food restaurant is a cult favourite amongst Geordies.

When I first visited Newcastle, I couldn’t miss the Super Natural Cafe. The WHOLE PLACE is strung with gorgeous fairy lights that look super dreamy and inviting.

It’s also close to the train station, so if you’re a weary traveller – it’s an excellent place for a post-journey refreshment break! 

Their tag line: “dogs allowed, humans tolerated”, always makes me chuckle.

The folks at Super Natural Cafe are proper vegan OG’s. This vegan restaurant has been in Newcastle since 1978! 

Their menu ranges from pizzas, cooked breakfasts, jacket potatoes and curries. While enjoying a vegan lasagne or coffee and walnut cake – you can even browse some cats for adoption. Random, but excellent.

Bottom line? Super Natural Cafe offers good, classic vegan food, a stunning environment, and it’s super unpretentious.

I take my parents there every time they visit me in the North East. 

5. Ruyi Vegetarian House, Manchester

Ruyi Vegetarian House

If you guys have been following my posts, you know how much I love East Asian and South-East Asian food.

That’s why my world changed when I discovered Ruyi Vegetarian House in Manchester. They serve vegan East Asian and South-East Asian cuisine, including vegan char siu bao and dim sum!

They even have a vegan hot pot. (I’m crying tears of joy.)

This epic vegan restaurant prizes authenticity, so all of its dishes are as close to the original as possible. 

They also have gluten-free options, which can be especially hard to find in East Asian and South-East Asian food because soy sauce has gluten in it. So if you’re a GF vegan – this place is your heaven.

Ruyi Vegetarian House is a shining beacon of epic East and South-East Asian food for anyone based in the lovely Manchester!

6. Seeds For The Soul, Edinburgh

Seeds For The Soul

Seeds For The Soul are great because their whole mission surrounds busting the myth that vegan food is “rabbit food.” 

The Seeds For The Soul menu covers everything from a full fry up to hot dogs, burgers and even a boozy vegan smoothie. (So cool, right?) 

Their Boozy Berrisimo Smoothie contains raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, banana & apple juice + double vodka + double Grenadine. Two of these will have me walking sideways. (I’m a lightweight…)

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts AND cocktails, this is the place for you.

So if you’re based in Edinburgh or about to give the stunning city a visit, Seeds for the Soul is one of the best plant based food restaurants Edinburgh has to offer. 

7. The Globe Gossop, Manchester (sort of)

image2 1

Source: TripAdvisor

I want to introduce you guys to The Globe Gossop, the “world’s finest vegan pub.”

The Globe Gossop opened in 1883, making this vegan restaurant a great place to visit if you want to see some beautiful historic architecture. 

It has all the hallmarks of a traditional pub. Great food, a cosy atmosphere and beer on tap.

They even do live music in this dreamy, smokey, dimly lit room. It looks like a romantic 1920’s gangster movie (in the best way possible.).

You can enjoy a reasonably priced veggie steak, curry, or even a Lancashire style hot pot at this fabulous vegan restaurant. 

This vegan food restaurant is also on the Peak District’s edgeBerlin’s street food, but only 30 minutes away from Manchester. 

So whether you’re on a strenuous hike or a shopping day in the city – the Globe Gossop can provide the comforting vegan pub food that hits the spot like nothing else.

8. Leon (pretty much everywhere, lol)


Leon is not a fully vegan restaurant, but they are a restaurant with vegan options.

And no, I’m not talking about disappointing veggie burgers.

Their vegan food options include their vegan sweet Carolina burger, seasonal veg super healthy plant box, “cheesy” loaded fries or even apricot and vanilla almond milk porridge. 

Leon is the perfect place to visit if you need a rest bite from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are always tasty and a super reliable option.

There are Leons in lots of major UK cities, and they are a great restaurant with vegan options.

Leon has restaurants with vegan options all over the country, so you’re bound to find one near you.

9. Donner Summer (Leeds, York, Hull, Manchester)

Donner Summer

Donner Summer describes themselves as being inspired by the street food of Berlin – and boy do they deliver.

I’m talking kebabs, ice cream and even fried chicken! 

With Donner Summer, you can forget the greasy, floppy and tough kebabs that you get when you’re half smashed at 3 am.

Donner Summer’s dishes are some of THE MOST ATTRACTIVE AND COLOURFUL dishes at a vegan restaurant that I have ever laid my eyes on.

When I visited, I had the ‘Bad Gal’ kebab at their York location, which was dripping with rich and spicy scotch bonnet hot sauce. I handled it like a champ. (Bad gal, lol.)

Bottom line: Donner Summer food it’s just as good as it looks.

(It was seriously hard picking just one photo to show you guys!)

10. The Green HeART Cafe, Cornwall

The Green HeART Cafe

It’s all about heart, right?

The Green HeART Cafe in Cornwall brings some much needed relaxed beachy vibes to this list of the UK’s best vegan restaurants. 

It’s also the ONLY fully vegetarian and plant-based restaurant in Newquay – so if you’re planning a UK getaway in Cornwall,  this is a great place to visit!

With vegan avocado on toast or the ‘full monty’ cooked breakfast – The Green HeART Cafe is worth getting up early for.

They even have THE CUTEST LITTLE DOG, who is usually sat on the shop floor. (All the more reason to visit, right!?)


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I’m so happy that I got to share my incredible experiences at these vegan food restaurants in the UK with you guys. 

Eating out is such a great way to spend time with family and friends.

With so many restaurants that have vegan options and 100% vegan restaurants all over the UK, this classic pastime is an option for anyone and everyone. 

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