Where to buy vegan cheese in the UK

Vegan cheese can be used for every meal, from breakfast to dessert.  Many in-person stores offer vegan cheese, but I will be going over some online stores that specialise in vegan cheese. If you are wondering where to buy vegan cheese, we’ve got you covered! 

From there, we will take a look at the types of cheeses and how vegan cheese is made! 

Places to Buy Vegan Cheese

Here are some popular online vegan shops in the UK. Delivery and prices can vary, so make sure you check that out!

Vegan Cheese Shop

Vegan Cheese Shop

The vegan cheese shop is an online store that offers next day delivery in the UK. This is a great store if you have a last-minute dinner party planned and you want to surprise your guests with luxurious cheese. The next day delivery helps you stay productive and throw healthy dinner party meals. 

Tyne Chease

Tyne Chease

Source: Tyne Chease

Tyne Chease is another cheese delivery service. They offer a range of some of the finest cheeses to display for a lovely brunch. The cheese from this shop is a bit more luxurious and presentable, while you can use the vegan cheese shop for cooking. 

The Vegan Kind Supermarket

The Vegan Kind Supermarket

With the vegan kind supermarket, you are getting a wide variety of cheese for dipping, cooking spreads, etc. You have a lot more options with this supermarket with some of the top vegan brands.

La fauxmagerie

La fauxmagerie

la fauxmagerie is another luxury cheese website with some of the best vegan cheese in the world. They are the UK’s first plant-based cheesemonger. Their cheese is used for a display at a lovely brunch with your friends. The prices are a bit higher, but it is worth the money. 

Types of Vegan Cheese

There are so many common types of cheese that you can find online. It can be intimidating, which is why it is a great way to think about what the cheese will be used for. 

To help you, we have listed a few types of vegan cheese.

Bella Cheeze

This cheese contains four soft kinds of cheese that are handmade in Scotland. Included is Camembert-Style Cashew Cheeze, Feta-Style Tofu Cheeze, Cream Cheeze, and Blue Cheeze.


Sheese products are award-winning due to the well-known taste. You can pick from cheddar, greek, or creamy sheese. A fantastic thing about sheese is that they are dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This cheese is perfect for a spread or can be used for cooking.  


Cicioni is a classic cheese for salads and sandwiches. It is light with a bit of tanginess to it. This well-known cheese is very popular as it is made from almonds and cashews. 


Daiya is a plant-based cheese that is known to be made with mac and cheese! It is an award-winning cheese you don’t want to miss out on. 


Koko is a nutrient boosting cheese that is made with calcium, vitamins D2 and B12. It is a soft cream cheese used as a spread for many foods.


This famous cheese is used in many restaurants for pizza and pasta dishes. It is easy to melt and offers many bursting flavours. 

How is Vegan Cheese Made

Vegan Cheese

Source: Proveg

The process to make vegan cheese is very similar to the traditional process. Instead, vegan cheese is plant-based that contains vegetable proteins and bacteria. Compared to animal protein cheeses, vegan cheese will be less complex but still contain flavour. 

Vegan Cheese can be made out of the following: 

  • Soy
  • tree nuts
  • Seeds
  • Coconut
  • a variety of flour
  • Root Vegetables
  • Aquafaba

Once the ingredients are put together, the cheese is made into different styles. 

Styles of Cheese

Here are just a few of the standard styles that cheese will come in. If you are ordering online, the picture will display the style but always check the description to see if they might change it. Often online market places will change the display of the product so that it is easier to deliver. 

1. Shredded

Shredded cheese is the style of cheese that you see topped on pizza, tacos, and many casseroles. It is perfect to use as a topping instead of a spread.

2. Soft Cheese

Soft cheese is similar to cream cheese. Soft cheese can be placed with crackers to eat as a quick snack, but it is not easy to spread. 

3. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a common type to use as a spread for bagels, toast, crackers, etc. you can use some Cream Cheese for baking or even icing for desserts. 

4. Block or Sliced

Blocked and sliced cheese are often use any way you want. Slice is popular with crackers and sandwiches. Meanwhile, many people will buy a block of cheese to use for cooking. 


Hopefully, you found a place to buy your vegan cheese! There are many options within stores, but it might take more time to search, which is why we wanted to help you by offering online markets that sell vegan cheese.


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to vegan cheese but here are some of the best products.

  • Violife Shreds
  • Moocho Foods Dairy-Free Shreds

The brand So Delicious offers vegan cheese products that taste like real stuff!

Vegan cheese can be made out of nuts, soy milk, and soy yoghurt.

Do any supermarkets sell vegan cheese? Yes, plenty of stores sell vegan cheese. There is Palace Culture, La Fauxmagerie, and other local stores.

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