Where To Buy Vegan Food In London

Picture this:

You’re in central London, it’s cold, a little rainy, and you’ve been on your feet all day…

It’s time for some food!

At Plant Sumo, we’ve scouted out all of the best places to buy vegan food in London, and we want to share them with you!

This blog post will break down some of the best places to find vegan snacks and vegan meals in London. (If you fancy a sweet treat, check out our guide to vegan cakes in London)

Many of the vegan food establishments on this list have locations all over London. So, no matter where you are in the great city, they shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Let’s get started!

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Where To Buy Vegan Snacks In London

1. Boots (various)

Boots does more than a simple meal deal! 

They sell lots of sweet and savoury vegan foods, from Emily vegetable crisps to Galaxy vegan chocolate and good old dried fruit and nuts. 

Some of these vegan foods can even be included as part of the infamous Boots meal deal, which is made up of a main, snack and a drink for £3.99.

One of the great things about Boots is that there is one on pretty much every corner of London, so it’s a very reliable source of vegan food when you don’t fancy searching all over town to find a vegan-friendly snack.

emily veg sticks

2. Wholefoods Market (Various)

Wholefoods is another excellent option when looking where to find Vegan food in London.

There are six different locations in London to choose from, including Kensington, Soho, Stoke Newington, Camden Town, Lavender Hill, and Fulham. 

If you can’t tell by the locations already, Wholefoods Market is pretty bougie – meaning that it isn’t the cheapest option going, but it does have one of the best ranges of vegan snack foods in London.

What’s unique about Wholefoods Market is that you can enjoy a salad, olives, and more from their fresh salad bar. 

However, if you’re looking for something a little quicker, they also sell vegan Pop Chips, Ape Natural Crunchy Coconut Bites, and their own brand range of vegan snacks like dried organic mango or Japanese rice crackers.

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3. Planet Organic (Various)

Planet Organic has a claim to fame when it comes to vegan food!

They are the UK’s first totally organic supermarket! 

They also have a whopping 12 locations across central London, so it’s not too tricky to come across the vegan food that planet organic has to offer.

They sell lots of vegan snacks that are totally organic, like Deliciously Ella chocolate-dipped almonds, crackers, and energy balls.

I really like Planet Organic’s own brand range of vegan foods because it’s affordable, organic, AND vegan – that can be hard to come across in London! 

For example, their Salted Caramel Popcorn is just 99p!

planet organic

Where To Buy Vegan Meals In London

1. Cafe Van Gogh (Vassal)

Cafe Van Gogh is a non-profit social enterprise cafe. This means that they care a lot about helping others.

For example, they support disadvantaged people by running a job training programme for people with additional challenges in life to help them gain valuable skills and work experience. (How amazing is that?)

Aside from their fantastic social mission, they sell great vegan food like vegan sausage rolls, vegan banh mi, and vegan double chocolate brownies!

Why not support a business with a FANTASTIC mission and visit Cafe Van Gogh?

cafe van gogh

2. Le Pain Quotidien (Various)

Le Pain Quotidien (affectionately known as ‘Le Pain’ among Londoners) is a french restaurant with lots of vegan options for a light vegan lunch or dinner.

Some of the vegan foods offered in their all-day menu include:

  • A nutrient-packed vegan Veggie Bowl
  • The V.L.T (A roasted mushroom, aubergine, avocado, roast tomato, and romesco tartine) 
  • A Lentil And Roast Tomato Dhal.

Le Pain is an excellent vegan food option for any health-conscious vegans out there, as lots of their dishes are packed with vegetables and grains.

Besides lovely vegan food, each Le Pain location offers refreshing vegan drinks like dairy-free matcha latte’s, homemade raspberry lemonade and watermelon coolers.

le pain quotidien

3. Farmacy (Notting Hill)

Absolutely everything on the Farmacy menu is plant-based and free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and chemicals. (Pretty impressive!)

All of their food is seasonal and locally sourced in the UK! So if you’re looking for extra-sustainable plant-based food for lunch or dinner in London, Farmacy is an excellent option for you! 

Their menu is globally inspired, meaning it can suit any palate. Some of their dishes include their Kimchi Earth Bowl, Got No Beef Burger, and the Farmacy Lasange! 

If seasonal, sustainable and tasty vegan food isn’t enough to convince you to visit Farmacy, their fabulous decor should seal the deal.

Farmacy is located in a beautiful white brick building, clad with wall-climbing ivy and enough reclaimed wood to made Kevin McLeod swoon. Think classic Parisian brasserie meets shabby-chic farm.


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