Top 5 Vegan Bakeries In London

It’s no secret that London is home to AMAZING food. 

The city truly is a hub of international cuisine, from African, Asian and European cuisine – we’ve certainly explored London’s culinary delights. 

If you are looking for a TOP NOTCH vegan bakery in London, the search is over. 

From cookies to cupcakes, brownies, and milkshakes, here is our list of the top five vegan bakeries in London.

1. Vida Bakery, Brick Lane

5 Vegan Bakeries In London

Viva La Vida!

Number one on our list of mouth-watering vegan bakeries in London is Vida Bakery in Brick Lane.

This bright and beautiful bakery is 100% vegan AND gluten-free! The best thing about this place (aside from the EPIC vegan CAKES) is that you don’t need to worry about picking from a teeny tiny selection of vegan cakes. You can eat ANYTHING from their full selection!

This is all thanks to their founder, Dani, who is both coeliac and vegan and found it hard to find suitable sweet treats for her dietary requirements. She has solved the problem for herself and others!

They offer everything from mini-cakes (which are kind of like cupcakes but BETTER) to cookies, brownies and even baking kits if you fancy getting your hands dirty!

If you are looking for vegan bakeries in London to buy sweet treats for a gift or celebration, I think Vida Bakery is your best option. 

The baking kits make a great gift, and they are also supremely beautiful! If you want a vegan birthday cake, they do gift boxes and big celebration cakes too!

Nearest Tube Station: Liverpool Street (7-minute walk)

2. Ole & Steen, Various

Ole & Steen, Various

This self-proclaimed ‘all-day bakery from Denmark’ is high-class, high quality and comes in at number 2 on our list of the top five vegan bakeries in London!

They offer everything you want from a classic bakery, from different types of bread, pastries, cake and muffins!

However, since this isn’t a dedicated vegan bakery, not everything is vegan. Here are the delicious vegan items on the menu:

  • Tropical Vegan Yogurt and Granola
  • Passion Fruit Slice
  • Smoked ‘Guoda’ and No-duja Toastie

You’ve probably noticed that they do toasties and yoghurt! That’s because, on top of their bakery, you can get breakfast or a light lunch at Ole and Stein!

That’s why I would recommend giving Ole and Steen a visit if you want a more substantial sit-in vegan bakery experience!

Closest Tube Stations:

Canary Wharf: Canary Wharf (7-minute walk)

Belgravia: Victoria (3-minute walk)

Hampstead: Hampstead (1-minute walk)

3. The Free From Bakehouse, Borough Market

Free From Bakehouse

The Free From Bake House just HAD to feature on our list of the top five vegan bakeries in London.

This award-winning independent artisan bakery specialises in ‘free from’ baked goods. Their vegan range includes exciting and delicious sweet treats such as Red Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate Avocado Cake and Baked Passion Fruit Cheesecake (my personal favourite!) and much much more!

You can find them at Borough Market as pictured above. Their delectable desserts are the PERFECT way to top off some of the fantastic street food found at the famous London Market.

Nearest Tube Station: London Bridge (4-minute walk)

4. Cookies ‘n’ Scream, Islington

Cookies ‘n’ Scream

Founded in 2010, Cookies ‘n’ Scream is one of the longest standing vegan bakeries in London. Located on Holloway Road in Islington, you can find everything from cookies, brownies, pies, doughnuts and even ‘thick shakes’ in this fantastic vegan bakery.

With a very healthy 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cookies ‘n’ Scream as a fabulous all-round vegan bakery for any purpose. You can buy sweets to take home, sit in to enjoy a leisurely dessert. 

Cookies ‘n’ Scream simply offers good, affordable and tasty vegan baked goods. 

What more could you ask for?

Nearest Tube Station: Holloway Road (5-minute walk)

5. Organic Livity, Brick Lane

Organic Livity, Brick Lane

Brick Lane is FULL of fantastic food, so it’s no surprise that number five on our list of the top five vegan bakeries in London is Brick Lane’s own Organic Livity. 

This organic vegan patisserie is pretty fancy, so I would recommend it for extra special events!

They have many really unique flavours and concepts behind their bakes (including raw cakes and CBD cakes)!

For me, the very best thing about organic livity is the range of vegan pastries on offer! 

Organic Livity is undoubtedly the ONLY vegan bakery that I’ve ever seen offering vegan choux pastries! 

Closest Tube Station: Aldgate East (11-minute walk)

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The unique thing about London is that no bakery is the same. Vegan bakeries in London can be a cute cafe styled or a home to distinguished desserts. Cookies N Scream is a perfect bakery for a celebration with some friends but The Free From Bake House is perfect for an everyday grab and go baked good.

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Amy Swain is a content writer for Plant Sumo, foodie and ex-chef. If she’s not baking then she’s got a paintbrush in hand, working on her next masterpiece.