The Tastiest Low-Calorie Vegetarian Meals

The Tastiest Low-Calorie Vegetarian Meals

Low-Calorie Veg Meals

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Whether you are giving the vegetarian diet a try or you live a plant-based lifestyle, we have selected some of the most delicious and low-calorie, vegetarian meals for you to give a try!

 A vegetarian diet involves abstaining from eating meat, fish, and poultry, but not from other animal-derived products such as dairy or honey, differentiating it from a vegan diet. 

People often adopt a vegetarian diet for religious or personal reasons, as well as ethical issues, such as animal rights. Vegetarian diets are associated with several health benefits, and choosing low-calorie meals increases its weight-loss benefits.

These are Plant Sumo’s favourite low-calorie vegetarian recipes;

Wholewheat Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables


Calories: 379

Wholewheat pasta is an easy substitution in anyone’s diet, including a vegetarian, and is worth it due to the high fibre content. This recipe also provides two of your five-a-day target to give you your required vitamins and antioxidants and has a low fat content too. The wholewheat also ensure you feel full and stay full, reducing the urge to snack and rack up more calories.

This recipe gets bonus points from the Plant Sumo team as it makes delicious leftovers as well!

Sweet Potato Pasta

Sweet Potato Pasta

Calories: 198

This recipe is one of our favourites because of its delicious cream sauce with its accompanying rich flavours. It is also low in fat due to the use of reduced-fat cheese and yogurt. You could also switch out the pasta for a wholemeal version to increase the fibre value too!

Sweet potato is a staple for vegetarian meals as it is tasty and provides excellent health-promoting properties, such as being an antioxidative and an anti-inflammatory. They are making it especially beneficial for those with joint pain!

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Bake

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Bake

Calories: 318

Quinoa is the source of protein in this meal and, combined with broccoli, makes one of our favourite low-calories vegetarian dishes. The broccoli provides one of your five a day, but if you’re not a fan, then don’t worry! The broccoli can be substituted for cauliflower florets and is just as tasty. 

The quinoa is not only the source of protein in this meal but is also rich in other vital nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B-vitamins. This recipe is a must-have,!

Zucchini Curry

Zucchini Curry

Calories: 97

Zucchini curry comes in at the lowest calories on our list but it is one of the richest in terms of flavour. It is also gluten-free and ready in under 30 minutes, a perfect treat for the busy bees.

It is creamy in texture and goes well with Indian flatbread, naan, or rice as a one-pot curry. We recommend making the accompaniment a whole grain for its nutritional value.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Calories: 340

This wild mushroom risotto is described as rich and indulgent and is only 340 calories! Substituting the cream and cheese for almond milk (or another nut-milk of your choosing) is a great way to reduce the calorie content, as well as the fat content. 

Not only is this vegetarian meal low in calories, but it is rich in fibre, protein, and antioxidants from the earthy mushrooms and vitamins D, E, and calcium from the almond milk.

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These recipes are the best-of-best for vegetarians or plant-based enthusiasts. Even those of you wanting to experiment with one delicious vegetarian meal a week. These are the ones for you!

With all the nutritional value and the rich flavours to match- save these recipes and get cooking. You won’t regret it, especially with the low calories to keep you feeling your best!


Here are some low-fat vegetarian meals:

  • Curried Parsnip Soup
  • Mushroom Stew
  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Lentil Veggie Nuggets

Here are some low-calorie vegetarian meals:

  • Cornmeal Porridge
  • Egg on Avocado Toast
  • Mushroom Breakfast Casserole
  • No Egg Pancakes

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