Let’s Go Plant-Based! What does it mean?

Let’s Go Plant-Based! What does it mean? Source: Unsplash Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular around the world, however, it is easy to feel confused or uninformed about the term. But going plant-based can have a profound impact on your health, especially when you have all the necessary information to make the dietary change.  Curious Continue reading

Best High Protein Plant-based Foods to Make You Fit & Healthy

Best High Protein Plant-based Foods to Make You Fit & Healthy At Plant Sumo, we’re all about the benefits of a plant-based diet. It’s good for the planet, and it’s good for your mind and body! Like anyone else, plant-based people need to ensure that they eat a healthy diet that includes all the essential Continue reading

Vegan Sweets: Everything You Need To Know

Vegan Sweets: The Ultimate TReat Guide Vegan Sweets.  They are heavenly little packages of happiness. Katy Perry even used to base her entire wardrobe on candy! (I wish that I could lie on a candy floss cloud!) However, identifying vegan friendly sweets can be challenging.  Firstly, not all gelatin free sweets are vegan. Secondly, not Continue reading

The Highs And Lows Of Tesco’s ‘Wicked Kitchen’ Range

Ever since Tesco’s ‘Wicked Kitchen’ range first hit supermarkets in 2018, I have been a massive fan. Created by American Chef Derek Sarno in collaboration with Tesco, Wicked kitchen offers a diverse and exciting line of chilled meals, sandwiches, desserts, pizzas, salads, pastries and meat alternatives. They also recently added several new items to their Continue reading

Ten Of The Best Plant-Based Burgers in the UK

We’ve gone from meat to BeyondMeat. From pork-based to plant-based. There are so many positives to cutting out meat and going plant-based, even if it’s just for one day a week! You might have a positive impact on the environment or even just your tummy. Yes, we know that the tasty-looking ‘Impossible Burger’ hasn’t made Continue reading