Plant-Based Sweets: The Ultimate Guide

Plant-Based Sweets: The Ultimate Guide Vegan Sweets. They are heavenly little packages of happiness. Katy Perry even used to base her entire wardrobe on candy! (I wish that I could lie on a candy floss cloud!) However, identifying vegan friendly sweets can be challenging. Firstly, not all gelatin free sweets are vegan. Secondly, not all […]Continue reading

A Six-Step Plan To Build Muscle On A Plant-Based Diet

Do you want to pursue a plant-based diet- while building muscle? It can be done. Yes, you can have your biceps and your Buddha bowls. But you have to have a plan.  So, You Want To Go Vegan Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Images  Maybe you’re an animal lover who hates to see cows in cages? Maybe […]Continue reading

Review: The Highs And Lows Of Tesco’s ‘Wicked Kitchen’ Range

Ever since Tesco’s ‘Wicked Kitchen’ range first hit supermarkets in 2018, I have been a massive fan. Created by American Chef Derek Sarno in collaboration with Tesco, Wicked kitchen offers a diverse and exciting line of chilled meals, sandwiches, desserts, pizzas, salads, pastries and meat alternatives. They also recently added several new items to their […]Continue reading

Ten Of The Best Plant-Based Burgers (UK)

We’ve gone from meat to BeyondMeat. From pork-based to plant-based. There are so many positives to cutting out meat and going plant-based, even if it’s just for one day a week! You might have a positive impact on the environment or even just your tummy. Yes, we know that the tasty-looking ‘Impossible Burger’ hasn’t made […]Continue reading