Meet The Team: Lydia


Did you know that the ‘Plant Sumo Podcast’ has additional content you may not be aware of? That’s right. In a, I’m sure, highly anticipated announcement I want to bring your attention to the episodes which are not an official part of the podcast. While they may only be available on the Plant Sumo youtube […]

The Plant Sumo Podcast 1: Dont Steam Your Veg

The Plant Sumo Podcast Dont Steam Your Veg

Hi, I’m Rachael, host of ‘The Plant Sumo Podcast’ here to share my podcast journey with you here on the Plant Sumo Website. If you aren’t aware (and how couldn’t you be? I have over 8 listeners. I’m basically Joe Rogan) the ‘Plant Sumo Podcast’ is where I interview influential figures who are changing the […]