Best Vegan & Non Dairy Sources For Calcium Rich Foods

Best Vegan & Non Dairy Sources For Calcium Rich Foods The plant-based lifestyle is a superb way of packing your diet with healthy nutrients, vitamins, proteins and carbs that keep you feeling great. We’ve shown you these five awesome sources of vegan protein, but did you know that calcium is also super important for our […]Continue reading

How To Go Vegan The Right Way: Things You Need To Know To Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle

How To Go Vegan The Right Way:Things You Need To Know To Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle There are more reasons than ever to consider transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. When the vegan lifestyle is done right, it’s great for our health, great for the planet and great for animal well-being. (Triple win!) In fact, […]Continue reading

Nine Divine Vegan Restaurants in Harlesden

We at Plant Sumo, through painstaking research, have been on a crusade to catalogue the vegan options relevant to you. What does this mean? It means Plant Sumo, as a London-based business, wants all Londoners to know what restaurants, eateries and takeaway joints offer mouth-watering vegan options. We want to support local businesses that share […]Continue reading

This Vegan Spicy Wrap Recipe Will Liven Up Your Lunchtime

So, you’ve looked through our menu, and you love it. Healthy, nutritious and delicious plant-based meals – delivered directly to your door? It’s going to make anyone a fan. But, let’s say you’re also a fan of making your own meals. Maybe you thrive in the kitchen, putting together scrumptious recipes and seeing the fruits […]Continue reading

10 Awesome Amazon Gift Ideas For Vegans

Tired of never knowing what to get your vegan friend? Searching and scouring endless specialist websites with expensive products and even more expensive delivery? Wish it could be as easy as using Amazon like everyone else? Well it can. Amazon actually offers a brilliant range of vegan products, from chocolate bars to beauty boxes to […]Continue reading

Top 10 Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Willesden

Willesden is fast becoming one of the most highly sought after areas to live in north-west London. With its proximity to Queen’s, and Brondesbury Park, saying that it’s a nice area would be an understatement. What has come hand-in-hand with its rise to the top of the cool list, luckily for us, is loads of […]Continue reading