How To Make The King Of Classic Vegan Desserts: The Oreo Cheesecake

For aspiring vegans, the list of dessert options that require veganization due to their heavy reliance on eggs and milk can seem daunting. All you want is to bake a beautiful dessert for your friends and family or to settle down with a comforting treat while binging some Netflix without all the hassle. Thankfully, this Continue reading

This Vegan Spicy Wrap Recipe Will Liven Up Your Lunchtime

So, you’ve looked through our menu, and you love it. Healthy, nutritious and delicious plant-based meals – delivered directly to your door? It’s going to make anyone a fan. But, let’s say you’re also a fan of making your own meals. Maybe you thrive in the kitchen, putting together scrumptious recipes and seeing the fruits Continue reading