Marinara V Balls

Marinara V Balls

Tofu, Seitan, Cannellini Beans and Mushroom balls, tenderly cooked in a mild Arabiata sauce. Served with Wholemeal Penne Pasta.




Marinara V Balls

Did You Know?

Wholemeal pasta contains almost double the fibre of white pasta!


Marinara is the Italian word for this type of tomato sauce!

V Balls’ are our epic plant based meatball replacement. They’re just as hearty and savoury as ordinary meatballs, but without the added baggage 😉

No, this dish contains gluten.

Marinara sauce is a classic tomato sauce made from onions, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. The kind of sauce found with spaghetti might have extra ingredients like meat or vegetables.

Store your meal in the fridge, eat it within seven days.

Absolutely, if you don’t want to eat it right away, pop it in the freezer!

Each meal is one portion

Yes, all of our meals are approved by our in house nutritionist and are designed to be part of a balanced plant based diet. Take a look above at the complete nutritional breakdown.