Forget About The Hassle Of Cooking. Try Our Frozen Meals For The Elderly


Recently, the popularity of plant-based diets has risen, especially among those aiming to enhance their health, lessen the environmental impact, and increase their intake of fruits and vegetables.

However, cooking wholesome, plant-based frozen meals can be challenging, especially if you are pressed for time or have little prior cooking knowledge.

A simple and practical approach to enjoying more nutrient-dense, plant-based meals at home is through hot meal delivery services and frozen meals.

Finding a plant-based meal delivery service that suits you as an older person might be challenging, though with Plant Sumo, you have got your healthy meals covered. 

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Why Is Plant Sumo Best For You?

Plant Sumo offers exceptional frozen ready meals from our in-house chefs brought to your door via our home delivery service. 

The following are the reasons why our clients love our meal prep service and frozen meals.

  • Best quality: Meals contain fresh, high-quality ingredients that are frequently acquired organically or sustainably.
  • Menu diversity: The weekly menu offers affordable meals from a variety of foods made from plants.
  • Availability: Our home meal delivery service is available throughout London.
  • Value in terms of nutrition: Meals are nutritious and well-balanced to inspire or support healthy eating.
  • Inspection: We have examined the food delivery businesses on our list to ensure they adhere to Healthline’s safety policies and wellness philosophies.

Our Rice-Based Meals

Everyone likes rice, right? 


The advantage of our rice meals at Plant Sumo is that they are healthy and mouthwatering. Additionally, they are delicious, tasty, pleasant, and full of various textures, sure to appeal to seniors.

For example, organic fluffy Jasmine rice meals increase immunity and support digestive health.

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Da Katsu

You will fall in love with our katsu after tasting our succulent aubergine, which is drenched in crunchy, golden panko breadcrumbs, seasoned in authentic miso, and served over the softest rice from California. 

The delicious stuffed pepper and potato katsu sauce, the dish’s standout component, is slathered all over this glistening plate.

You will quickly become addicted to All About Da Katsu as a delicious and excellent alternative for any meal.

Note: It consists of soya and gluten.

Thai Oasis

Want to go on a short tropical vacation?

Gourmet heaven awaits you in your kitchen with our excellent Thai Oasis curry.

Fresh courgette, bamboo shoots, baby corn, sugar snap peas, and rainbow peppers are combined with organic jasmine rice to create a flavorful and genuine healthy meal, all blended to create an enticing blend of seven powerful spices with a Thai influence.

You will be eager to go home as soon as possible for this delicious curry.

Note: It consists of tree nuts.


Soul Curry

Instead of regrettable prepared meals or depressing midweek dinners, give your culinary life some vigour with our delicious Soul Curry.

Sweet potato pieces, spinach, banana shallots, soft chickpeas, and black beluga lentils are all combined in a delectable dish and covered in a light but alluring tikka sauce, and organic fluffy jasmine rice, crumbled cashew nuts, and a dash of fresh coriander.

This dish will satisfy your soul.

Note: It consists of nuts, coconut, gluten, and mustard.

Our Eggless Noodles

It’s prepared quickly. It is simple. It tastes good. 

It is stir-fry, the best pal of college students and worn-out workers everywhere.

We at Plant Sumo have created a devilishly delicious plant-based version of the stir fry that will have you hailing Seitan.”

On top of a delicious bed of egg-free noodles, our spicy and sweet orange and chilli seitan are served with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, spring onions, baby corn, beansprout, peppers, and ginger.

Our delicious stir-fry meal will spice up your life with its sparkling red chilli glaze finish.

Note: It consists of sesame, soya, and gluten.

Seitan Stir Fry

Our Delicious Salsa State Burrito

The traditional Mexican burrito’s gorgeous, sweet, spicy version is called “burrito nirvana.”

The star ingredients in this mouthwatering wheat wrap are smoked paprika, roasted peppers, sweet red onion, and refried red kidney beans—tangy coriander, cherry tomatoes, and red onion salsa complement perfectly.

Our salsa state burrito is made entirely of plants and perfect for a weekday lunch or light dinner.

Note: It consists of gluten.

Experience The Korean Taste With Our Kimchi Bao Buns

While the dish may look like it contains meat, it is entirely plant-based.

We have these deliciously steamed fluffy bao buns filled with a patty of beetroot, broad beans, and sloppy, savoury kimchi, served with a side of zingy, pleasantly crunchy slaw.

It is a nutritious, flavorful, and upbeat complement to any midweek menu that will surpass any sandwich you have ever had.

Note: It consists of gluten and soya.


Tropical Quinoa Add-On

Superfood quinoa has gained some attention in recent years. 

It is also not surprising considering the pseudo grain’s impressive nutritional content given its small size. Most of the time, quinoa is prepared and served similarly to rice, but this add-on from Plant Sumo demonstrates how simply you can switch things up.

Quinoa works surprisingly nicely in soup, which you might not think about. It adds protein you wouldn’t otherwise get and gives the soup a beautiful texture, making it a satisfying dish.

Our quinoa’s bright tropical fruit will have you going coco-nutty!

Desiccated coconut, ripe mango, chia seeds, and the best white quinoa are all combined with a splash of delicious coconut milk to create a delightful dish.

Note: It consists of coconut.

Get Nostalgic With Our Back Da Mac

An iconic comfort meal favourite is macaroni and cheese. Plant Sumo is bringing Back Da Mac with our inventive, decadent, and plant-based take.

A creamy mixture of pureed pumpkin and garlic, hot mustard grains, and sweet shallots kicks the traditional macaroni shell.

An ideal plant-based complement to a rainy day spent cosily wrapped up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea.

Note: It consists of gluten, mustard and nuts.


Make Us Your Meal-Pal

Plant Sumo, which offers organic meal packages with top-notch, in-season produce, is an excellent option for anyone wishing to gain more self-confidence in the kitchen.

Our top pick for the most exemplary all-around plant-based meal delivery service offers options for various plant-based ready meals from our different meal options, including vegetarian, tropical, and completely nutritious diets.

You may also make your personalised meal plan by combining your favourite supper recipes, and you can order extras like breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

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The study, which examined seniors’ dietary needs and habits with the number of prescription medications they frequently take, also discovered that plant-based diets were linked to several better health outcomes, including reduced blood pressure and weight. 

According to various studies, seniors who eat more plants tend to take fewer medications. Plant-based meals are special diet meals with low fat to benefit older people. Meal preparation is also simplified.

It is easier to absorb the nutrients from foods that boost your immune system and lower inflammation when you follow a plant-based diet since it helps your gut health. 

In addition to being excellent for intestinal health, fibre can lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, and help with digestion.

Since older people metabolise protein less effectively under stress, they require more of it to maintain bone health, the muscular mass, and other vital physiological processes. To maintain muscle mass, specialists advise that even healthy seniors require more protein than they did younger.

All fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices that have undergone little processing are included in a plant-based diet. 

All animal products, such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products, are not included in this diet.