Get Healthy And Customised Meal Plans With Our Healthy Frozen Meals for Weight Loss

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If you’re on a diet and struggle to prepare low calorie healthy food, frozen food might the best choice for you!

Here at Plant Sumo, besides delivering fresh lean vegan cuisine, we deliver a healthy choice to complement your workouts and support your plant based diet via frozen vegan meals.

If you want to learn more about our vegan frozen meal plan for weight loss- contact us today.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Healthy Frozen Meals For Weight Loss

Many people – even vegans – have already adopted the habit of consuming frozen food regularly, yet others remain uncertain about whether to incorporate frozen meals into their weight loss regimen. Apart from being a healthier alternative, here are a few reasons why our customers choose our frozen meal plan for weight loss as a key part of their weight reduction strategy.


Ordering is a breeze and on your own terms – eat it whenever you fancy. Unlike food from hot delivery services, frozen meals stay good until you’re ready to tuck in. This means that even if your frozen meal plan for weight loss changes, or if you aren’t feeling particularly hungry, there’s no rush.

What’s more, the flexibility to plan your meals in advance is a big plus. You have the liberty to buy as much as you need. Whether you need a few dishes to cover immediate needs or a bulk supply to last you a month, the choice is entirely yours.

Nutritional Expertise

With years of experience, our team at Plant Sumo are experts in creating delicious meals. If you are looking for a great frozen meal plan for weight loss that is still super healthy, we’ve got you covered. 

Our delicious vegan frozen dishes are low in fat, saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and salt. In addition, our cuisine is free of additives like artificial colours and flavours.

Our dietician collaborates closely with our chefs to develop delectable frozen vegan cuisine that satisfies various dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, free-from, and a range of speciality-softer foods.

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Contains More Nutrients

Plant Sumo frozen meals are flash-frozen, which refers to a fast freezing process at a lower temperature. This is crucial because it prevents damage to the food’s cellular integrity, which enables full retention and preservation of all the nutrients. (PSA: This freezing method also protects the food’s structural integrity upon reheating-so there are no more frozen dinners with mushy, sloppy, or strange textures!)

Compared to their fresh equivalents, which have travelled miles on a truck to your local supermarket, frozen foods frequently have more nutrients since fruits, vegetables, and other things are gathered at their peak ripeness and flash-frozen within hours after harvesting.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction with our ready meals as one of London’s most reputable frozen food delivery companies.

Saves Your Time

Working out as a part of your weight loss efforts? You can also save a ton of time by eating frozen meals. A study shows that people spend about 17 to 44 minutes preparing meals before or after working out.

Frequently when working out, there won’t enough time left to prepare a dinner using fresh ingredients; thus, many people turn to frozen foods.

Almost an hour of preparation can be saved when you choose healthy frozen meals.

Here at Plant Sumo, we offer frozen meal plan for weight loss weekly subscription meal plans where you can set the delivery time, so you don’t need to worry about ordering on time either! 

More Delicious Options

Compared to preparing meals yourself, purchasing a healthy frozen meal gives you more flexibility in choosing pre-prepared food that supports your weight loss goals, meets your dietary requirements and yet still tastes great. 


Proper portion control is key to successful long term weight loss.  Plant Sumo’s vegan frozen meal weight loss plan includes perfectly portioned offerings that make eating the right amounts of food a breeze. 

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Here at Plant Sumo, we love frozen food as much as preparing fresh plant-based meals. We offer frozen meals that are as good for the planet as they are for your health and we’re very proud of that fact! 

Here are some reasons why our frozen options might be what you need to meet your weight loss and healthy eating goals:

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More Fatty Nutrients

Unless you’re living by the coast, what’s marketed as “fresh fish” at your local grocery store might actually be two weeks old, or even more. While this doesn’t necessarily make a salmon fillet unhealthy, it does mean that by the time it lands on your plate, it may have lost some of its essential nutrients, like vitamins B and D.

On the other hand, fish that’s flash-frozen almost as soon as it’s caught retains its protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Research has also demonstrated that there’s often no discernible difference in quality between seafood bought from your local fishmonger’s counter and the frozen variety. So, frozen fish can be just as good, if not better, for maintaining a healthy diet.

Frozen Food Reduces Waste

Frozen food can significantly solve one of the most important agricultural and environmental problems facing our nation today: food waste. Since frozen food has a substantially longer shelf life than fresh food, it can significantly reduce food waste from spoilage. 

If you store a fresh dinner in your refrigerator, there’s a chance you might forget about it and then discover its mouldy remnants a week later. Yuk. 

However, if you store a frozen dinner in your freezer, you can leave it there without worrying. Moreover, preparing too much or buying too many ingredients in the world of fresh food nearly always results in throwing out perfectly good food. 

For instance, restaurants account for around 40% of our food waste and typically discard more than 84% of their unsold inventory (as opposed to recycling or donating it). However, the unused ingredients can be frozen rather than thrown out. In facilities like ours that produce frozen goods, this helps reduce waste.

Frozen Food Retains Its Vitamins And Minerals

Frozen foods typically retain their vitamins and minerals, with no alterations to their carbohydrate, protein, or fat content. In some instances, frozen foods may even be richer in vitamins and minerals compared to fresh foods. This is because the freezing process safeguards these nutrients, while fresh foods tend to lose vitamins and minerals as time passes.

It Tastes Better!

Even the most discerning palates can enjoy eating frozen food. When a dish is expertly prepared and stored at 0°F, and then reheated according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it should match the taste of a meal freshly made on-site.

Our skilled chefs are the masterminds behind the recipes used in our frozen prepared meals. By freezing the product immediately after preparation, we ensure that each serving delivers consistent quality, every time.

Ensure Food Safety

There is no opportunity for error or undercooked meals with frozen goods because our frozen meals come with clear reheating instructions. Additionally, since the preparation (dicing, chopping, etc.) has already been completed, all that is left to do is heat and serve, reducing the possibility of food contamination during preparation.

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A frozen meal for weight loss plan that works and tastes great!

Healthier Mac And Cheese

Craving for mac and cheese, but on a diet?

Macaroni and cheese is an iconic comfort meal favourite. Plant Sumo is bringing Back Da Mac with our inventive, decadent, and plant-based take.

A creamy mixture of pureed pumpkin and garlic, hot mustard grains, and sweet shallots kicks the traditional macaroni shell. This is an ideal plant-based complement to a rainy day spent cosily wrapped up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea.

Oats And Nuts

Want a delicious breakfast that will motivate you to start your day the healthy way? 

Embrace the rich taste and texture of our hearty overnight oats prepared with sweet almond milk. Fruity oats with chia, sunflower, and linseeds make this meal deliciously crunchy. It bursts with dried cranberries, apricots, sultanas, and finely grated apples.

Tropical Quinoa

Try our quinoa with bright tropical fruit if you’re craving something sweet.

This delicious dessert has desiccated coconut, ripe mango, chia seeds, and the best white quinoa combined with a splash of delectable coconut milk to create a delightful dish. This is perfect when you’re fed up with eating a leafy diet!

Seitan And Tofu

Lean protein plays an important role in helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals! Since soy products are rich in protein, they can often replace pork and chicken in recipes. Mock meats are an additional option. However, they should not be consumed in excess due to their high fat and salt content.

Here at Plant Sumo, we offer mouth-watering Marinara V Balls. This vegetarian meatball is gently prepared with whole-wheat penne pasta in a hearty red arrabbiata sauce. It has a tasty combination of cannellini beans, mushrooms, seitan, and tofu.

This meal is hearty, filling, and high in protein, making it a great midweek dinner option.

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Continue Your Weight Loss Journey With Plant Sumo

Here at Plant Sumo, we understand how stressful it is to lose weight and eat healthy. Our plant-based menu can provide some of the healthiest frozen meal options to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives.

If you have specific requests not on our menu- give us a call, and we’ll craft it especially for you!


Compared to individuals who said they ate meals from quick-service restaurants, those who said they ate frozen meals had better nutritional profiles. On average, people who eat frozen meals daily consume 253 fewer calories than those who eat fast food.

Freezing doesn’t change food’s calorie count, fibre, or mineral content. Most food’s nutritional value will be preserved after freezing, while some vitamins (such as folate and vitamin C) may change due to the freezing process.

Additionally, freezing does not affect a food’s fat, protein, carbohydrate, or sugar content. However, the fluid content can alter, frequently visible when you thaw your food (you might see a puddle of liquid as the water drains away).

Frozen food can be just as cheaper compared fresh foods. Additionally, you save money and reduce waste by not throwing away fresh foods that have gone bad before you can use them because they can be preserved for weeks or even months without spoiling.