Thai Oasis

Thai Oasis

Authentic blend of Courgette, Bamboo Shoot, Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Corn and Rainbow Peppers, coated in a mouth-watering 7 Spice Coconut Curry. Served with Organic Jasmine Rice.




Thai Oasis

Did You Know?

Coconut technically isn’t a nut. If you’re getting technical, it’s actually considered a “fibrous one-seeded dry drupe.” Crazy.


Thailand of course!

This dish doesn’t have any ingredients that contain gluten, However, our kitchen does handle gluten, so this dish may contain gluten.

Store your meal in the fridge, eat it within seven days.

Absolutely, if you don’t want to eat it right away, pop it in the freezer!

Each meal is one portion

Yes, all of our meals are approved by our in house nutritionist and are designed to be part of a balanced plant based diet. Take a look above at the complete nutritional breakdown.