Eat Healthier With Plant Sumo's Frozen Meals for Seniors


Most senior citizens want to enjoy savoury yet convenient and nutritious meals but cannot go grocery shopping or cook for themselves. A number of health risks also stop them from eating certain foods. Luckily, we can help out.

Plant Sumo aims to deliver scrumptious yet convenient food choices to our customers with our frozen meals. We offer wider plant-based meals far from traditional and boring leafy options.

Encourage your loved one to eat healthy with our plant-based frozen meals.

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Why Frozen Meals?

Many senior nutrition programs are abandoning the conventional way of providing hot meals to seniors every day.

This can also be the reason why meal providers transition to serving healthy and frozen meals with dietary standards and are genuinely crafted with older persons in mind. Here are some reasons why:

Food is Less Like To Spoil When Frozen

Food that has been frozen is immediately preserved and never expires. Inadequately wrapped frozen meals may begin to develop freezer burn. However, this influences the food’s potential flavour. This makes it a fantastic alternative for seniors who might not be able to finish certain dishes as quickly as they formerly did.

Your senior relative won’t have to worry about using up all the berries before they go bad if they keep frozen berries available for smoothies and toppings for yoghurt, cereal, and other foods. That greatly reduces their stress associated with choosing and eating meals.

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Enjoy Flexibility With Frozen Meals

One thing is sure: having a wholesome dinner is easier to enjoy than ever as frozen meals’ popularity continues to increase. Additionally, they are more customisable because of simple ordering, scheduling, and delivery choices.

Plant Sumo’s home-delivered frozen meals save time and reduce stress for everyone who needs nutrient-rich food, from temporarily housebound patients to older folks searching for an easier method to receive it.

Ensure Food Safety

Proper temperature control is a common failure point in many sections of the meal delivery service, production and distribution chain, even though there are numerous causes of foodborne illness. The cold chain or freezing food strategy has become the most effective way to guarantee food safety. Most foodborne illnesses are caused by germs and dangerous bacteria, which cannot thrive at the temperatures at which food is maintained. The greatest strategy to protect senior citizens from foodborne illnesses is to maintain the cold chain procedure from the point of manufacturing till consumption.

Additionally, using frozen meals enables the extension of delivery routes without compromising food safety, especially in remote areas. There is a much smaller delivery window for hot meals.

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Enjoy High-Quality Food

Food kept at a high temperature also prevents the growth of microorganisms. However, a hot meal gradually loses its appearance, flavour, aroma, and texture. Food becomes dried out, bitter, overdone, mushy, and overcoloured.

Additionally, eating heated or hot meals causes more nutritional loss. Frozen meals are quickly frozen after cooking to preserve their excellent quality, flavour, and nutrition. Additionally, freezing enables the year-round availability of seasonal goods.

Benefits Of Plant Sumo's Frozen Meals For Seniors

Plant Sumo serves 100% plant-based meals to our customers. To maximise our full potential, we adopt the additional option of providing healthy meals to our customers through frozen meals.

Here are some reasons why our plant-based frozen meals are perfect for older adults.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

Nearly 50% of older adults aged 65 or older suffer from arthritis. Osteoarthritis, which causes painful joint cartilage disintegration, appears to be an inevitable side effect of ageing. However, it is easily treatable with the proper medication and surgery.

But how can a frozen plant-based meal help in this situation? In small research on the impact of nutrition, persons with osteoarthritis reported much less pain and better functioning. The anti-inflammatory capabilities of the micronutrients found in plant meals may be one of the causes. The primary factor causing pain in arthritis is inflammation. Diets heavy in meat have the opposite effect and generally make the body more prone to inflammation.

Helps In Reducing Mid-Life Weight Gain

In general, our body’s metabolism slows down as we age. 

We also need to eat fewer calories and saturated fats when this occurs. The plant-based diet makes people feel full for a much longer period since it is high in fibre. Seniors who follow a plant-based diet do not experience constant hunger. As a result, it aids individuals in avoiding pointless meals that raise daily calorie intake. Limiting meat consumption also improves the absorption of vital nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, and B3.

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Slows Down The Aging Process

The ability to “reverse” the effects of ageing is one of the advantages of a plant-based diet for senior citizens. Human DNA has telomeres, which get shorter with age. The biological age of a person increases with lower telomere length. Diets high in plants help to produce more of the telomerase enzyme. The length of the telomeres can be rebuilt with the aid of telomerase.

Increase Energy Level

Seniors who eat a plant-based diet have greater energy to finish tasks and improve their daily exercise levels. Since digestion and energy are related, eating more plant-based foods throughout the day will give you more energy than eating more meat and dairy.

Plant Sumo offers several meals that include whole grains, quinoa, and almonds, containing stimulating properties that boost your energy levels. Plant Sumo’s healthy meals can help seniors live longer, happier lives since greater activity and daily walks are linked to more happiness, improved balance, and resistance to falls.

Our Plant-Based Food That Makes A Good Frozen Meal

We at Plant Sumo value diversity. Who wants to eat the same food every day, right? To help us value diversity, we provide a selection of over ten distinct meals inspired by cultures around the world. You won’t ever get bored doing this! Each portion is between 300 and 400 grams for each meal.

Here are some meals from our bespoke menu that make a good frozen meal.

Thai Oasis

Want to travel to the tropics quickly?

You can find a delicious haven in your kitchen with our exquisite Thai Oasis curry.

This dish is an original and colourful combination of fresh courgette, bamboo shoots, baby corn, sugar snap peas, and rainbow peppers introduced over organic jasmine rice—all combined into an irresistible blend of seven spicy spices with a Thai influence.

You’ll be eager to get home and eat this delicious curry.

Soul Curry

Instead of regrettable meal prep or depressing midweek dinners, give your culinary life some spice with our delicious Soul Curry.

Sweet potato pieces, spinach, banana shallots, soft chickpeas, and black beluga lentils are all combined in a delectable dish and covered in a light but alluring tikka sauce. Accompanied by organic fluffy jasmine rice, crumbled cashew nuts, and a dash of fresh coriander.

This dish will surely satisfy your soul.

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All About Da Katsu

You’ll fall in love with our katsu after tasting our juicy aubergine drenched in crisp, golden panko breadcrumbs, seasoned in real miso, and served over the softest rice from California. The delicious loaded pepper and potato katsu sauce, the dish’s standout component, is slathered all over this glistening plate.

You’ll become quickly addicted to All About Da Katsu as a delicious and excellent alternative for any dinner.

Nuts on Tempeh

This nutty dish contains a colourful mix of ingredients, including shredded coconut, pineapple, courgette, and golden oven-baked tempeh.

This tempeh is guaranteed to seduce you with its peanut satay sauce, crushed peanuts, and fresh spring onions.

Kimchi Bao Buns

We also have Kimchi Bao Buns<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, our deliciously steamed fluffy bao buns filled with a patty of beetroot, broad beans, and sloppy, delicious kimchi, served with a side of zingy, pleasantly crunchy slaw.

A nutritious, flavorful, and upbeat complement to any midweek menu that will surpass any sandwich you’ve ever had.

Can’t choose from what is mentioned above? Click HERE to browse more of our menu.

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Deliver Healthy Meals Straight To Your Home!

One reason why we strive to serve plant-based meals is to help seniors. According to a recent study, an older person who follows a vegan diet takes 58% fewer drugs than meat eaters. By serving delicious yet healthy meals, Plant Sumo can help and satisfy seniors.

Plant Sumo serves nutritious and ready meals from our kitchen directly to your house. Making it less hassle to pick up directly from our store.

Satisfy your senior relatives with our savoury and frozen-ready meals. Book us a call today!


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No, our meals are all 100% plant-based and vegan.