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Research shows that the reason kids shy away from vegetables and fruits is because of the toxins in plants that make them taste unappealing, thus discouraging kids to eat them.

People have come up with making plant-based foods more palatable with the rise of veganism, coming up with substitutes for meat and animal products.

Are you a parent struggling to make your kids eat healthy? Looking for healthier options for their favourite dishes? Wanting to introduce them to the wonderful benefits of eating plant-based foods?

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Why Kids Need To Eat Their Greens (And Other Colours)

It is common knowledge that vegetables and fruits contain high levels of nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fibre, and water. They supply your child with energy and can protect them from the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, and heart disease. They can also make bones, hair, and teeth healthy, which are all integral for a growing child.

Children, especially at an early age, can have neophobia (fear of food), leading them to eat only a limited variety of foods. They can miss out on nutrients their body needs, and it may affect many aspects of their health in the future.

However, widening this variety is far from impossible as time passes, and you can introduce your child to different plant-based foods as they grow. Parents have found ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits in their children’s favourite dishes, such as pureeing and mixing them with new flavours to hide the undesirable taste. 

Plant Sumo Plant Based Meals For Kids Is The Way To Go

Plant Sumo works with the best nutritionist and dietitians to give you the healthiest, most delicious options that are all customisable depending on your diet and fitness needs.


With foods inspired by cuisines from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, our hearty and diverse recipes will satisfy your hunger, just without the guilt. These are carefully prepared by professional chefs with ingredients fresh from the farm to your table.

We aim to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and we use the power of business to promote environmentalism. Using recyclable and compostable packaging, we make small but meaningful steps to let the earth breathe a little daily.

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Our Plant Sumo Services For You

Introducing your kids to an all-vegan diet can be a big decision. 

Want to make your transition easier? Here are some services we offer for you.

Plant Based Meal Prep Services

Finding plant-based substitutes for your children’s diet can be time-consuming for busy parents, especially with limited resources and modified cooking procedures. Meal preparation, or meal prep for short, has been of great help for people finding it difficult to plan food recipes for the coming days, and that is exactly what we offer. Our service offers an effortless option for your kids to enjoy plant-based foods, being pre-cooked, pre-portioned, and nutritionist-approved. As your partners, we provide you with the best food options to choose from.

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Worry Less About Making Kids Eat Healthy

Children surely have a love-and-hate relationship with eating plant based products. Still, with the benefits to parents and children alike, more and more kids are being introduced to eating greens more and less of animal products like meat and dairy.

If you want to immerse your child in a safe, sustainable, and healthy eating experience, the best way is to serve them meals that are approved by nutritionists and dietitians and that will supply them with the nutrients they need.

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Veganism has no set age for one to start. In the first four months of a child’s life, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed and then, later on, transition to solid foods. Meat products must be replaced with plant based ingredients such as mashed or pureed tofu, beans, fruit purees, soy products, and yoghurt. This should come with parents monitoring the growth of their child, making sure that they are getting the sufficient nutrients needed for their age.

Start your child with solid foods. Mashed avocado, sweet potatoes, and bananas are the best picks to slowly introduce your child to a plant based diet. Finger foods like soft vegetables and chunks of fruit come next when they start teething. In their twelfth month, you can start introducing them to lentils, chickpeas, and seed and nut butters. If all else fails, you can mix plant based ingredients into another flavour that will hide the colour and taste.

Vegetarian and vegan diets alike are appropriate in all life stages. Pregnant women, infants, and children are safe to go on a plant based diet. However, along with a vegan diet should come food supplements and fortified food in order to reinforce it.