Enjoy Convenience And Nutrition With Our Healthy Frozen Meals For Diabetics


Let’s admit it; frozen food is a life-saver. A frozen food breakfast, lunch or dinner can save your life on busy days. Even if you’re trying to cook more, having a few emergency meals in your freezer will prevent you from ordering takeout or going through the drive-through, which can affect your blood sugar.

Here at Plant Sumo, our plant-based frozen meals maintain healthy levels of sodium, calories, saturated fat, and carbohydrates-nutrients crucial for people with diabetes. Anyone who needs a quick dinner they can pull out of the freezer in a pinch can choose one of these nutritious options.

Diabetic people are often left with boring options because of their food restrictions. With us, you can enjoy eating delicious food while on a restriction. 

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Knowing The Diabetes Diet

Maintaining regular mealtimes and eating the healthiest foods in moderation constitutes a diabetes diet.

Diabetes diets are balanced, calorie- and fat-free but rich in natural nutrients.

How do you keep up with a diabetes diet?

Your doctor will probably suggest that you consult a nutritionist to assist you in creating a healthy eating plan if you have diabetes or prediabetes. Through the program, you can manage your weight and control heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and high blood fat levels on top of controlling your blood sugar levels.

You need to be mindful of certain dietary decisions, particularly the number of carbohydrates you consume. While adopting a plant-based or other heart-healthy diet can help, losing a little weight is the most crucial thing you can do.

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You can help lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol by losing just 5% to 10% of your overall body weight. Your attitude, energy, and sense of wellness can improve significantly by losing weight and making healthier food choices. Diabetes increases a person’s chance of mental health problems like depression and nearly doubles their risk of acquiring heart disease.

Even if you already have diabetes, it’s never too late to change for the better. 

You can lessen your symptoms by eating better, moving around more, and getting in shape. A pleasant, balanced diet that will also give you more energy and a better mood is what it takes to avoid or treat diabetes without having to deprive yourself. You don’t have to completely give up sweets or accept a life of bland cuisine.

Introducing Frozen Meals For Diabetics

Diabetic people struggle to eat outside or prepare meals because of food restrictions. Hence, they have no choice but to accept a life of bland cuisine. But, hey! Don’t worry. Frozen food can remove your hardships.

There are many different kinds of frozen food that people with diabetes can eat. While some frozen meal options are more difficult to identify, others are promoted expressly to persons with diabetes and branded as diabetic-friendly frozen meals.

However, you should carefully examine the ingredients to ensure they align with your dietary requirements.

When looking at frozen meals and which ones to choose for diabetes, you want to look for as many of the following characteristics:

  • 10g protein or more
  • 5g fibre or more
  • Moderate amounts of sodium (<800mg)
  • The majority of fat is from plant-based

Here at Plant Sumo, we offer plant-based ready meals perfect for diabetic people. If you want to follow diet restrictions without having to throw the opportunity of eating delicious food, we are the best place to go!

We offer various healthy food options from our bespoke menu approved by the American Diabetes Association.

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Reasons To Start Buying Frozen Dinners

If you’re still not convinced how frozen food can save you, here are some reasons you should consider them.

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A frozen meal might be the perfect solution if you have to rush out the door in the morning or home from work after a long day. Frozen dinners, which just take a few minutes to thaw in the microwave, can offer a wholesome, ready-to-eat meal with minimal preparation or cleanup.

You Can't Miss Out On The Nutrients

Some of you are probably still in doubt, thinking that frozen meals rank low in terms of nutrition. It all comes down to which ones you pick once more. But unlike prepared or boxed meals that may have been left out for hours or weeks, frozen dinners can be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals because the freezing process preserves most of their nutrients.

Eat Just The Right Amount

One advantage of frozen meals is that you can save a lot of calories by ordering them instead of takeout, which is frequently higher in calories than a frozen meal.

It Can Save You Money

You might wonder if purchasing ready and frozen meals will hurt your budget more. Well, you’re wrong!

Frozen meals can be less expensive than their fresh counterparts. You also save money by not throwing away fresh foods that had gone bad before you could use them because they can be kept for weeks or even months without spoiling.

They Are Still Fresh!

Sometimes, you can’t ensure that fruits and vegetables are fresh just because you buy them. Numerous vegetables sold in supermarkets are kept for weeks, and studies have shown a direct correlation between storage and nutrient loss. As opposed to fresh veggies, which take an hour to gather, wash, and blanch, frozen vegetables in a meal are preserved with all the nutrients you should be getting from your shopping.

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Our Plant-based Frozen Meals That are Perfect for Diabetics

Plant Sumo provides nutrient-dense food that makes a healthy meal perfect for people with diabetes.

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All plant food components your body cannot digest or absorb are considered a dietary fibre. Your body’s digestion is moderated by fibre, which also helps to regulate your blood sugar level. Fibre-rich foods include legumes.

Here at Plant Sumo, we have Kimchi Bao Buns. It is a beautifully steamed fluffy bao bun with a beetroot and broad bean burger, sloppy and delicious kimchi, and a serving of zesty, deliciously crispy slaw.

It is a nutritious, flavorful, and upbeat complement to any midweek menu that will surpass any sandwich you’ve ever had.

Oats, Nuts, And Seeds

As long as you take note of portions, oats will bring health advantages and can be a fantastic go-to dish for people with diabetes. In addition, nuts and seeds provide preventive effects for those with diabetes. The best nuts and seeds for people with diabetes are linseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, etc., since they lower and control the body’s insulin levels.

Plant Sumo offers Bangin Overnight Oats. Our oats are the best option for hearty overnight oats because they burst with texture and flavour and are prepared with sweet almond milk.

This meal is especially fruity with substantial oats and the pleasant crunch of linseeds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds. It bursts with dried cranberries, apricots, sultanas, and finely grated apples.

Aside from overnight oats, we also have Nuts on Tempeh. In this nutty dish, noodles are topped with various ingredients, including shaved coconut, shredded kale, pineapple, courgette, and golden oven-baked tempeh.

This tempeh is guaranteed perfect for you with its peanut satay sauce, crushed peanuts, and fresh spring onions.

Plant-Based Burrito

If you’re craving a spicy, sweet, and savoury twist on the traditional Mexican burrito, try our Salsa State Burrito. Our burrito is a scrumptious wheat wrap filled with refried red kidney beans, smoked paprika, roasted peppers, sweet red onion, and salsa made with zesty coriander, cherry tomatoes, and red onions.

Our plant-based salsa state burrito is the ideal midweek lunch or light dinner option.

Are you looking for something that is not on the list? Give us a call, and we’ll make it just for you!

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Let's Spice Up Your Diabetes Diet

When dealing with diabetes, you don’t need to settle for less. Though it is okay to indulge in sweets sometimes, it shouldn’t outweigh the practice of healthy eating.

Our frozen entrees here at Plant Sumo will allow you to eat delicious food while following a diabetes diet. If you’re craving something aside from our bespoke menu, we can craft it for you. Even if your request lies outside our capabilities, we won’t simply say no. Instead, we’ll work on making a similar dish to give you the same flavour.

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Rice can be a healthy food choice for people with diabetes, but they should consume it in moderation and be aware that 1 cup of rice has 45 g of carbs. They distributed their daily consumption of rice and other carbohydrates equally. Pick a rice variety with a low GI rating and low carb content.

Blood sugar levels must usually be controlled if you have diabetes. And part of that is controlling your carbohydrate intake. Choose breakfast selections that are high in protein and fibre, include healthy fats, and have low to moderate carbohydrate counts.

Here are some best breakfast food ideas for people with diabetes:

  • Greek yoghurt with berries
  • Overnight oats with chia seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Avocado toast

Plant Sumo can satisfy your needs and cravings if you want a healthy choice for breakfast. Give us a call today.

Sticking to your healthy eating plan is the easiest method to maintain control over your blood glucose level and avoid diabetic problems. You can also modify it to meet your objectives if you need to lose weight.

A diabetes diet has additional advantages besides helping you control your blood sugar. Following a diabetes diet is believed to lower your risk of cardiovascular illnesses and specific types of cancer because it suggests eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and fibre. Additionally, consuming low-fat dairy products can lower your future chance of having poor bone mass.