Kimchi Bao Buns

Kimchi Bao Buns

A messy Kimchi, Beetroot and Broad Bean Patty, steamed Bao Buns, and a zingy slaw.




Kimchi Bao Buns

Did You Know?

Kimchi is a strong staple in Korean cuisine. Koreans typically eat 18-25kg of kimchi EACH per year. That’s a lot of cabbage.


Kimchi is a slightly spicy, zingy, fermented cabbage that hails from Korea.

Bao is a kind of bread that is steamed. It’s soft and fluffy like a cloud. Bao buns are bao dough shaped into a roll which can be filled!

This dish is one of our fusion dishes. The kimchi is inspired by Korea, whereas bao originates from Northern China.

No, this dish contains gluten.

Store your meal in the fridge, eat it within seven days.

Absolutely, if you don’t want to eat it right away, pop it in the freezer!

Each meal is one portion

Yes, all of our meals are approved by our in house nutritionist and are designed to be part of a balanced plant based diet. Take a look above at the complete nutritional breakdown.