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Christina Cannes

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Christina Cannes is a trauma-informed, transformation-obsessed functional Nutritionist who created her own healing modality called Belief Hacking™. Her intention is to help everyone live freely and creatively as their unique, true self. She’s a total geek when it comes to health, wellness and innovation and a rule breaker who always asks the question WHY? She loves finding simplified and improved ways to live life, pushing boundaries and always encourages creativity. Born in the USA, she now calls Australia home and loves living life as close to nature as she possibly can. She believes that your health is your greatest investment and loves working with clients to meet their goals.

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When You Feel Overwhelmed Or Unfocused, Or Have Lost Your Focus Temporarily, What Do You Do?

Swim in the ocean. I live five minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Noosa Heads, Australia - so whenever I feel stressed, drained, need clarity or just want to refresh I go for a dip. The ocean water is a magical tonic. It can solve any problem.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

I am worthy of everything I desire.

If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it — what would it say and why?

HEAL YOUR TRAUMA NOW! People do not understand trauma. They assume it's a car accident or a plane crash, but trauma can be both massively catastrophic and just everyday occurrences like racism, sexism or just being told you are not good enough by parents or teachers. Healing trauma is the only way to truly set yourself free. It's the cause of all our wars, suffering and inequalities.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

My favourite failure is my divorce and the fact that I lost everything - my house, my businesses, my family - EVERYTHING. When you hit a rock bottom it forces you to dig deep and get strong. You have to literally re-create your life from the ground up. It was the biggest curse and the most profound blessing. I was on the wrong path and I needed a massive course correction. Failures are not failures, they are simply redirections.

What is the most significant thing that someone much younger than yourself has taught you?

My children taught me what love actually is. Until I had them, I only understood it as a vague idea.

Tell us about your business. What does it do and what value do you add?

I am a nutritionist with a very deft hand at energy work. I work with clients to create meal plans that support healthy cellular methylation (food that counteracts the effects of stress) and that support mental health. I'm a huge proponent of eating the right foods to keep your brain AND body healthy. I also use energy clearing to remove stuck emotions, energy, limiting beliefs and trauma from the body. I love what I do and I love that I can make a difference and help people live healthy, happy lives.

Where do you see your industry in the next 5 years?

Lots of genetic testing and AI created meal plans. I'm curious to see if this works!

What is a 'hack' you have for success that most people don't know about?

Just do it and stop thinking.

How has Covid-19 changed your industry?

It's forced people to take inventory of their health. If anything, it's been a blessing as it's shown us that we need to be responsible for what we're doing every day to stay healthy. No one is going to save us - it's up to us.

What's your favourite type of exercise?

I think it's important to mix your exercise up and do something different each day. Your body adjusts and adapts to the same routine. I use a mix of cardio, sport, weight training, hiking and pilates and my body has never been healthier!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Chia porridge with kiwi fruit. Yum!

What Purchase Of $100 Or Less Has Most Positively Impacted Your Life In The Last Six Months?

Broad Spectrum Probiotic by LifeSpace. Believe all the hype about probiotics - great for your body and brain (mental health). I was cynical about probiotics for years until I started taking them. Good quality probiotics are a game changer!

What's your favourite vegan meal?

Chickpeas with a raw, green salad, heavy on the beetroot!

What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Learning how to clear and regulate my emotions. Emotional intelligence is so important for our health. It's integral and should be taught in school.

When did you first become a rebel?

I was born a rebel! I went against everything, everyone ever told me and I'm so glad I did. It's important to listen to your inner knowing and follow your dreams and your heart. I know that sounds a bit lame, but it's the truth. Do whatever you want and take responsibility for your decisions and their outcomes. It's one thing if you're asking for advice (I have had and still have amazing mentors) but it's another if the "advice" comes unsolicited.

What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”? What advice should they ignore?

Work hard, stay curious, save your money and take lots and lots of risks. Oh and don't drink or do drugs. It's a huge waste of money and brain cells. Live a life that you love and you won't need to escape it through substances.

What careers advice would you give to your 21-year old self?

Travel as much as you possibly can and don't listen to anything your mother or father say. They know nothing!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Sailing. I love boats. I'm learning to sail now and I love it.

Tell us about someone you admire and why you admire them?

Serena Williams. I'm an avid tennis player and I grew up watching Serena and Venus disrupt the tennis world. I love that she's been such a huge role model for women and athletes as she's not only a tennis player, she's smashed world records, she's a keen businesswoman and she has such a beautifully fierce spirit. I've only seen her play once and it was life changing. Her energy was so powerful.

What is a useful skill someone could learn in one minute?

Breathing. We literally forgot to breath deeply most of the time.

What one thing in life do you consider to be overrated?

Alcohol. Worst drug ever invented. Nothing good about it.

What's a myth about fitness that you most people believe to be true that's actually false

You have to run on a treadmill. What a terrible machine. Go outside and enjoy the sun! The running is better I promise.

What's your star sign?

I'm a quintuple Virgo so lots of Earth energy!

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