Who can say why some of us instinctively reach for a scone when we’re feeling down? Or why it’s a must that Mum cooks Sunday’s roast potatoes in goose fat?

Sometimes, we all just want a meal that hits the spot. We want both healthy portions and ingredients, without necessarily skimping on frills.

Maybe you’ve been out for one-too-many seven-course truffle-infused dinners recently. Or, you’ve found yourself in Hammersmith, and you want to find some great spots for comfort food.

Luckily for you, we’ve sacrificed our waistlines to bring you the best of the best. Below, we’ve got eight heavy-hitting comfort food spots in Hammersmith. So, check out our list from pubs to pizza, with dishes from Vietnam to Paris!


Photo Credit: Time Out

Mes Amis

Comfort food isn’t just about comforting food. Why do we fondly remember home-cooking as making us feel warm inside? Most of the time, it’s because of the warm welcome too.

Let me tell you, if you’re looking for the real deal in both atmosphere and cuisine, look no further than Mes Amis. To be fair, West London is chock-a-block with great Lebanese food. Mes Amis has that special place in our hearts, however.

Mes Amis, for a start, is a lot to take in. With hanging lights and knick-knacks all around, it feels like you’ve been transported. On the menu, there’s mezze, grilled meat, hummus, and baklava. What more could you want?

It’s kitsch, kooky, and colourful. Big portions, flavours, and a welcoming owner all make it feel just like home.

Head on down to 1 Rainville Road for an all-round experience.

Zia Lucia

Photo Credit: Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia

What if we told you that you could have your favourite comfort food, and feel good about it?

Down at Zia Lucia’s Pizzeria, they’re ready to cater to all dietary requirements. They’ve even got four doughs on offer to suit different diners. There’s a vegetable charcoal version base and even a gluten-free one so that anyone can enjoy a ‘pie’!

They’ve got vegans covered with their animal-free ‘La Vegana’. They’ve got refined palettes sorted with the ‘Arianna’ with pecorino and truffle honey. They’ve even got adventures satisfied with the ‘Andrea Pirlo’. Apple and gorgonzola? Worth a try.

Zia Lucia isn’t just an independently owned pizzeria; she’s also a real person. The budding chain is named after one of the founder’s auntie. Wood-fired pizza, craft beers, Italian wines and more from nonna. Are you not comforted?

Head on down to 61 Blythe Road for the perfect pizza.

The Dove

Photo Credit: The Dove

The Dove

We’ve written before about our favourite pubs in Hammersmith. The Dove, is more than just a cosy spot for a pint, though.

It’s a pub packed with history. Its open fire, low beamed ceilings and dark wood panelling that make it perfect for winter Sundays.

The menu is concise and seasonally-led. If thoughts of a pork and cider pie with mash warm the cockles of your heart, then nip into The Dove. They even offer blankets for patrons when it gets a bit nippy outside. So, go and get nestled in at The Dove, today.

Get down to 19, Upper Mall for a slice of history.

Photo Credit: Mari Deli Mari Deli

Mari Delicatessen

Mari Delicatessen is a spot that you could walk past one-hundred times without stopping. However, that would have been one-hundred fantastic meals that you would’ve missed out on.

The vibe of this little deli is traditional. Think Firenze meets Nonna and Nonno’s house. It’s warm, friendly and home to incredibly good food. They’re serious about the classics at Mari’s. From aubergine parmigiana ricotta-stuffed cannoli, it’s all excellent!

The food, in their own words, is ‘irresistibly Italian, quietly healthy’. There’s everything from homemade pasta to excellent cheese and meat selections. Plus, they’ve got vegan, veggie and gluten-free options!

Does proper Italian home-cooking and authentic DOC ingredients sound good to you? Then head on down to Mari Delicatessen. We recommend the ‘Miss Maria’. This dish has burrata, baby spinach, sweet peppers & speck (smoked parma ham).

Head on down to 1a Eyot Gardens for nonna’s best.


Photo Credit: Azou


Azou, on King Street, serves up delicious North African delicacies. On Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Best Restaurant’ a few years ago, they even won the North African category!

It’s no surprise considering the food that they whip up. Even the staff has a roster of characters, and the interior is dotted with bright Berber fabric and coloured glass.

From Moroccan to Tunisian and Algerian cuisine, there’s a lot on offer at Azou. We recommend any of their speciality Tagines for mains. To start, why not try some Tunisian brik, a crisp thin pastry filled with tuna, potato and egg?

Make sure to mop up those sauces with their top-notch couscous and bread!

Head on down to 375, King Street for North-African delights.

Saigon Saigon

Photo Credit: Saigon Saigon

Saigon Saigon

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam, then chances are you stay up at night thinking of pho and banh mi. No? Ok, maybe just me then.

Still, Vietnamese spring rolls, pho, and papaya salad are dishes that make you happy to have them. As West London is a bit sparse for Vietnamese food, we fell in love with Saigon Saigon when we found it.

Vietnamese cuisine is a beautiful blend of French and Chinese, where fresh herbs and contrasting flavours create healthy and tasty dishes.

They’ve got the main restaurant, a party room, and a basement, so they can cater to whatever you’re looking for. The service is friendly, and the staff are informative. Even the interior is elegant and reminiscent of Vietnam.

If you have to start somewhere, we suggest their pho. It’s a real treat and has a strong flavour complimented by traditional herbs. They even do a lunch menu which includes a drink, and they’ve got a respectable wine list.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not order a steamboat? This clay pot of stock gently simmers whilst you add raw ingredients and herbs at will.

Head on down to 313 King Street to share some Vietnamese dishes.

Patisserie Sainte Anne

Photo Credit: Patisserie Sainte Anne

Patisserie Sainte Anne

There are lengths that I would go to for a good Croissant aux amandes that might surprise you. That aside, however, what would a list of comfort food spots be without cake?

Get your pastry forks ready for Patisserie Sainte Anne. This is a spot that nails Parisian pastry chic. From the pink frontage to retro wallpaper and the cakes on offer, they’ve got it all.

Having moved from their bakery in Paris, we’re lucky to now have the owners in Hammersmith. They’ve got beautiful baguettes and scrumptious soft milk bread. There are sandwiches and tarts, and it’s reasonably priced for the surroundings!

Their Macarons and Millefeuille are real winners. We also love their Tarte aux Pommes. Puff pastry and Bramley purée with sliced apple topping? Sign me up. So if you want to hit your waistline and not your wallet, head on down to Patisserie Sainte Anne!

Head on down to 204, King Street for a taste of Paris.

Best Mangal 2

Photo Credit: Foodism

Best Mangal 2

Best Mangal’s brother is now on the scene in Hammersmith. Both ‘brothers’ have long been favourite takeaway options in Hammersmith.

‘Mangal’ means a charcoal fire, and it’s one of the big elements of the cooking and the atmosphere at Best Mangal 2. You’ll hear the sizzle of fat on coal and be enticed by the smell and the warmth.

There’s charred kebabs, juicy lamb chops, and even barbecued quails all on the menu! All the meat at Best Mangal is Halal and from a specialist at Smithfield market. It a good kebab in a traditional Turkish restaurant isn’t your idea of comfort, then there’s simply no hope!

Head on down to 66, North End Road for a killer kebab!

Hammersmith is awash with great food options at the best of times. However, sometimes we all just want something we know we like. Finding a new spot that does your favourite comfort food dish just like mum used to, though, can be a gamble.

Well fret no more, now you can go out and gorge yourself on the best of Hammersmith’s comfort food scene. Or, if comfort for you means a night on the sofa, and not having to think about cooking at all, why not check out Plant Sumo?

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