Take The Hassle Out Of Eating Healthy With Plant Sumo’s Gluten-Free Vegan Subscription Box

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The gluten-free subscription box offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect their health from the many negative effects of gluten. 

Plant Sumo, a leading vegan meal provider in London, offers gluten-free weekly subscription boxes consisting of delicious ready and prepared meals. 

Take the stress out, as these boxes are delivered to your doorstep with no mess. 

Plan your meals today!

Why Go Gluten-Free?

There are good reasons to avoid gluten and a certain chewy protein–here are some.

Wheat Is A Common Allergen

Following a gluten-free diet means avoiding wheat and bread, in addition to other grains that contain gluten. Wheat is one of the top allergens, so following a gluten-free diet will help you avoid potential allergens in your body.

Gluten Can Be Inflammatory

Eating gluten can worsen joint pain and other symptoms for those with gluten sensitivity. There are reports that gluten can make arthritis worse, especially if you have celiac disease.

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Manage Celiac Disease

In sufferers with this autoimmune disease, gluten triggers the immune gadget to assault the small gut. Even hint quantities of gluten can motive full-size damage. With repeated attacks, the small gut loses its capacity to soak vital vitamins, including calcium and iron.

Over time, people with untreated celiac disease can develop serious nutritional deficiencies such as osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, other autoimmune disorders, extreme fatigue, infertility, and neurological problems. 

In a very small number of cases, lymphoma of the small intestine can develop. If celiac disease is diagnosed, treatment is to follow a strict gluten-free diet. This allows the small intestine to heal and absorb nutrients properly, reducing the risk of related problems.

Reduce Symptoms Of Gluten Sensitivity

Unlike celiac disease, gluten sensitivity is not an autoimmune disease. It is similar to lactose intolerance, in which lactose cannot be processed or metabolized, except that it is gluten, which cannot be metabolized. (Conversely, people with celiac disease may have these symptoms or none at all.) If you are gluten sensitive, avoid gluten. That doesn’t seem to matter for long-term health. 

The occasional slice of pizza may cause short-term indigestion but is not believed to increase the risk of serious long-term effects. Future research will reveal more about this relatively new diagnosis and its potential risks.

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Benefits You Can Get With Weekly Subscription Boxes

These days, you can get just about anything with a monthly subscription box. From beauty sample boxes to meal delivery services, these companies deliver fresh products to your door every week or month for a flat monthly fee. 

Here are some reasons why people love subscription boxes.


Many customers who love their subscription boxes cite the convenience of having their box delivered to their home as one of the biggest reasons they love it. Whether it’s grocery delivery, the clothes on the door, or even the date night experience, it’s great to have options outside your usual shopping pattern. Don’t forget it will be delivered to your door.

Potential Savings

There are several reasons why subscription boxes can save you money. First, subscriptions prevent you from making frequent store trips and impulse purchases. You may also get more products overall than you actually pay for with the subscription.


For most of us, pure enjoyment is the number one reason for choosing a subscription box. People enjoy anticipation for the next vegan snack box and rush when they don’t know what they’re getting. There are thrills. Experts say the excitement of subscription boxes can actually deliver an adrenaline rush.

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Plant Sumo Meals You Can Include On Your Gluten-Free Vegan Subscription Box

Plant Sumo’s ready meals are perfect for busy people who enjoy convenient and healthy eating. You can either allow us to surprise you by letting us pick your meals or choose them yourself. Here, we listed some of our healthy snacks that you can include on your meal plan.

Thai Oasis

Looking for a quick getaway in the tropics?

This gluten-free, exquisite Thai Oasis Curry is a culinary oasis in your kitchen. Organic Jasmine Rice sets the stage for an authentic and vibrant blend of fresh zucchini, bamboo shoots, baby corn, snow peas, and rainbow pepper. All blended into a delicious Thai-inspired blend of seven explosive spices.

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Sumo Squash

Roasted pumpkin and sweet potato crusted brown lentil stew, caramelized red onions, and mashed potatoes. What makes a cozy night more comfortable with this meal?

Bangin Overnight Oats

Fancy a bangin breakfast? Choose flavorful overnight oats packed with texture and flavor made with sweet almond milk. This wonderfully fruity dish is jam-packed with dried cranberries, dried apricots, sultanas, and finely grated apples, all mixed with filling oats and the satisfying crunch of flaxseed, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Tropical Quinoa

Enjoy coconut flavor with bright quinoa garnished with tropical fruit!

A sprinkling of shredded coconut, ripe mangoes, and chia seeds, all these delicious ingredients are topped with a delicious drizzle of coconut milk on top of the finest white quinoa.

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How Our Subscription Boxes Work

Each week, our vegan snack gurus will send you a special gluten-free box of delicious ready or frozen meals (your choice) that meet our taste and nutrition standards so you can focus on snacking! Here’s a closer detail of how our subscription boxes work.

Choose Your Meals

Choose from our subscription packages and choose from a range of delicious and nutritious plant-based meals.

Choose Your Location

If you are in London, England, you are in luck! If you let us know where you live, we will let you know if delivery is possible. No hassle.

Choose Your Schedule

Choose a delivery time that works for you to receive plant-based meals from Plant Sumo. We will deliver to your doorstep.


No preparation. Pop a delicious plant-based meal in the microwave or oven for a few minutes, then sit back and enjoy!

Ensure Full Food Satisfaction With Plant Sumo

Whether you’re vegan or just looking for healthy alternatives, our vegan box is perfect for you. Even though they’re 100% vegan, they’re delicious enough that you won’t even notice they are plant-based. 

From hefty to light, to sweet and savory, in every healthy snack box, you’ll discover fresh and delicious ready meals perfect for the home, the office, or the on-the-go.

If you got any questions regarding our meals, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Our meal subscription boxes range from €26.40 to 52.15, depending on your preferred package. The delivery cost is already included in the price, with no hidden charges.

Of course! You can tell us it’s a gift or treats for someone, and we’ll deliver the healthy surprise gift box to the recipient’s house directly.

Absolutely! Plant Sumo only uses products and ingredients that are certified gluten-free or vegan.