Enjoy Healthy Meals At Home Without The Hassle Of Cooking With Plant Sumo's Frozen Meals For Dysphagia

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One of life’s simple pleasures—sharing a meal with loved ones and friends—is frequently denied to individuals with trouble swallowing. Dysphagia patients can now eat nutritious meals at home without the trouble of cooking and preparing food, thanks to Plant Sumo.

Plant Sumo’s frozen meals taste real because they are authentic and are carefully made to follow the rules for a texture-modified diet. Our meals are 100% plant-based and provide gratifying flavor, texture, and nutrition.

We provide a selection of delectable options for entrées and desserts that are simple to make and serve. Simply throw it in the microwave, reheat it, and enjoy.

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Nutrition For Dysphagia

Dysphagia is the inability to swallow. People with dysphagia cannot move food or liquids from their lips to their stomachs while chewing or swallowing. Dysphagia is a condition, not a disease, that can result from various conditions, diseases, accidents, or treatments, including, but not limited to, stroke, cancer treatments, head and neck injuries, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. 

The nerves and muscles in the mouth and throat may weaken or become paralyzed due to these illnesses and treatments, making it challenging for a person to effectively chew, move their food around in their mouth, and swallow.

Elderly people who are otherwise healthy and have no illnesses or disorders might also develop dysphagia. For instance, tooth loss and muscular atrophy (in the cheeks and tongue) are common in the elderly and might impair chewing. They may also have less saliva production. Many drugs have undesirable side effects, like dry mouth or decreased cognition. 

Finally, aging can lead to decreased nerve function in the mouth, which can impair one’s ability to taste, feel the texture, or sense the temperature of food. All of these elements may contribute to improper chewing and swallowing, which would typically lead to dysphagia.

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A Breakdown Of Dysphagia Diet

A diet for dysphagia has four levels:

Level 1: This is the diet level for pureed foods. This is the lowest category and is appropriate for people with mild to severe dysphagia.

Level 2: You can eat moist meals with little chewing, such as peanut butter, soft scrambled eggs, gravy with ground beef, etc.

Level 3: You can eat soft-solid foods that take a little longer to chew than level 2 foods. Easy-to-cut fruits and vegetables, as well as soft meat cuts, are good eats.

Level 4: You can eat any food at this diet stage, but you should still exercise caution.

At Plant Sumo, we know how crucial food safety is to the well-being of people with dysphagia. We want to assist you by providing delectable meals that are simple to swallow for yourself or someone else with dysphagia.

Plant Sumo's Frozen Meals For Dysphagia Is The Way To Go!

At Plant Sumo, we collaborate with some of the top nutritionists and dietitians to deliver the healthiest, tastiest options tailored to meet your dysphagia requirements.

Our filling and varied recipes, which draw inspiration from delicacies from countries worldwide, will sate your appetite guilt-free. These are expertly made by chefs using farm-fresh ingredients delivered to your table.

We use the power of business to advance environmentalism and a more sustainable way of living. We take small but significant steps every day to give the earth a little breathing room by using recyclable and compostable packaging.

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Plant Sumo's Services For Dysphagia

With around 37,000 people in the UK suffering from dysphagia, finding meals that can give them proper nutrition while allowing them to eat properly can be difficult

If you’re one of them or know someone, we can help prepare meals suitable for a dysphagia diet. Here are some services we offer for you.

Meal Prep Services

Finding appropriate meals for your dysphagia diet can take some effort, especially if you have limited finances and need to modify your cooking methods. We provide meal preparation, also known as meal prep, which has proven to greatly help people who find it challenging to plan their daily menus. 

Our service provides a simple way for dysphagia patients to eat nutritious meals because they are already prepared, portioned, and nutritionist-approved. We give you access to the best food options as your partners.

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Health And Nutrition

As mentioned, Plant Sumo serves 100% plant-based frozen meals. Despite what is widely believed. A vegan diet still provides the same nutrients as one that includes meat. 


Here at Plant Sumo greatly understand the challenge people suffering from dysphagia have. This is why we carefully craft and prepare your meals to ensure that they are easy to swallow, yet you can ensure that they are full of the flavor and nutrition your body needs.

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You Will Never Go Wrong With Plant Sumo

At Plant Sumo, we believe that everyone should enjoy a satisfying, nutritionally sound meal. This is why we designed soft and easy-to-chew frozen meals in response to this.

For persons with dysphagia, our plant-based menu, in line with frozen ready meals, features softer foods. We give various artistically designed meals created with high-quality ingredients to deliver a nourishing and delicious meal suited for persons with dysphagia.

And to make it simple and convenient for our customers to enjoy delectable meals that can be safely delivered to their homes, we offer a service that cares–perfect for people who can’t leave the house or go shopping. 

What are you waiting for? Reach us today, and we’d love to meal prep for you.


Plant Sumo’s frozen meals include several meals that are perfect for dysphagia. Meals that are puréed, minced, moist, soft, and bite-sized will surely allow you to enjoy them as they are easier to chew and swallow.

Absolutely! As mentioned, our meals are pure plant-based but as delicious as their counterparts. We fortify foods with rich protein/calorie contents as we know malnutrition is more likely to occur in patients with dysphagia.

Since meals we prepare for people with dysphagia are a little different than our usual meals, they may vary depending on the dietary requirements and meal choice. Discuss your food preferences, and we’ll plan it, especially for you. Book a call.