Eat Healthy With Lesser Worry Through Our Meal Prep Services for One Person

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People nowadays are eager to stay healthy but struggle to prepare a diet and balanced meal for themselves. With several food varieties, these people tend to worry about meals out of their daily time considerations.

Working out while preparing healthy food is considered a trade-off for some people.

According to a survey, it takes about 17 minutes for men to prepare healthy food, while it takes about 44 minutes for women. This data shows that as the amount of time these people spend preparing their food, the probability that they will exercise more will decrease. 

Considering the trade-off between exercising and preparing food, we can now realise that we need someone to prepare meals for us.

So, what if someone can prepare a meal for you through a meal kit with everything you need? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

And what’s even more terrific is that everything will be prepared by a green chef and sent to you via meal delivery.

Incorporate meal prep into your daily life with our meal prep services for one person here on Plant Sumo!

Get in touch with us so we can start creating a meal plan perfect just for you.

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How A Prepared Meal Delivery Service Can Save You

Planning, finding, and preparing healthy foods can be expensive and time-consuming. When we hear the word healthy food, we can taste that blandness. With all these adversities, people tend to have difficulty reaching their health and fitness goals.

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Saves Your Time

This might be the first reason why people need meal prep or a prepared meal delivery service in their lives. Not only do meal prep services take those hours you make for cooking and preparing food, but also the time you spend planning what to eat and your effort on shopping for all the fresh daily harvest you usually buy in the market. You can focus more on yourself by saving time, whether working out or leisurely!

Money Saving

Some people think that availing of meal prep services costs them more. If we look at it from a broader perspective, consider the indirect expenses you incur when you eat outside, such as fare, gas, etc., as well as the amount of money you spend in the grocery trying to shop for healthy and organic options. 

With meal prep services, you can have a complete, ready, and nutritious, healthy meal taking the money you should’ve spent on eating outside when you don’t feel like cooking or the amount you pay for each ingredient.

Variety To Your Meal

Variety adds colour to our life! Some people stereotype the thought of eating healthy food as something boring to eat. But healthy food has more colour than what people give it credit for.

With meal prep services, you get meal kits customised and prepared by mindful chefs. They avoid serving the same food to their customers and make sure to add a wonderful taste to satisfy their taste buds! Plus, they consider the appetising look of the prepared meals.

Seitan Stir Fry

A bed of yummy egg-less noodles, shiitake mushrooms, spring onion, baby corn, beansprout, peppers and ginger accompany our spicy and sweet orange and chilli seitan.

If you want to see more of our selections, you can check them out HERE.

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Vegan Garlic Bread

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Eating healthy while exercising is necessary. On a normal day, you’re probably shopping for organic ingredients to prepare your healthy meal. We understand that.

Having good nutrition gives your body energy, amino acids, calcium, fat, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, which are all critical for a healthy lifestyle. Food contains energy, and energy is what you need when you exercise.

By eating the right choice of carbohydrates, you can maximise their potential without the need to consume extra calories. Meal prep services assure that the meals you eat are all essential to keep you healthy while maintaining a healthy weight. This meal kit delivery service will ensure that you only get fresh fitness food and a delicious meal you can feast on.

Provides Portion Control

Several people struggle to eat healthy because of portion control, especially those trying to reduce weight. It is hard to control what we eat, especially when hungry and on dietary restrictions. Due to the deprivation of tasty treats, we sometimes lose hold of our diet and just eat what we crave without tracking the calories we consume. 

With food prep, you can pick what food you crave. Your designated green chef will also meticulously portion the calories and nutrients of each meal option you choose. Assuring that you will just consume the right amount of calories and enough nutrients your body needs!

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Broccoli rabe

Explore New Recipes

Although meal prep services help you align your health and fitness goals, our meal delivery services can help you discover a new recipe that you may love!

You can choose from a variety of vegan meals, fresh n lean meals, or get a whole new taste from our daily harvest. You decide which one to get!

The Need To Avail Meal Prep Services for One Person

Meal prep services provide ready and nutritious balanced meals. 

Aside from the difficulties we normally encounter with preparing our meals, food wastage is another problem– you wouldn’t want to be part of that problem, right? When we’re cooking by ourselves, we tend to struggle in planning what and how much we will eat, and sometimes it causes us to cook food we’re unable to finish. This then leads to food leftovers. 

By availing of meal prep services, we can reduce food waste and leftovers as they serve just the right amount of meals whilst containing hefty nutrients. 

In addition, what’s amazing about meal prep services is that you can have specific requests on your food preference, like your protein or carbs requirement.

If you’re now interested in what we offer, why not take a quick glance at our menu?

Here are our best-selling scrumptious meals that will surely satisfy and nourish your body and palate.

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spring greens foods

All About Da Katsu

You’ll swoon over our golden panko-coated aubergine, miso marinated aubergine, and Cali jasmine rice. This dish is gleaming with a divine loaded pepper and potato katsu sauce.

Thai Oasis

It’s an authentic blend of fresh courgette, bamboo shoots, baby corn, sugar snap peas, rainbow peppers, sugar snap pea noodles and steamed rice. It provides the perfect base for this authentic and vibrant dish. This Thai-inspired recipe incorporates six explosive spices perfect for spice lovers.

Soul Curry

Sweet potato chunks combined with spinach, banana shallots, chickpeas, and lentils are served in a mild tikka sauce. This dish is served with fresh coriander and crushed cashew nuts on the side to complement the organic fluffy jasmine rice.

Seitan Stir Fry

In addition to the spicy and sweet orange and chilli seitan, we serve shiitake mushrooms, spring onion, baby corn, beansprout and peppers on a bed of crispy egg-less noodles.

We know! It’s mouthwatering– so if you want more of it, check them all out here!

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Seitan Stir Fry

In addition to the spicy and sweet orange and chilli seitan, we serve shiitake mushrooms, spring onion, baby corn, beansprout and peppers on a bed of crispy egg-less noodles.

We know! It’s mouthwatering– so if you want more of it, check them all out here!

Give Meal Prep A Try With Plant Sumo!

Preparing your own healthy and balanced meal can be stressful, time-consuming, and it takes a lot of effort to think and plan the proper meal.

Worry no more! Because here on Plant Sumo, we will carefully plan the perfect feast box depending on what your body needs!

We offer meal prep services for one person, which allows us to focus more on your nutrition needs! We will deliver it right to your doorstep, giving you the comfort and convenience you need.

If you’re ready to incorporate meal prep into your life, contact us today, and we’re more than happy to assist you! 

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Meal prep services are convenient because they offer meals that can be quickly reheated and enjoyed without any preparation (cooking, chopping, or cleaning). However, they don’t create food equally; they customise each meal depending on their customers’ food preferences and nutrition needs. 

Meals and recipes that are delivered to your door are portion controlled. They are also a means to ensure you get the calories, carbs, and protein your body needs to balance your exercises.

 You may sample new items that you might not buy on your own by ordering a prepared meal or meal kit. Delivery services can enhance variety and flexibility for people trapped in a food rut or eating habit. This implies a more extensive amount of nutrients may be absorbed.

Though most meal prep services are designed to provide diet meals for people who work out, meal prep does not limit to that. Everyone can avail of meal prep services; may it be the people who are too busy to prepare their meals or just those who want to eat healthily or transition to veganism.