Running Out Of Meal Plan Ideas? Try Our Vegan Subscription Boxes Here At Plant Sumo!

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Subscription boxes are not new to the trend– these were first evident in the beauty industry. You might have heard about the famous Kinder Beauty Box, Goddess Provisions, Petit Vour, and many more. 

In the food industry, too, almost any cuisine can now be delivered to your house on a subscription basis. Food subscriptions come in numerous shapes and sizes. It could be a monthly food subscription box of your favourite snacks and treats or weekly meal subscription boxes if you’ve run out of meal plan ideas. 

However, vegans need help to source a reputable delivery service that serves plant-based meals.

Suppose you’re a vegan residing near or in London; we have good news for you! 

At Plant Sumo, we can curate a vegan products snack box to complement your diet. 

We will be your best vegan subscription box provider-so, you can also enjoy a convenient way of weekly delivery!

Whether you run out of vegan meal plan ideas or want to explore the world of vegan, Plant Sumo is the best for you. 

Plan your subscription boxes with us today!

Weekly Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth The hype?

Plant Sumo’s vegan subscription boxes are a tasty and fun way to try new flavorful meals from the comfort of your home. With our subscription box, you can try delicious vegan snacks and meals inspired by global cuisine. 

Over 33% of British people already enjoy the convenience of subscription meals. If you’re not one of them, these reasons should convince you.

Next Level Convenience

Have you ever experienced supermarket paralysis? Unless you’re an expert, it’s easy to roam through a supermarket, unaware of what you might want to eat in the coming week and what ingredients you need to buy. Our delicious vegan meal subscription boxes at Plant Sumo include helpful apps and email reminders, allowing you to select meals that speak to your soul and prepare ahead of time. 

Your meals will be conveniently delivered to your doorway, with no time wasted, no parking stress, no searching for bags, and no race against the cashier as you rush to load such bags.

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High-Quality Food

Have you ever gone to the grocery store searching for a fresh ear of corn or a big, juicy peach only to discover that your options are far from “the cream of the crop”? When you order from a subscription service like ours, you’ll only get the freshest daily harvest from local farmers and partners. 

We strive to provide you with the greatest ingredients so you can feel good about the ingredients in your meals. Our pre-made meals are carefully created by expert chefs who delight in delivering unique tastes and ingredients to their dishes.

Waste Reduction

It may come as a healthy surprise, but many meal delivery services provide a more sustainable way of eating. Meal delivery services like Plant Sumo can help reduce food waste because they provide either fully prepared meals or the exact quantity of components required.

We only deliver what is required for each meal. This reduces food waste, which benefits the environment. Choosing meal delivery services that promote reusable and recyclable packaging can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and excessive water consumption, which can positively influence the environment.

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Portion Controlled

Healthy meal delivery services can help you eat healthier if you are following a specific diet or trying to meet fitness goals. Plant Sumo’s meal subscription service prevents you from overeating, as our meals only contain 300 to 400 grams each. But because our meals are all plant-based, they are nutrient-dense, leaving us full and satisfied with each meal. 

Besides that, you won’t need to worry about the calorie of each ingredient as it is all stated in our menu. If you prefer, for instance, a gluten-free meal, you can see it instantly through the menu. Keeping track of these items is especially important if you’re trying to gain muscle or reduce weight.

Reasons To Choose Plant Sumo's Meals

Whether you’re a vegan or just looking for healthier alternatives- Plant Sumo’s meals are perfect! Our mindful chef creates each vegan box to be far from the conventional, dull leafy options. You might even forget that it’s purely vegan!

Here are some more reasons why you should include our plant-based meals in your weekly meal plan.

Vegan Meals Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

A plant-based diet has been demonstrated to lower the risk of cancer-related ailments. As a 100% plant-based meal provider, we use soy and almond milk which makes an excellent vegan alternative to cow’s milk with numerous health benefits, including being naturally lactose-free and cholesterol-free. Soy products are also linked to a lower incidence of breast cancer.

Because it excludes dairy, a vegan diet potentially lowers the risk of breast cancer. Studies have connected high-fat dairy products to increased breast and prostate cancer risk when taken regularly.

Furthermore, cooked meat emits carcinogens (agents with the capacity to cause cancer in humans). As a result, avoiding grilled meat minimizes the likelihood of these carcinogens interacting with cell DNA and causing genetic abnormalities.

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Vegan Food Can Boost Your Mood

Living a humane lifestyle that does not kill animals will offer you a clearer conscience, and studies show that vegans are happier than meat eaters. Studies show that vegans and vegetarians performed better on depression tests and mood profiles than fish and meat eaters.

Your Skin May Benefit, Too!

The possible function of plant-based diets in skin health promotion is a new topic of nutrition research. Plant-based meals are high in bioactive substances such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, polyphenols, and phenolic acids, which can help with oxidant defence, inflammation reduction, and skin structure support.

Certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and polyphenolic-rich beverages have benefited the skin, each providing a unique phytochemical composition.

It helps Maintain And Reduce Weight.

If you want to lose weight, consider a vegan diet. Although some people opt to live a vegan lifestyle out of compassion for animals, the diet can have many health benefits. According to recent studies, veganism can even help you shed a significant amount of weight.

How exactly? More research is needed, but becoming vegan reduces the quantity of high-calorie items consumed. A vegan diet requires you to replace such meals with high-fibre options that are low in calories and keep you satiated for longer.

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Many Meals To Choose From To Build Your Boxes!

If you’re worried that you’ll be running out of meal choices, Plant Sumo has over ten delectable dishes inspired by cuisines around the world so that you won’t be eating the same dish repeatedly. Let’s take a look:

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All About Da Katsu

We promise that you will be impressed with our katsu. It’s served with tasty, crispy, golden panko breadcrumbs seasoned with real miso and authentic California jasmine rice. An incredible pepper and potato katsu sauce coats this glistening dish. There’s nothing better than All About Da Katsu for dinner; it’s a scrumptious and delicious alternative that you’ll love.

Seitan Stir Fry

You’ll be hailing ‘Seitan’ in delight when you try Plant Sumo’s devilishly delicious plant-based stir fry.

A bed of delicious egg-less noodles are served with orange and chilli seitan topped with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, spring onion, baby corn, beansprout, peppers, and ginger.

With our stir-fry recipe, you’ll enjoy a spicy meal with vibrant red chilis.

Kimchi Bao Buns

Also on the menu are gorgeously steamed fluffy bao buns loaded with sloppy and delightful kimchi, beet and wide bean patties, and zingy and delightfully crunchy slaw. It easily outperforms any sandwich you’ve tasted with its healthy, fresh, and mood-lifting flavour.

Sumo Squash

The stew is made with sweet potato skin, caramelized red onions, and mashed potatoes with kabocha squash. What could be comfier on a cold night?

These are just some meals from our bespoke menu; review more of our menu HERE.


Never Worry About Your Next Meal Again

When some say subscription boxes, some instantly think it consists of raw ingredients that need time to prepare and cook. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

 Plant Sumo’s vegan subscription boxes are all pre-prepared and require only a little preparation, giving you the next level of convenience you desire.

Contact us today to sign up for your vegan goodness box!


Food subscription boxes are worth the money if you have a hectic schedule and don’t have time to plan meals or shop for supplies! Without completing recipe research and cooking, you can instantly satisfy your cravings or hunger in no time.

Absolutely! Aside from our weekly subscription boxes, you can choose one from our menu and have it delivered straight to your home.

Plant Sumo allows you to choose whether you prefer three, five, or seven meals that will be delivered to you. Check out more here