Enjoy Nutritious Convenience In A Pinch With Plant Sumo's Frozen Meals For New Parents

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Besides all the cuteness, mayhem, and visitors that come with it, cooking a meal might not be anywhere on your agenda after having a baby. However, between the muslins, nappies, and blankets, a batch of homemade, pre-prepared meals can make those early days a lot easier. 

After all, everyone wants to avoid the stress of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

If you don’t want to deal with your kitchen, you can subscribe to Plant Sumo‘s weekly ready and healthy freezer meals. We also have a one-off meatless easy freezer meal that the whole family will enjoy.

Don’t disappoint the whole family and your visitors with forced cooking. 

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More Reasons Why Frozen Meals For New Parents Are Ideal

Many new moms’ habits, such as shopping, cooking, and eating, change dramatically after birth. The days of making multiple weekly trips to the grocery store and taking restaurant meals for granted are long gone.


Many families have discovered what we at Plant Sumo have long known: the freezer can be your best friend in more ways than one when it comes to feeding a family. 


Here are some reasons why our frozen meals can benefit:

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Minimise Food Wastage And Lock In Flavour

The beauty of frozen ready meals is that they are snap frozen, locking in flavour, freshness, and nutritional value as on the day they were made, as opposed to thawed or chilled ready meals, which begin deteriorating as soon as they are sealed.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of chilled, ready-made meals, they begin to deteriorate as soon as they are packed and thus have a shelf life of about seven days. Frozen meals also help to reduce food waste because they can be frozen for longer periods and reheated as needed.

Save You Time And Money.

One of the main advantages of frozen ready meals is that you can stock your freezer with nutritious meals for when you need them, which saves time and money because people are more likely to buy unnecessary groceries when hungry. Frozen options are also generally less expensive than their chilled ready-made counterparts.

Nutritious Convenience In A Pinch

When hungry and short on time, our brains go into overdrive to find the quickest food source. However, we must consciously avoid fast or junk food options with low nutritional value to provide our bodies with the energy they require between meals.

When selecting a great freezer meal, look for a nutritionally balanced option, such as Plant Sumo’s line, which adheres to the Healthy Eating Pyramid guidelines and includes plenty of vegetables or fruits, carbs, protein, and good fats and oils.

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Plant Sumo's Food That Makes Good Frozen Meals

For new parents like you, a simple meal plan can be difficult. Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to prepare a full meal for the entire family. Don’t worry. There are ready-to-eat meals available for you. 

Aside from saving you trips to the store and excessive prep work, Plant Sumo’s boxed meals are useful for those looking for quick dinner options and a great idea for those caring for new moms- just put it in the freezer and take it out whenever you need it! 

Better yet, all our meals are pure plant-based. But worry not! They are as delicious as non-vegan meals! 

Here are some of our favourite dishes that you’ll love too!

Soul Curry

Forget about those unappetising ready-to-eat meals or melancholy midweek dinners. Breathe life into your culinary life with our sensational Soul Curry. It’s a wonderful blend of sweet potato wedges, spinach, banana chives, tender chickpeas and black beluga lentils, all drenched in a light yet nutty tikka sauce and served with organic fragrant sticky rice sprinkled with some fresh cilantro and crushed cashews. If a soul is your goal, this healthy meal is for you.

Seitan Stir-Fry

At Plant Sumo, we’ve reinvented stir fry in a devilishly delicious plant-based form. The tangy orange and chilli seitan is garnished with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, green onions, baby corn, bean sprouts, green peppers, and ginger and sits atop delicious egg-free pasta. Spice up your life with a sensational stir-fry finished in a shimmering red chilli glaze.

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Nuts On Tempeh

We’re Nuts on Tempeh (get it?) is a nut-filled dish made of pasta, golden oven-baked tempeh, shaved coconut, chopped kale, pineapple, and courgette. This tempeh will instantly become your comfort food with its fresh spring onion, peanut satay sauce, and crushed peanuts.

Salsa State Burrito

Craving for breakfast burritos? We got you! Smoked paprika, roasted peppers, sweet red onions, and chilled red kidney beans steal the show in this delicious wheat wrap topped with tangy coriander, cherry tomatoes, and red onion salsa. The plant-based Salsa State Burrito is a great weekday lunch or dinner snack.

Thai Oasis

Fancy a little tropical getaway?

Our gluten-free exquisite Thai Oasis Curry is a culinary oasis in your kitchen. Organic Jasmine Rice sets the stage for an authentic and vibrant blend of fresh zucchini, bamboo shoots, baby corn, snow peas and rainbow chillies. All blended in a tantalising Thai-inspired blend of seven explosive spices. You will be eager to go home and enjoy that special curry.

Can’t decide what you want? Browse more of our menu HERE.

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Helping New Parents Eat Healthily And Hassle-Free

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but being in the baby zone for an extended period can drive anyone insane. Many parents claim they don’t have time to prep, grocery shop, or cook meals throughout the day! 

Here’s where Plant Sumo’s easy freezer meals come in handy! Frozen meals delivered to your door can make life much easier for new parents. Each ingredient of our freezer meals comes straight from the farm, and we use only organic ingredients. Just throw them in the freezer and reheat them whenever you’re hungry.

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You can generally keep frozen meals in the freezer for up to 3-6 months. However, we advise consuming them in less than 15 days after receiving your meals.

As mentioned, Plant Sumo only serves 100% plant-based meals, and most of our meals contain enough proteins. We also advise that you drink a lot of fruit juice, milk, and water. Foods high in protein help maintain your body’s strength and aid in postpartum recovery.

As long as it’s inside our store hours, we can immediately deliver it straight to your home. Although we can give an approximate time, we guarantee that your frozen meals will arrive within the day because we process orders through delivery hubs rather than retail locations like other restaurants.

Our meals are designed to stay fresh longer than restaurant food, and freezer meal prep is very convenient for families. Our meals are flash-frozen, so they will maintain their high quality and mouthwatering flavour until you reheat them. We advise ordering two days in advance or stocking up on ready-to-heat meals for a week to guarantee that you may enjoy your frozen meals whenever you choose. Freeze them and reheat them as necessary.