How to Cook Padron Peppers

Padron peppers are about 2 inches (5 cm) long, with an elongated shape and a colour ranging from bright green to yellowish-green and occasionally red. The flavour is mild, but some varieties can be pretty hot. This characteristic gave rise to the famous Galician aphorism “Os pimentos decadron, uns pican e outros” (“Padron peppers, some are hot, some are not”). Plants that are stressed by drought tend to produce hotter peppers. Padron peppers, like other peppers, become spicier as they mature.

Padron peppers are named after the town of Padron in the province of A Corua, Galicia, in northwestern Spain. Since 2010, European Union law has protected the name “pimento de Herbón” as a protected designation of origin. Padron peppers are now grown in other parts of the Mediterranean and the United States.


Padron peppers are harvested when they are immature and green.

We’ll show you exactly how to preparePadron Peppers in this post. CookingPadron Peppers is simple if you follow these guidelines.

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Preparation of food

Traditionally, Padron peppers are fried in olive oil until the skin blisters, and the pepper collapses.

Before frying, the stems are removed in and aroundPadron. The removal of the stems is advised by major Galician pepper producers and the head of the Galician tourism association because they cause bitterness in fried peppers. In other places, the stems are generally left on the peppers and used to hold the peppers while eating.

FriedPadron peppers are typically served hot with a dusting of coarse salt as tapas, sometimes with chunks of bread.

Padron Pepper Cooking Instructions

Padron peppers are famous tapas in Spain, simply fried in olive oil and sprinkled with flaky salt. They are typically cooked until the skin softens and the pepper collapses. The sweetness and heat come out depending on which one you bite into. One out of every ten people is likely to be hot.

They are sometimes served with huevos rotos con patatas in Spain (fried eggs and potatoes). They can also be pickled or paired with Spanish cheeses like manchego.


Shishito peppers are a good substitute if you can’t find Padron peppers but still want to cook with them. They’re small, green, and elongated like Padron peppers. On the other hand, Shishitos are less likely to be hot, making them a little less risky for those who don’t want watery eyes with their pepper consumption.

What Do They Taste Like?

When cooked, these peppers have a strong flavour that is piquant, sweet, and slightly nutty. Their flavour is enticing.

Padron peppers, like shishito peppers, do not all have the same heat level. They range in Scoville heat units from 500 to 2,000. If you bite into one at the top of the Scoville scale, it’ll be about half as hot as a jalapeno risk is part of their allure.

They aren’t the best peppers to eat raw; they taste entirely different and show off all of their best qualities when cooked.

Where Can I FindPadron Peppers?

Padrons can be found in most supermarkets and produce markets throughout Spain. They are also available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Look for bright and firm ones w that is free of bumps, bruises, and wrinkling.

Happy Quail Farms on the West Coast of the United States grows and sellsPadron and other unique farmer’s markets. They were the first farm in America to grow this pepper.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find these at farmers’ markets when they’re in season. They have been sought after.


  • Around 3 cups of Padron Peppers.
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea salt


You will be stunned by this recipe for blistered Padron pepper.  That was straightforward? Follow this step-by-step instruction. 

Soak or rinse the Padron Peppers in cold water to remove any dirt or contaminants. Remove any peppers with blemishes or that have grown mould.


In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil to a high temperature. The oil is ready for use when it has a beautiful sheen and a small cloud of smoke.

To blister the Padron peppers, use tongs to set them on a hot skillet and fry for a few minutes on each side. When the peppers are blistered, and the outside is black or brown, they are finished cooking.

Combine the adobo sauce, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a couple grinds of pepper in a bowl.


Is it necessary to cook Padron peppers?

You can eat them raw, but their authentic flavour comes out when cooked. Raw peppers may not taste as good as cooked peppers, and the spiciness may be more pronounced. You can eat them raw, but their authentic flavour comes out when cooked. It’s simple to make Padron peppers take on a smokiness that makes them unforgettable when cooked.

Padron peppers good for you?

Padron chile peppers are high in vitamins C, B6, and K and dietary fibre, which can aid digestion. Potassium, copper, magnesium, and niacin are also found in peppers.

Do you eat the whole Padron pepper?

How to eat Padron Peppers. No forks are required; grab them by the stems and, if you’re brave, eat everything but the stem itself but don’t forget some of them can be as hot as a chilli pepper while others are totally mild but extremely tasty.

Are Padron peppers hot?

Some like it hot, as the saying goes. Still, those who seek heat must also be gamblers if they rely on pimientos de Padron to fuel their fires. Only about one out of every ten small green peppers from the Galician municipality of Padron are extremely hot, while the rest are as mild as a dash of green bell pepper.

What is the DIfference between shishito pepper and Padron pepper?

Shishito peppers are an East Asian variant of the cultivar called for how the peppers’ tips mimic the head of a lion—shishi (or Joshi) in Japanese. On the other hand, Padron peppers are derived from the Spanish seed of the cultivar named after the town of Padron in northwest Spain.

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