Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales

So you are craving some baked goods? Well, you are just in luck because we have a wide selection of places for you. From dining-in cafes to a fairytale bakery, we have made a list of the Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales!

We have a selection perfect for brunch, catering, to-go, and more! Each of these bakeries offers Instagram-worthy goodies that you can even pair up with your favourite meal. 

Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales for everyday dining

Some of these options are your classic-styled bakery, while others offer a more cafe approach. You will find that the cafes will focus on their baked goods while pairing them with popular vegan lunch specials. No matter what, your cravings are satisfied!

Now let’s go ahead and check out these Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales for everyday dining!

Blanche Bakery

Blanche Bakery

Source: HappyCow

Blanche Bakery is a classy coffee shop perfect for some reading or relaxing time. You can enjoy some time alone with their specialty coffee and some of their delicious baked foods. 

Some yummy baked goods include cakes, cookies, croissants, and doughnuts! These yummy treats are perfect for a quick snack.

If you are looking for more sustenance, they offer brunch items to pair with your treat. 

You may find some sandwiches and side items that are still as delicious as their sweet doughnuts. Enjoy brunch at the Blanche Bakery by yourself or with friends for a more picture-perfect experience!

The Lazy Leek

The Lazy Leek

The Lazy Leek is another dine-in bakery for friends and family to enjoy! Their stunning cakes are perfect for any occasion, such as a chocolate nut cake or even their carrot cake! They offer catering for small events where they offer vegan cakes and other treats.

Fuel your tummy with some more yummy meals by pairing these treats with a burger! YES! The Lazy Leek offers some yummy packed vegan burgers that will have you wanting to be lazy the rest of the day. 

If you are not quite ready to be knocked out the rest of the day, you can enjoy their side options, such as chunky chips or cauliflower wings! If you are not a cake person either, they offer delicious brownies, such as a white chocolate blondie. 

Greens Vegan

Greens Vegan

Greens Vegan has 100% vegan foods and drinks that include coffee, cake, ice cream, and more! You will find cakes, truffles, icecreams, and more sweet treats that are all completely VEGAN!

You will also find stonebaked pizza, curry bowl, spaghetti, and meatballs, and so much more to satisfy your cravings on their main menu.

Feel free to stop by for dessert with your friends or dine in and get the whole experience. 

Cardiff Bakestones

Cardiff Bakestones

Next, we have a full bakery that is a traditional welsh cake stall! They offer a traditional raisin and strawberry jam vegan welch cake. 

You will find various baked goods such as brownies, dessert bread, cookies, and tarts! Unlike the others, Cardiff bakestones is strictly a bakery, so they do not offer lunch items. This is the perfect place to stop by after work or before work to snack on your favourite baked goods.

From chocolaty to fruity, there is something here for everyone!

Alex Gooch

Alex Gooch

Source: HappyCow

As for our last bakery on our list of Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales, we have the picture-perfect place when you imagine a bakery. The baked goods are lined across the shelves with bread, sweet baked goods, and quick goodies for lunch. 

When every shelf is fully stocked in the morning, you are embraced with the smell of goodies! Alex Gooch’s is the perfect bakery you find in fairytales and movies, so you don’t want to miss the experience. 

If you are a sweet or savoury lover, there is something here for you that you will enjoy!


I hope you are hungry and enjoyed our yummy list of the Top 5 vegan bakeries in Wales! We decided to give a variety of places that meet the hunger level you experience. 

We suggested small bakeries to stop by for a quick snack, and we offered places where you can enjoy a nice lunch! 

Feel free to drag your friends along so they can enjoy the vegan baked good experience! 

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