Top 5 vegan restaurants in Birmingham

It can be a challenge to find vegan restaurants for yourself and your non-vegan friends. There is this misconception that vegan meals are too plain and tasteless. 

While some meals can be a bit plain, the same can be said for non-vegan meals as well. 

The reality is that there are plenty of vegan meals bursting with flavour that people don’t recognise as a vegan dish. We have the top 5 vegan restaurants in Birmingham that both you and your non-vegan friends will love!

Top 5 vegan restaurants in Birmingham for everyday meals!

We have a genuinely impressive list of vegan restaurants for you! You will find Italian, Indian, British and more! Each of these restaurants offers a wide selection of food from different cultures.

You can visit a vegan cafe for a more relaxed lunch or visit the restaurant bars on the weekend! Either way, we have restaurants for friends and family on any occasion. 


5 vegan restaurants in Birmingham

Source: HappyCow

Directions: The Mailbox, 171-172 Wharfside St (at Churchills Bar), Birmingham, England

Number:  +44-7394479665

You can find this vegan restaurant inside Churchills Bar with a wide selection of vegan meals. BA-HA is the perfect place to go with your friends for tasty meals such as wings and veggies to go along with your drink of choice. 

BA-HA is a bit more on the pricing side, but their portions make up for it! They offer a Sweet Jack Burger, Bish and Chips, and a steamy Mushroom and Spinach Rigatoni. 

It is definitely worth the trip because you will find plenty of food to take home with you. 

The Veggie Chippy

The Veggie Chippy

Source: HappyCow

Directions: 228 New John St W, Birmingham, England

Number:  +44-1214487557

The Veggie Chippy is the UK’s first plant-based fish and chip shop. As of February 2019, the Veggie Chippy stopped using dairy and made mainly soy-based foods. Some foods they offer is the classic battered fish, chips, pies and, pasties

What is unique about this restaurant is that they serve Indian meals as well. They offer vegan naan, curry sauce and mushy peas. They also serve burgers and pizza. 

Overall there is something here for everyone at the Veggie Chippy.  

The Warehouse Cafe

The Warehouse Cafe

Directions: 54-57 Allison St, Birmingham, England

Number: +44-1213487554

At the Warehouse Cafe, we have some juicy and colourful burgers. Along with a burger, you can have some fish and chips to top off a delicious lunch. Their cafe and bar offer a mouth-watering plant-based menu where they are looking to expand their fishes. 

They are not only looking to increase their selection of burgers but also provide salads and vegan curries. As for their desserts, The Warehouse Cafe is looking to provide a lovely display of cakes and pastries. 

Finally, you can enjoy their vegan beer from local breweries and vegetarian wines. It is also interesting to note that they are available for events and vegan catering! 

Earth’s Kitchen

Earth’s Kitchen

Directions:180 High St, Digbeth, Birmingham, England

Number:   +44-1215726163

Earth’s Kitchen is a vegan soul food kitchen bursting with numerous flavour, ranging from jackfruit chikin and bbq seitan ribs. They also offer mac and cheese, lasagna, flatbread, callaloo, and fried dumplings. 

Many other options just make your stomach growl and mouth water. Aside from the food, you can also enjoy their smoothies and juices to wash down your meal. 

Earth’s Kitchen is available for taking out and indoor dining, but make sure to call ahead of time to check for available seating. 

Mr Singh’s

Mr Singh’s

Directions:103 Cornwall Rd, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, England

Number: +44-1215239275

Mr Singh’s offers fast food Italian and Indian food. They are mainly known for their world-famous pizzas, which are all vegan! They serve pizza along with wraps and a vegan chicken burger.

You can also come across some juicy burgers, such as the chilli chicken style burger. Some side dishes are potato wedges, fries, and crispy coated garlic mushroom!

If you are not able to stop by then, that is okay! Mr Singh’s can provide delivery to you or even make your order to go. 


That concludes the Top 5 vegan restaurants in Birmingham! There are so many other options with amazing flavours. There is no shortage of restaurants, so hopefully, you could find the best vegan restaurant. Restaurant flyers and posters are the great way owners look to advertise their eatery outlet. Try looking for them to have the best vegan restaurant around.

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