11 of the Best Vegan Biscuits

When you think of biscuits, you probably think of a lot of cream and butter.

But when you’re trying to step into a new year, having a healthy, nutritious, and ecologically considerate diet is a great place to start.

To help you out, we’re compiling our top eleven vegan biscuits to aid in your impulse grocery buys or your midnight movie snacks. Biscuits after all aren’t just a treat, but a way of life.

Here at Plant Sumo, we don’t just love to snack on biscuits, but we also love helping you make great, informed decisions when it comes to keeping up that vegan diet. So what are you waiting for? Check out or favorite vegan biscuits brands.

Whether you’re taking tips from our blog or ordering in meals using our subscription service we’re here to keep satiating that sweet tooth while staying nutritious and vegan.

What is a biscuit?

Although our blog tackles a lot of UK-based topics, for the benefit of my non-British readers, I’ll break down what we mean by “biscuit”.

Biscuits are twice-baked “hard” cookies historically made to be served with (and dunked into) tea. They are quite different from the softer baked goods considered to be ‘cookies’ in America or the dinner rolls called biscuits in the States. 

Although you can make homemade vegan biscuits, many beloved varieties are vegan store-bought biscuits and manufactured by popular brands such as McVities or Fox’s. 

Making your own biscuits at home is a great way to ensure that they are, in fact, vegan! You can incorporate all sorts of plant-based ingredients into your personal biscuit recipes. This list is to help you shop for name-brand biscuits when you’re out and about.

Without further ado…onto the list!

1. Hobnobs

Hobnobs biscuits

Hobnobs are a classic British treat made with rolled oats and jumbo oats, making their original recipe from 1985 completely vegan! 

There is a version laden with chocolate which is NOT vegan. However, the ones with chocolate chips are, in fact, vegan.

Copycat versions outside of the McVities version should also be vegan – however, it’s always important to double-check! Now you can hobnob with the best vegan biscuits.

2. Oreos

vegan oreos

Not quintessentially British, but infinitely tasty. Created in 1912, they are the best-selling biscuit in the United States. Traditionally dunked in milk, not tea, they stray a bit from the standard biscuit formula. Despite being a bit different, they are still great vegan store bought biscuits UK vegans can love. Plus, it wouldn’t be vegan unless you’re dunking into non-dairy milk.

Made without any dairy or egg products, Oreos are, along with many on this list, considered “accidentally vegan”. 

However, Oreos does mention that there could be cross-contamination within manufacturing with “milk products”. For this reason, Oreos themselves don’t consider their product suitable for vegans, but PETA’s statement says not to worry about it. A statement from them reads, “Our general advice is not to worry too much. The goal of sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet is to help animals and reduce suffering.”

So take these two sides and choose what feels right to you. Remember – everyone’s path towards reducing animal products in their diet is different. The Vegan Police won’t come to get you if your deviate from strict definitions a little!  

3. Fox’s Party Rings

Party Rings vegan biscuits

These childhood treats weren’t always vegan, but in 2015, the gelatin was removed from the recipe.

Fox’s biscuits started in a small bakehouse in Batley, making treats for local fairs. The original first bakery is still there on Whitaker St. and sports a White Rose plaque. 

Although the party rings are often served at children’s birthday parties, these colorful biscuits are loved by adults and children alike. This alone makes them one of the best vegan biscuits but the fact that they are a very common vegan biscuits supermarket shelf staple helps too. 

4. Bourbons


Bourbons can be hit or miss on account of their “vegan-ness”. This is because every supermarket chain stocks their own version.

There is also a “Bourbon Cream” version, which can contain milk products.

All this being said, however, we didn’t want to neglect them because vegan versions DO exist and they ARE delicious and classic, you will just need to check the ingredients label before you buy them to make sure. 

They have no relation to the American whiskey type, but, that being said, Bourbon whiskey is also vegan…

5. “Anything but” Jammie Dodgers

jammy wheels vegan biscuits

Source: britishcornershop.co.uk

The jam-filled biscuit that is so popular isn’t vegan. That being said, there are a lot of copycat versions that are.

Made from shortbread with a jam filling, they are some of the best selling biscuits among British children and big favourites with adults too. 

Both Morrisons and Asda offer versions of the classic British biscuit that are completely vegan, so although you can’t enjoy the mainstream brand, being vegan was never about being mainstream anyway

6. Ginger Nuts

Ginger Nuts vegan biscuits

This ginger-based biscuit being vegan goes way back (all the way to the 1840s)!

They’re similar to gingerbread in taste, but harder, making it ideal for dunking (as all biscuits should be.)

These are another classic British treat made “accidentally vegan”. Incidentally, versions of Ginger Nuts can be found all across the world in different names. They are the most popular selling biscuit in New Zealand! 

7. Rich Tea

Rich Tea biscuits

These classic Yorkshire biscuits were originally just called Tea Biscuits and enjoyed by the upper class.

Nowadays, versions of these classic vegan biscuits exist at almost every grocery store. 

Prince William chose a groom’s cake made of 17,000s McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits and 17kg of chocolate. The chocolate, unfortunately, renders this cake not-vegan.

With their semi-sweet taste and perfect “dunkability”, it’s no wonder they’re iconic among vegan store-bought biscuits.

8. Custard Creams

Custard Creams

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Custard Creams are similar to Jammy Dodgers in that not all are made vegan.

But also similar to Jammy Dodgers, you’ll find vegan biscuit supermarket versions in some shops. Morrisons and Asda both make vegan versions, skipping the whey powder added to non-vegan editions so you can enjoy the classic cookies and cream biscuit without any added milk products. 

There is also a digestive version where the original biscuit is replaced with a digestive biscuit which, as you’ll find later on in the list, is also vegan.

9. Lotus Biscoff

lotus Biscoff vegan biscuits

Source: www.shopbiscoff.com

These Belgian biscuits are still a British favorite… and vegan as well!

Their irresistible caramel flavor has made them a hit all across the world. Their biscuit is a spiced shortbread known as a speculoos biscuit but is branded as a Biscoff.

They’ve even been made into a vegan-friendly spread for toast or crumpets.

10. Digestives

Digestives biscuits

Source: britishcornershop.co.uk

Many versions of this classic British biscuit are vegan. Recently. McVitie’s removed skim milk from their recipe, transforming it into an instant vegan biscuit brands classic. They are, after all, the number one selling biscuit in the UK.

Originally made in Scotland, their semi-sweet taste and crumbly texture is a fan favorite. In fact, you can use these vegan biscuits as a crumbly base for other dairy-free recipes such as vegan cheesecakes!

Fun Fact: They were once a source of argument between The Beatles, as Yoko Ono apparently had eaten one of George’s packets of Digestives, causing George and John to get into a tiff. 

For something different, McVitie’s Chocolate Chip & Coconut Digestive Twists and Chocolate Chip and Caramel Bits Digestive Twists are also vegan friendly!

11. Chunkie Cookies

chunkie cookies

Fox’s Chunkie Cookies are a nice, sweet, crumbly chocolate chip cookie that sports loads of flavor despite being completely vegan.

This great cookie is unbelievably affordable for such a great taste.

Be warned though, there is a milk chocolate variety that is not vegan, so make sure to always go for the dark chocolate cookie.

Final Thoughts

Leading a plant-based diet can be hard work, especially when trying to shop for manufactured goods like biscuits. 

Even the suggested biscuits often have stipulations. It’s always important to double-check, especially when dealing with different brands’ versions of the same kind of biscuit. 

You should especially check when the cookies have a chocolate component (especially milk chocolate varieties, dark chocolate is often vegan!) or when they have a creme filling.

We think this list is a great start to start implementing dairy-free biscuits into your shopping lists and your tea breaks!

It’s important to note that watching what you eat is just as important when you’re vegan as when you’re not. Just because you’re eating plant-based doesn’t mean it’s all super-foods! Make sure you use these vegan biscuits as a snack and diversify your diet with healthy vegan recipes. You can find all sorts of healthy eating right here on Plant Sumo.

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Here are 4 vegan-friendly biscuits found at supermarkets in the UK.

  • McVities Rich Tea
  • Fox’s Party Rings
  • Custard Creams
  • Bourbons

Any biscuits that do not contain eggs, milk, or other animal products are vegan biscuits. Biscuits generally contain eggs and milk so keep a lookout for those ingredients.

They can be. Some Digestives fall into the store-bought vegan biscuits category, including, since 2015, those manufactured by market leaders McVite’s. To make sure that the store bought vegan biscuits of any kind you are considering purchasing do meet your dietary requirements always check the ingredients label before you head to the till!