The Three Best Books About
How To Go Vegan

A Book For First Timers: How To Go Vegan By Veganuary

A Great Vegan Cookbook: 15 Minute Vegan By Katy Beskow

A Vegan Health And Nutrition Book: How Not To Die By Dr Michael Greger

There are many different types of veganism, and just like omnivores – vegan’s need to watch what they eat to make sure that they are eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle. 

(That’s right, you can just eat burgers, ice cream, crisps and still be vegan!)

We’ve written a guide on how to go vegan the right way to help anyone looking to make the jump to plant-based living, but sometimes, you want in-depth information and guidance on how to go plant-based and live your best life! That’s where ‘how to go vegan books’ come in.

At Plant Sumo, we celebrate diversity in plant-based eating. That’s why I’ve curated a list of three ‘how to go vegan’ books that all have a different angle on how to go vegan. 

The first ‘how to go vegan’ book is a great starter book for ANYONE interested in plant-based living. It covers all the vegan basics. Why go vegan, how to go vegan and practical guides to you help adjust to vegan life!

The second ‘how to go vegan’ book is a great vegan cookbook for anyone living a busy life (and who isn’t!). It’s ‘fast modern vegan food’ for anyone. It also provides guidance on the essential vegan ingredients and cooking equipment for your store cupboard!

The third ‘how to go vegan’ book takes a health-based approach to veganism and discusses using food as a means of reversing and treating disease. Many people living a plant-based lifestyle do so to heal their bodies and feel healthier – so this book is an excellent find for anyone looking to go vegan from a health point of view!

1. A Book For First Timers: How To Go Vegan By Veganuary

How To Go Vegan By Veganuary

Source: Waterstones

This book quite literally does what it says on the cover.

Whether you are an established vegan or a newcomer, it’s always great to know why and how to go vegan. 

Firstly, this book covers WHY you should go vegan. Everything from benefitting the environment, helping animals and becoming healthier is explained in simple and easy terms. If you’re still not sure whether veganism is for you, this might be the information you need to make a decision!

The rest of this excellent book focuses on HOW to go vegan at home when eating out or at friends houses and even some super practical vegan meal plans to make your transition to vegan life even smoother.

This ‘how to go vegan’ book is published by the charity Veganurary (the leading vegan charity and brilliant minds behind Veganuary [vegan Janurary])

If you’re looking for a great beginners ‘how to go vegan’ book, check this one out!

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

2. A Great Vegan Cookbook: 15 Minute Vegan By Katy Beskow

15 Minute Vegan By Katy Beskow

Source: Waterstones

If you’re planning to go vegan – you need to know what you’re going to eat, right!?

Not only is this book full of TASTY, QUICK AND EASY vegan recipes, but it provides an introduction to which vegan ingredients are readily available at supermarkets, cooking equipment you can buy to speed up your cooking sessions and the essential ingredients for any vegan pantry.

This book is so great because it provides you with all the basics for vegan cooking, this makes it one of the best books for going vegan. Once you’ve read the introduction to vegan cooking and tried out a few recipes – you’ll become confident enough to start experimenting and creating your own dishes! (or why not check out one of the recipes on our blog?)

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

3. A Vegan Health And Nutrition Book: How Not To Die By Dr Michael Greger

How Not To Die By Dr Michael Greger

Source: Waterstones

Many people go vegan to heal their bodies, reverse disease or to become healthier in general. 

This is because plant-based diets typically contain fewer calories, fewer saturated fats and more fibre and nutrients than omnivore diets.

Dr Michael Greger has a fantastic story underscoring his inspiration for this book. His grandmother was told that she faced certain death from heart disease, which she ended up reversing by following a whole food plant-based diet.

Dr Greger splits this book into straightforward chapters explaining the nutrition and science behind plant-based living and how it can reverse or improve diseases, including (but not limited to) heart disease, lung diseases, brain diseases, prostate cancer, and even depression. 

Amazon Rating: 4.7 Stars

Much like Dr. Greger, we at Plant Sumo pride ourselves on providing plant-based whole-food meal subscriptions for anyone who wants to eat more plant-based foods (but doesn’t want to spend a lot of their time cooking!)

Are you making a transition to veganism but need some support on the cooking front? Why not order a Plant Sumo plant-based meal subscription to remove food stress from your life? 


If you are struggling to go vegan you can find the best books for going vegan. These books will help you ease into a vegan lifestyle. Overall patience is key and allow yourself time to adapt.

The first step is recognizing how the vegan diet looks. Vegan books can help you with the process for tips and meal plans.

Going vegan provides a lot of nutrients such as protein, fiber, and other minerals. You are avoiding saturated animal fat. Find a how to go vegan book for more information on how this lifestyle can benefit you.

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