Vegan Garlic Bread is a type of bread recipe that is made with vegan butter, garlic, sugar, and salt. It is usually served alongside other vegan recipes. It has become popular in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. For instance, it contains zero cholesterol, zero trans and saturated fat, and no refined sugars. It is a dairy-free recipe that also contains fiber which helps lower cholesterol levels while lowering blood pressure levels as well as promoting heart health.

Making vegan garlic bread is actually easy, as the ingredients for this recipe may actually be found in your own kitchens. With just a few ingredients, you can make one of the simplest and most scrumptious garlic bread recipes that are perfect for any occasion, or even in ordinary meals!

Do you want to try making your own vegan garlic bread but don’t know how? We have a simple process to teach you how!

The Ingredients You Will Need In Making A Vegan Garlic Bread

This easy, simple, and delicious recipe is a must-try. It’s not too fancy and doesn’t require special ingredients so you can make it at home with the things you already have.

Ingredients you’ll need for it are a garlic clove cluster (of course!), garlic powder, onion powder, olive oil, plant-based spread (margarine), dried parsley, dried oregano, dried basil, salt and pepper, and a large baguette! There are several vegan mozzarella recipes using nutritional yeast, like one that you can make simply. You can also add this flavoring agent to other things by mixing it in while they’re cooking.

How To Make A Vegan Garlic Bread

You’ll want to set your oven to the desired temperature before you start cooking. Set it to 390F (200C) or 350F Fan (180C Fan). When it comes to the oven instruction booklet, you can usually find this information on the back of it in some way.

Now, pick up the baguette and start slicing off thin strips of dough that are roughly one inch

in length. Once you have between 10 to 15 pieces of dough, take two strips at a time, stretch them out into sausage shapes, and lay them on the baking.

Fold the baguette and use the bread knife to saw in a gentle motion, so you don’t end up flattening it.

Next, mix up the ingredients (the fresh garlic clove clusters must be melted into a cheese-looking form) into a small bowl using a fork until they are fully combined and mashed. One way to soften margarine is to leave it at room temperature overnight. This can help spread the softening process and won’t go rancid. Using a microwave to melt is not recommended, because it won’t be solidified. I also recommend using margarine that is plant-based, as it will really add to the flavor of this recipe since it is vegan.

If you want to add some vegan parmesan cheese to the recipe, finely grate it and mix in right away. For vegan mozzarella, cut it into thin slices. Take about one teaspoon of the buttery oil mixture and separate two slices of bread. Drip it in. Remember to not separate the slices too much or your baguette will get broken.

Get the spoon in to help spread the butter-garlic goodness. You want to make sure that you get as much of it on the bread as possible. Once you’ve applied the garlic mix, add a teaspoon of the remaining mixture on top of each slice. This will add an extra dimension to your bread!

Next, unwrap the aluminium foil from around the garlic bread. Lay it out a little bit longer than the baguette’s length and then put it in…

Now, take one side of the bread, and place it on top of the other so that their edges touch. The two edges should now be nested inside each other. Then, seal up those edges by folding them back over onto the tops of each other.

When done, pop your baguette in a preheated oven for a 10 minutes cook time and place it diagonally on a wire tray. Gently loosen the foil from the top of the sandwich, careful not to break it. If you need some time to serve your dish, don’t open the foil until the dish is ready. You can take advantage of the warm bread in this very same period!

Vegan Garlic Bread Pic

Note: If you want your dough a bit crispier or browner, try exposing the top and edges of the baguette and popping it out of the foil, and leave at cooking temperature for up to five more minutes.

That’s how easy a vegan garlic bread recipe is! Your dish is now ready!


This homemade garlic bread recipe must be a staple in any household, with its flavor that can’t be beat. It also makes a great side dish or appetizer for any meal. All of this makes it the perfect candidate for casual dinner party food, especially when your recipe is innovative because it is vegan!

I hope this recipe made you drool and crave for some. Feel free to make one at home, it’s convenient!