Reduce Food Waste With Our Meal Prep Service in Edinburgh

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When was the last time you cleared out your fridge? 

And we mean like thoroughly emptied it out? 

Seems like a far distant memory, isn’t it? We’re sure a lot of us are guilty. 

After all, there’s just so much to do in a day and going through your fridge might not make it to the top of the list. 

But try doing that exactly. 

Empty out your fridge, see what you’ve got in there, and notice just how much food waste has accumulated. 

Can you even remember when you bought that pizza from Novapizza Vegan Kitchen? Or that meal you got from Seeds for the Soul Ltd?

Probably, you put it in there promising that you’ll get back on it only to completely forget about it and they all get shoved to the furthest back of your fridge and never resurface again. 

The next time it does, it’s all spoiled and you will end up throwing all of it. 

The thing is, it’s not just food that’s wasted here, so is your money. 

We want to avoid this as much as possible, and one great way to do so is by turning to the practice of meal prep. 

While meal preparation and everything that it involves is not for everybody, you don’t have to give up on your meal prep dreams just yet. 

Meal preparation, given how it requires tons of effort, dedication, and at least one day off your week, can actually be an easy process- that is, if you leave it up to the professionals.

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How does meal prep service in Edinburgh help the environment?

There are two main ways in which using a meal prep service lessens food waste. 

First, because a professional kitchen will prepare your food, ingredients are bought in bulk. There’s a high probability that all of those will be used, considering that the demand for meal prep service nowadays is seeing an upward trend. 

Instead of you personally going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for specific dishes, only to end up not even using the entirety of what you bought and it ends up as food waste, meal prep services make sure that every ingredient is well incorporated into dishes, reducing food scraps. 

There will be less garbage this way, and no more wilted vegetables or proteins turned bad in your fridge! 

Another way meal prep services help lessen food waste is by completely eliminating food prep and cooking of the consumers. 

Sometimes, when we’re cooking at home, we tend to cook more than what we can consume. 

These leftovers then become food waste in the long run, especially when they’re left in the fridge for too long. 

Meal prep services will provide you with the best suggested portion sizes per meal, so it’s highly unlikely that you will have leftovers. 

Imagine if every meal prep service consumer gets rid of leftovers altogether- that’s so much food waste avoided! 


Edinburgh is a lovely city filled with an exquisite environment, with famous parks like Holyrood Park and Braidburn Valley. 

You would want to keep your city as clean as possible and one way to do that is by reducing food waste.

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Satisfy your vegan cravings at home

The thing about meal prep services is that they cater to all types of diets. Whether it be regular food, keto, low barb, vegan– you name it, they have it. 

The best part about hiring a professional meal prep provider is that you wouldn’t have to worry about all the ingredients, planning, preparation, and cooking

All of that will be taken care of, so you can focus on more pressing tasks like your job or spending more time with your loved ones. 

A plant-based diet can be hard to sustain. Just thinking of what to cook in a day can leave you stressed out before you even begin, especially when you run out of recipes to make. 

While the internet is filled with so many innovating ideas on how to make a vegan diet a very exciting one, there can be a lot of factors to hinder you from making that happen. 

Add to the fact how pricey some (or most) ingredients can be, and you’re not even sure if you can make use of all of them. 

With meal prep service, there’s no need to think about that. 

They are prepared and cooked for you, so your everyday meal will be sitting in the fridge, ready for you to consume them any time you want.

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Why Plant Sumo?

We like providing our customers with innovative and delectable meals

We make your orders upon receiving them. Our expert chefs carefully curate every meal box with each dish made only from the best and freshest ingredients. 

And while we only offer plant-based dishes, we can guarantee you that even if you’re into another diet (or none at all), you will still be able to enjoy our food. 

In fact, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy every meal box that there will be no leftovers! Yay for no food waste! 

You may easily assemble your box by choosing from our delectable menu, to make sure that everything you want will be included. 

We make it simple and quick, whether it’s a one-time purchase or a weekly subscription!

Meal prep services promote portion control, but it’s not only to help lessen food waste. Because we have an in-house dietitian, you can be rest assured that our menu is designed with your best interests in mind- including keeping healthy by only consuming the required calories your food needs to stay energized.

We don’t only help the environment by promoting the reduction of food waste, but we take it a step further by only using eco-friendly sustainable packaging that will back up our cause. 

Plant Sumo not only cares about customers but also for the Earth too! Make that switch to meal prep service now! Contact us today.


By portioning your food, you can make sure that you will only eat what your body can consume. This will avoid leftovers or spoilage.

Yes! We use sustainable organic produce and environmentally friendly packaging. 

Rest assured that our packaging is recyclable, compostable, and/or reusable in some way!

It does and in fact, it’s a bigger deal than many of us think. 

When food decomposes in landfills, it produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that hastens climate change. A staggering amount of food waste is produced every year and if we don’t lessen this, then the chances for it to become a bigger problem in the future will also increase.

There are a number of reasons why food becomes waste. While some occur during harvest and production, such as faulty machines and delays in transport, food handling at the consumer level is also a huge contribution. 

From unused ingredients to spoilage, we should help cut food waste by doing what we can on our end. One perfect way to do that is to make exact portions of our every meal.

Food waste is directly related to global hunger in the sense that instead of good crops and produce reaching those who are less fortunate when it comes to sustaining themselves with everyday food, they are left to waste. 

We should consume food with consideration to these people and avoid them going to waste.