Meal Prep Service in Nottingham To Satisfy Your Vegan Cravings


Missing your vegan fix at No.Twelve or Prickly Pear? There’s no need to go out! 

It’s better to stay at home nowadays and reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

People are heavily relying on food delivery services nowadays as it proves to be a more convenient and safer option. 

Meal prep services are all the hype nowadays, as they are similar in just about any type of food delivery, only they’re done in a pre-scheduled system and with meals guaranteed to be freshly cooked and full of nutrients. 

If you’re looking for the best meal prep service in Nottingham, then continue to read on!

Meal Prep Service in Nottingham

It’s a bummer not being able to go out as much as want to– or used to. You may be missing taking walks in Highfields park or maybe doing shopping sprees at The Exchange– but for now, it’s safer to stay at home and hope that things will start to look up soon. 

Meal prep services have found a significant rise in demand, as more people start to realize the convenience they bring. 

But what is a meal prep service

A meal prep service is a subscription-based service that delivers pre-portioned meals to the customers. This is usually observed especially for people following a strict diet, ensuring that they will consume the proper amount of calories and nutrients to stay healthy and fit. 

This way, the customer will not have to worry about preparing their meals on their own, and can instead look forward to the variation of meals they will receive. 

Now that we know what this service is all about, let’s discuss why it’s an awesome switch.

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What’s in it for you?

You can look forward to countless benefits once you switch to a meal prep service. Here are the best ones:

Build a routine

Eating proper meals at the right time is a good practice, as it promotes routine which our body can get used to. 

Meal prep is also done with portions perfect for suggested servings, and making our bodies get used to frequent smaller meals can also help in our everyday functions.

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Cooking Method

Say no to bad food

We often turn to fast food deliveries, especially when we lack time to prepare home-cooked meals. This habit can become consistent and, in turn, will directly affect your health. 

Having pre-packed, nutrient-filled meals delivered promptly can help reduce the risk of any sickness and promote holistic wellness.

Achieve better focus

Have you ever been stuck at work, especially now that almost all of us are working remotely from home, and then at the back of your head, you know it’s time to cook? 

Yeah, we’ve all been there, and most of the time, there are only two outcomes: we skip our meals entirely, or stop our other tasks only to spend a ridiculously long time in the kitchen

Both ways aren’t ideal. 

With meal prep service, you can focus more at work and spend more time with family and friends while knowing there’s food ready for you at any time.

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No more crazy chopping

Let’s admit it- chopping endlessly is so tiresome and is quite possibly the most tedious part of cooking. This usually takes up the most time in the kitchen, too, so we can reduce kitchen hours significantly without this. 

There’s zero preparation in meal prep service, as they are delivered to you already packed and ready to consume.

A fully nutritious, consistent diet

To achieve the best results, food intake is a huge factor. Following a diet strictly involves a lot of discipline and dedication. This is often one of the reasons diets fail- because people find it difficult to maintain what they’re supposed to eat. 

Meal prep services make this possible for you, as all servings will fall within the required number of calories. This ensures that you will not overeat and at the same time avoid instances of unhealthy dieting ways.


Plant Sumo is The Way To Go!

If you’re looking for a fun, highly-nutritious meal prep service, then Plant Sumo is the best choice. 

We like providing our customers with innovative and delectable meals! Our meals may appear simple, but they’re full of flavour, and each ingredient has been carefully chosen.

Because we have an in-house dietitian, you can rest assured that our menu is designed with your best interests in mind.

By registering with us, you’ll be able to have a properly balanced plant-based meal delivered right to your door, freeing up your time to focus on other important chores.

We serve sophisticated, imaginative cuisine brimming with colours and flavours that will undoubtedly take you on a global journey with every bite.

You're interested in what we offer, but you're not a vegan?

That is not an issue! Plant Sumo allows you to eat whatever you want from our menu regardless of your diet. Our expert chefs prepare them so well that you’d never guess they’re vegan! And we’re not just talking about their appearance; we’re also talking about their taste! We feel that diet food should not be bland, but somewhat similar to traditional cuisine, to encourage more people to adopt this better lifestyle.

We offer three ways for you to taste the goodness straight from our kitchen: 

  • Request a sample box – our very own version of try-before-you-buy
  • One-off meals – if you’re not big on commitment (wink, wink)
  • Weekly subscriptions are best to make Plant Sumo dishes a part of your everyday life. 

We look forward to serving you food made with love and utmost dedication. Contact us today to start your journey with us!

Black Bean, Quinoa, and Sweet Potato Stew


We make inventive, delectable plant-based diet food that is not only healthy but also convenient and with zero preparation involved from your end.

Please allow us at least 24-48 hours to process your order. We make all our dishes upon your order, ensuring you will receive fresh and tasty meals.

We find fulfilment in serving our customers healthy and tasty plant-based meals, so other types of food diets will probably not make their way to our kitchen anytime soon. 

But we pride ourselves in the dishes that we offer, and we guarantee you that even if you’re not into a plant-based diet, you will still surely enjoy every bite!

It can be! But not with us as we do our best to maintain affordability but still preserve the same level of quality that we are known for. 

Our three-meal subscription box cost £26.40, and our seven-meal subscription box costs £52.15.

Meal prepping is commonly done with the principle idea of the meals being eaten at a later date. The key lies in proper storage. 

Meal prep can be kept in the fridge for three to five days on average, but we recommend keeping it to a maximum of three days as some ingredients tend to change in terms of texture.