Build A Healthy Life With Our Meal Prep Service In Leeds

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Do your meals ever become monotonous for you? 

You have a limited number of “simple” weeknight recipes in your repertoire, but you can only eat spaghetti so frequently.

Even if you enjoy cooking, you don’t have the time, room, or money to go all out. Simple meals are frequently monotonous, and they can be harmful if you are not careful.

Have you given meal delivery a thought?

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be challenging when someone else makes your decisions. If unsure, learn about the advantages of having a meal plan and using meal delivery services with us.

With Plant Sumo, you get some finger-licking options of healthy meals prepared by our chefs.

Contact us to get your ready meals delivered to your door!

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Save Your Time With Our Meal Prep Service

A home-cooked meal can take a lot of time to make. With the hectic demands of work, household maintenance, and family needs, it often gets unmanageable to fit in an hour of cooking in the kitchen.

Stop worrying about how you will put food on the table using a meal kit delivery service

Our expert chefs at Plant Sumo handle most of the work for you, reducing the time you need to spend cooking.

Make Your Meal Planning Easy With Us

Meal planning is recommended for those with food problems, including weight reduction, scheduling, eating better, and much more.

When you plan a meal, you lay out your groceries on the weekend for the coming week. You can cook it in advance so it is simple to assemble when it is time to eat, or you can portion out the components so they are readily available.

Some folks dedicate entire days to meal planning and preparation. It is too much work!

But imagine having all of your meals prepared and delivered to you with only a few clicks of a button.

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It seems effortless- because IT IS!

Just because you lack the time or energy to “do it well” doesn’t mean you should stop meal planning. 

With Plant Sumo, you and your family can be confident that you will be nourished throughout the week by having someone else prepare those tasty meals for you.

Our experienced nutritionists will prepare nutritious meals using a wide range of the finest ingredients to enhance functionality. Whether you want a completely vegan diet or a meal plan with various food, we are here to help you.

Meal Prep Services Saves Your Money

So perhaps you do enjoy using your creativity in the kitchen. However, the trip to the grocery store might quickly empty your cash if you want to create something unique.

You will need a lot of new supplies, which can get expensive. 

You were consistently consuming the same foods because they all used several reusable veggies, grains, and seasonings. You are currently incorporating some new elements into the mix that you may never even utilise again.

Even if the meals are less expensive per serving, will you ever use that truffle oil again?

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What about the $30 spice you purchased?

Please don’t depend on it.

Plant Sumo can help you stay on a budget with a meal that costs just £8.80. 

Reduce the amount of expensive drive-through orders you place after you know your weekly food budget. And don’t worry if something unforeseen happens and you run out of money or if you are out of town and can’t get your meal kit. 

With the help of Plant Sumo, you can customise your schedule and place orders whenever it is most convenient for you.

Avoid Unwanted Grocery Runs

It can be a hassle, specifically if you try to go right after work or school when the grocery store is crowded with people. You must locate a parking space, navigate the store’s aisles, locate everything you require, and then, halfway home, discover that you forgot the almond milk.

Indeed there is a better approach.

Like us, you can simplify grocery shopping using a good meal kit delivery service. With Plant Sumo, you can prepare your “major meals” and are merely shopping for snacks and extras. 

It allows you to shop for groceries whenever you want with considerably less urgency.

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Cover Your Dietary Needs

Maybe your dietary constraints have prevented you from trying a meal kit delivery service

Fortunately, we have got you covered. 

Plant Sumo recognises that not everyone has the exact dietary requirements and attempts to accommodate everyone by offering menu items that stay clear of common allergens like dairy or nuts and letting you customise your choices. 

Additionally, each menu item has a description of the contents, guaranteeing that you only receive foods you may safely eat.

Get Access To New Taste

Eating the same thing repeatedly gets monotonous. 

We usually fall into ruts when we only prepare foods we are familiar with or are confident we can get the components. We are unable to expand because of this, which reduces our potential. If the outcome is unlikely to be satisfying, why waste money, time, and effort trying to prepare something new?

You can sample foods that aren’t often part of your diet using an outstanding meal delivery service like Plant Sumo

You have some influence over your decisions, but since you don’t make the meal yourself, there’s a big chance you will try something new!

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Get Right Food Portions

It isn’t easy to portion out the ingredients in your meal. When preparing to serve supper, no one wants to spend extra time measuring and cutting, especially if they are already pressed for time. 

Portion size is made more apparent thanks to meal kit delivery services. Each good food meal you buy from Plant Sumo has all the ingredients weighed out for you, saving you the trouble of getting out measuring spoons or cups. Cleaning up is now even more uncomplicated!

We Help You Avoid Food Wastage

Pre-ordering your meals allows you to avoid overspending and reduces the amount of food that is wasted. According to statistics, individuals who purchase excessive amounts of food account for nearly 21% of all food waste

Comparatively to those who purchase food at home, meal prep services like Plant Sumo drastically reduce the amount of extra food packaging by purchasing all of their products in bulk. 

Additionally, many of these services use biodegradable packaging, so you can feel good about saving time and money while also contributing to protecting the environment.

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Try Our Delicious And Healthy Meals

It is safe to say, in our opinion, that you ought to believe the hype. It is time for you to quit worrying about how you will find the time to prepare dinner and what you will make for it. 

Consider using Plant Sumo’s services to reduce your workload if you’d prefer to sit back and unwind before supper rather than hurrying to prepare dishes.

Contact us to locate a diet that is effective for you and your family, regardless of what you eat.


Organising your meals may avoid spending additional money on impromptu lunches or late-night takeaways. When your meals are planned, you will eat better, save money, and enjoy them much more!

A company sends clients pre-portioned and occasionally partially-prepared food items and directions to make home-cooked meals in a delicious meal kit. “Meal delivery services” refers to businesses that supply prepared meals.

Due to the freshness of the ingredients and the absence of additives or preservatives, the hot meal kits are typically healthier than anything you may pick up at the drive-through on your way home.