Meal Prep Service in Birmingham! Delivered Right at Your Doorstep

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It has indeed been a long time since we can go out freely. 

If you’re in Birmingham, you must be missing going around the city, enjoying a good day on the likes of Cannon Hill Park, or just really taking in the surroundings. 

Maybe even indulging in the goodness that is The Balti Triangle-which is famous for its Asian cuisine. 

With lesser dine-in options available, however, many people have turned to food deliveries. 

Food delivery has become more accessible now than ever. 

It’s the go-to option for those who have little to no time to work in the kitchen, such as the working population. 

Nowadays, a more convenient food delivery type is available: meal prep service. 

One of the most intelligent decisions a busy professional can make is to use a food delivery service. You can save time and enhance your health by delegating the cooking to someone else.

Meal Prep Service in Birmingham

Meal prep service works just like any other food delivering service– you order your meal and it gets delivered to your location. Still, there’s a subtle yet very obvious difference when making use of a meal prep service

For context, meal prepping is the method of planning meals and segregating them into smaller portions to be consumed later. 

A famous example of this service available in Birmingham is Plant Sumo

If you’re in this area and missing food from The Vegan Kitchen and The Warehouse Café and Bar, then a vegan meal prep service will be the best alternative for you! 

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Meal prep service works so that you choose from a subscription type and then let them know which time or day of the week you would want to receive the meals, and the supplier will deliver them to you freshly made. 

Meal prepping has a lot of benefits, but the most straightforward ones are that you’re able to save so much time and energy while also getting a good supply of delicious restaurant-quality meals that are well-portioned– avoiding overeating.

Types of Meal Prep

If you’re curious to know how meal prep works (and have the time to do it), this section is for you. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you will have different needs and preferences for meal prepping. 

In reality, meal planning can be as flexible as to how you want it to be because, after all, it will depend on how much time you have to work in the kitchen. Some days can be less busy than others, so you can incorporate different types of meal prepping to fit in your situation. 

However, you end up doing it, the most important is that you’re able to save so much time and energy instead of dedicating long hours every day just to fill up the table with yummy meals. 

Below are some of the most common types of meal prepping:

Keep raw
and freeze

This is the perfect method if you’re not fond of refrigerating cooked meals. Instead, you will have to chop your ingredients in advance, thaw the meat, and prepare anything else you will need for that specific recipe. 

This way, you’re lessening your everyday prep time by doing it all in one go and then separating them into containers (or zip locks, they work best!) so they’re ready anytime you need them.


This method is ideal if you feel like you will not have enough time to prepare the entire week’s meal. By cooking a massive amount of the food, they are readily available to be consumed by just reheating them. 

The downside of this is that you’ll have to allot a considerable chunk of your time to get everything done. But as soon as you’ve got that out of the way, what’s left is to enjoy the dish anytime, anyway!

Don’t throw away those leftovers

For this specific method, essentially, you will use one main ingredient and then turn them into different dishes. 

This is good for people wanting to save not just time- but a lot of money! Imagine just one type of main ingredient and all the beautiful dishes it can transform into! 

Honestly, any type of these methods will prove to be hard work. So if you’re really after convenience and less effort, then a meal planning service is the best way to go. 

Why Plant Sumo?

Delectable selections

Now, who says plant-based meals are bland? Craving for curry? Mac and Cheese? Well, there’s no need to hold back! You can enjoy these (and so much more!) with our wide range of globally-inspired dishes

Approved by Nutritionist

We care for you, so we make sure everything in our menu is reviewed and approved by our in-house Nutritionist Melanie Padovani to guarantee that your overall well-being will be at its best.

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More than just plant-based

Interested in what we offer, you’re not really into a vegan diet? 

That’s not a problem! With Plant Sumo, you can freely enjoy anything in our selection, regardless of the diet you follow. Our chefs make them so well. You could hardly tell they’re plant-based! And we’re not just talking about the looks, but also their taste! We believe that diet food should not be bland, but rather on par with regular foods, so more people will be enticed to switch to this healthier way of eating.

We love the Earth

Plastic is a huge no for us- that’s why we’ve come up with a way to care for the Earth as much as we can, even in this little way, by making use of sustainable packaging. Our eco-friendly meal boxes are not just earth-friendly; they are quite pleasing to the eyes! 

Signing up with us means choosing the type of subscription that’s right for you. From three meals to seven meals a week, we can take care of your food the best way we know how! 

But we know commitments like a subscription can be pretty challenging to decide on; that’s why we have options for you. 

You can either request a sample box– or what we lovingly call our Chef’s collection, wherein you can try our bestsellers before you dive into our subscription boxes. Or you can also make a one-off purchase to enjoy our meals in their full glory. 

Whatever it is you decide on, we’re sure you’ll sign up for a subscription! 

We’re confident with our service because they are made with utmost attention to detail. Our services are established on a solid foundation and deliver the best nutritious plant-based meals wherever you may be in Birmingham.

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Absolutely! All you have to do is decide on a subscription or type of purchase, set the best day and time for you to receive them, and we’ll get them over to you freshly cooked!

There’s really no better way, as per se, because it will depend on how the meals will be consumed. 

If your meals aren’t going to be eaten within 3 days, we recommend freezing them.

By freezing your meals, you can keep them fresh for a longer amount of time. Otherwise, if it will be consumed only within a few hours, then you can opt to refrigerate them instead.

No. With Plant Sumo, we believe that food should never be boring- and one way to get bored of them is to eat the same food over and over again. 

We make sure that you will get an awesome variety of food that you will surely look forward to eating.

Our subscription meal boxes range from £26.40 for three meals to £52.15 for seven meals. 

Some foods aren’t suitable for freezing. After freezing, some foods, such as lettuce and other high-water-content fruits and vegetables, become soggy.