Hire Vegan Wedding Catering for a Delicious Experience!

Create your dream wedding with Plant Sumo’s one-of-a-kind, delicious, and fresh vegan catering services. Plant Sumo offers the ultimate plant-based food that ANYONE can enjoy, regardless of diet. 

It’s the answer to all of your wedding menu concerns!


Plan Your Wedding with Plant Sumo

Planning your wedding may be stressful at times, but your catering doesn’t need to be! 

Planning your wedding catering with Plant Sumo couldn’t be less stressful, and you know you’ll be guaranteed nutritious and delicious food after walking down the aisle with your new partner for life. 

You’ll remember the food for the rest of your life! So get in contact now, and let us be a part of your special day.

Make Your Wedding A Fairytale With The Menu Of Your Dreams

Have you been dreaming about a fairytale wedding since you were young? About the venue? The flowers? The menu?… Well, look no further; Plant Sumo’s vegan wedding catering marks food off the checklist. 

Even if you, your partner or half of the guests are not vegan or plant-based, our food is so tasty that you’ll love it regardless. We know finding food to keep everyone happy can be difficult, but our range of delicious flavours are guaranteed to keep everyone happy on the day and focused on you rather than complaining.

You Don’t Have To Commit… To Us

Commitment can be scary. We understand that. 

This is why we offer a try-before-you-buy service so you can test out your potential wedding menu before committing to anything. We want you to be 100% happy before saying yes to Plant Sumo!


What We Offer


Recyclable, Reusable Or Compostable Packaging

All of our packaging used for our vegan wedding catering services are either recyclable, reusable or compostable. Meaning your wedding day will not be wasteful! 

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Neutral Transport

We deliver our vegan wedding catering services all over London using a carbon-neutral delivery partner to help make London just a little bit greener. No excessive fuel wastage here!

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Organic And Locally Sourced Ingredients

We favour simple, delicious food. No weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce. That’s why our vegan catering services use organic ingredients that are sourced across the UK. It also means that your wedding will be helping local businesses around the UK that provide us with the critical ingredients for your wedding menu!

Why Choose Us?

Vegan wedding catering is a superior choice for a particular day, but Plant Sumo are the best choice for your wedding day and here is why. 

Sustainable and Ethical Meals

Choosing Plant Sumo means choosing an environmentally-friendly company and catering service. Your dream wedding is incoming, and you can relax knowing the food is taken care of and at no cost to the environment!

Tasty Food
For All

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it. Plant Sumo is for everyone. Vegans or not, our food is so delicious that you won’t even notice the lack of animal-reliant ingredients. Not to mention our rich flavours mean that you aren’t missing out on anything!

Fresh, Vibrant and Healthy Food

Choosing us means that your wedding will be remembered for the fresh, vibrant and healthy food… amongst other things of course. All of our meals have also been approved by our in house nutritionist – so you know that they’ve been made with your health in mind. Just in time, too so you can indulge yourself on the honeymoon!

Here’s What Previous Customers Have Said!

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to those who we’ve previously catered for!

Delicious! Never expected to actually like something vegan lol but these meals are actually great. The Thai one was my favorite, but they all really get the flavor across. The price point is right too! Not too expensive for each meal 🙂

Sky Bean

Great bang for your buck! As far as vegan meal delivery services go, this one was awesome! I have had some bad experiences with wait time, food quality, customer service, etc., but Plant Sumo ticked all my boxes! I will be using their service again.

Meghan Hale

I love trying new food and cuisines. I recently discovered Plant Sumo, and I have been impressed by their plant-based meals, they're delicious! You can be vegan or not, in either case, I'm sure you'll love their food. I highly recommend their Sumo Squash. The best part? Having it delivered to your house or office!

Federica Gianoglio


Our food is so delicious and rich in flavour that it doesn’t matter if the guests are vegan or not, or even if you are vegan or not! We know that all people can enjoy fantastic plant-based food, and we pride ourselves on our fantastic dishes!

We offer vegan wedding catering services all over London. However, If you live elsewhere in the UK and would like to use our service, please enquire anyway as we may be able to accommodate your location.

Plant Sumo currently does not offer waiting services.

We want our wedding catering services to benefit as many people as possible, so our rule is that the bigger the event is, the lower the price is per person.

Fewer than 10 People – £7.50

10 – 50 People – £7

50 or more People – £6