The Best Vegan Catering in London

Take any event to the next level with Plant Sumo’s one-of-a-kind, delicious, and fresh vegan catering services. Plant Sumo offers the ultimate plant-based food that ANYONE can enjoy, regardless of diet.

It’s so good, even the meat lovers will love it!

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There’s No Need To Stress About The Menu, Let Us Take Care Of It For You!

There’s No Need To Stress About The Menu, Let Us Take Care Of It For You!

What makes a great event is the memories, and you want positive memories of a fun time and not stressing about the little things like which spices will elevate your recipe. That’s where Plant Sumo’s vegan catering comes in.

By using a vegan catering service, there is instantly less stress knowing that food is being taken care of by our professional, reliable and experienced team.

With our help you can enjoy:

Nutritionist Approved

The Most Delicious

Vegan catering isn’t just for those on a plant-based diet. We pride ourselves on vegan catering that EVERYONE can enjoy. It’s so delicious, you won’t even notice it’s vegan

Pre Cooked

No Menu Stress

It’s important that you can actually enjoy your event and with our vegan catering you can take your mind off of the food and focus on what’s really important to you. The only thing you need to think about when it comes to the food is when you can dig in!

Pre Portioned

No Clean-Up Crew Needed!

You know that feeling when you finish a great evening and are faced with a mountain of dirty dishes? It’s the worst way to finish your evening. But with Plant Sumo vegan catering, you don’t need to worry about the dishes at the end of the night.

Local Vegan Catering

Looking for a local vegan catering service? We can support any of your events with our vegan catering service based in London.

Whether you need vegan wedding catering, vegan mobile catering or vegan finger food catering – we can cover it all!

All of our meals are 100% made by professional chefs in our London based kitchen. NONE of our meals are frozen and reheated. We pride ourselves on delivering a FRESH and delicious vegan catering service to all of London. 

You have our word.


Choosing Vegan Catering = An Ethical Event

Choosing Vegan Catering = An Ethical Event

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Recyclable, Reusable Or Compostable Packaging

All of our packaging used for our vegan catering service is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. So your event won’t be wasteful!


Neutral Transport

We deliver our vegan catering services to different events all over London using a carbon neutral delivery partner to help make London just a little bit greener.

local ingredients

Organic And Locally Sourced Ingredients

We favour simple, delicious food. No weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce. That’s why our vegan catering services use organic ingredients that are sourced across the UK. It’s also why we have the most delicious vegan food in all of London!


What We Offer

Why Choose Us?

Fresh, Vibrant and Healthy Food

All of the dishes in our vegan catering service are packed with a rainbow of fresh vegetables, organic ingredients and fresh herbs that will keep you coming back for more. 

All of our meals have been approved by our in house nutritionist, so you know that they’ve been made with your health, and taste buds in mind.

Tasty Food
For All

We make DELICIOUS FOOD. It just happens to be vegan too. 

With dishes inspired by the world’s vibrant cuisines, from Italian style “meatballs” to freshly steamed bao buns, Plant Sumo vegan catering services offers food for everyone’s tastes, even the pickiest eaters will be asking for the recipes!

Sustainable and Ethical Meals

Using a vegan catering service for your event is the best way that you can make your event more eco-friendly, and reduce your negative impact on our planet. So for an ethical event, choose Plant Sumo!


Our vegan catering services are GLOBALLY INSPIRED.

As part of your vegan catering service, why not take your guests on a culinary tour of the world?

The dishes available in our vegan catering services are inspired by North African, Latin American, East Asian, South East Asian and European cuisine!

Vegan Meal Delivery Subscription

Try Before You Buy

You want your event to be just perfect, right?. That’s why we offer anyone a chance to sample our dishes with our chef’s selection box.


Here’s What Our Customers Say

The delivery was super quick and the food arrived looking even better than the pictures.

Bridgette Watts

While the Sumo squash was delicious, I would have liked the vegetables to be a little smaller. Apart from that, I’m very pleased.

Nadim Ali

I was very sceptical to begin with, but the team at Plant Sumo sent me a sample bowl, which was such a good thing. I was completely convinced once I tried it.

Spencer Sheahan

Contact Us

Set up a no obligation, free call with Plant Sumo Vegan Catering Services to see if we’re a good fit for you and your catering needs!


Yes, our catering service is entirely plant based, but this doesn’t mean that our vegan catering service is only for vegan people! We pride ourselves on creating tasty food, which everyone can enjoy. It just happens to be vegan!

It doesn’t matter whether some of your guests are vegan or none of them! We make food that is tasty, but happens to be plant based. We know that all people can enjoy fantastic plant based food, especially ours!

Absolutely, the bigger the event – the lower the price per head.

Fewer than 10 People – £7.50

10 – 50 People – £7

50 or more People – £6

Our vegan catering service can currently produce 200-500 covers per day. If you require more than this, get in contact as we may be able to accomodate.

We offer a delivered vegan catering service. This means that the food is made in our kitchen in London and delivered to your desired location. Our food is always fresh and it is not pre-frozen and defrosted, or left in hot and sweaty packaging.

We can currently cater for 3-500 people, but if your event is bigger than this, we may still be able to accomodate. Just get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

Each meal has it’s ingredients, allergens and calories listed on our website.